Since the developers of the browser game Rail Nation are also familiar with this problem, they have decided to create a mobile version. Those who wish to play Rail Nation on their mobile device do not have to do without any of the features. Of course, the developers still need some time to work on the tablet version of Rail Nation.
Rail Nation update 1.3 now live: New interface and lots of gameplay improvements are waiting for you! About Travian Games Travian Games is one of the world's leading browser game companies, based in Munich. In order to make the server work with no reloading, the special memory for servers was worked out – the memory of the type ECC RAM (Error Correction Code). As you may see on the picture above, ECC RAM even visually differs from the standard memory.

You can log in with your existing account and access the complete Rail Nation gaming experience. Currently the screen design is being developed – enabling you to also have fun driving full steam ahead using a small screen. Whether it's news, server starts, community content, events, videos, screenshots or artworks – the TG magazine will keep you informed of what's new in Travian, Rail Nation, goalunited, Miramagia, Truck Nation, Cheats4Hire and more. Referring to this research the rate of error occurrence in the memory module increases proportional to the age of RAM module. First of all, your personal computer, you regularly switch off, when you leave home, that interrupts the process of “ageing” of memory modules till the next switching it on. The module of the memory ECC RAM has additional, the 9th chip, which is used to correct errors.
If you got an offer of a cheap server and you have doubts to take it or not – clarify with a service provider, what kind of memory is installed in the server.

Secondly, everyday switching off of home PC is a some kind of preventive remedy against failures. Though, it is impossible to foresee errors, it is possible to say accurately – they will definitely occur.
And thirdly, even if the failure happens, in view of above mentioned reasons, it occurs very rarely and it is enough just to reload your computer, to make it work again. The additional chip has its price, but it is also critically important for the distance server systems, because it helps to work server in non-stop mode. And with 100% evidence it is possible to say that it will cause not one sleepless night to you.

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