Affiliate Royale for WordPress is a plugin that will help you start running an affiliate program on a standard WordPress based website while you enjoy your lunch. As we know that affiliates are a good marketing method to drive traffic and building our brand to our prospecting customer.
Using Affiliate Royale for WordPress plugin you will be able to manage all your business in one place. Some people, are too worried to try things they think they need it like building affiliate program. Setting up a self-hosted affiliate program that actually works with shopping carts on the market is a BIG technical challenges. All that worries are gone away when you start building your affiliate website using Affiliate Royale for WordPress. When installed,  you are done from the technical things. Affiliate Royale automatically create affiliate sign up and affiliate log in pages for your affiliate member plus a page for their management dashboard. Once your affiliates logged in to Affiliate Management Dashboard, your affiliates will be able to monitor their stats, edit their account information, download their links & banners and view their payment history.
From inside this dashboard, you can also add links and banner easily, customize purchase and payment message to your affiliates, setup your commission levels (1-99), setup cookies expiration, payment system you will use and mailing list integration using aweber.
If there is anything you need to consider about choosing Affiliate Royale as the best WordPress plugin to take care your affiliate program is it’s simplicity. There’s no limit to the absolute deception and blatant lies these guys employ to trick and mislead people into trusting them. Another thing I want to point out is how they use many websites that are almost identical and sell EXACTLY the same thing. They also try and leverage actual news reports and logos where possible to make the whole gig seem more legit.
They regularly use fake comments and testimonials in addition to this to come across as the real deal. I have proven time and time again in my other reviews of these websites that this is all completely fake. Let’s now take a look at the actual program they are promoting, a link posting scheme. The only legitimate business model that is even remotely close to what they are talking about is called affiliate marketing. When people buy stuff through your affiliate links you get a commission. This is a multi billion dollar per year industry and it is definitely legit. Take a look at the following screenshot where there is a small crumb of truth in what they are saying.

The bottom line is they are not teaching people how to do this, they are completely misleading people into thinking they’ll just sign up and post a few links and bam, start making money… that is total BS! There are more dangers than just losing $37 I can assure you, and one of the biggest is having your information sold to the highest bidder.
They also sell your info to anyone they can, which means more annoying boiler room salespeople hassling you.
Another very alarming risk is with their payment portal that is not actually verified at all, and is not secure.
There have also been a lot of reports of people not being able to obtain refunds, access their accounts at all or contact support after purchasing.
I have nothing positive at all to say about this program or the methods they use to trick people into buying. Filed Under: Reviews Tagged With: Scam AlertsAbout TimHi guys, I hope you enjoyed the article! The good news is that not everything online is a scam and building a legitimate business on the internet IS possible.
Thanks again for your comment Christina and I wish you the very best of success moving forward! But if you want simpler and easier, ShareASale affiliate program could be another good option.
Installing the plugins is simple, if you have installed a plugin before, that means you can build your own affiliate website. So your affiliates will focus more on creating content to promote your product rahter than studying your system for days. From inside the admin dashboard you can see reports like your affiliates statistics, a listing of your top affiliates, the clicks coming in, transactions and the amount of commission should by paid to your affiliates at any given time.
I found some affiliate programs I am following like AdSanity, MemberPress and Affiliate Royale itself using it. There is also some serious risks associated with giving these people your information I definitely recommend avoiding this.
This person is not real, she is not a single mother and she is definitely not making money online posting links. The news video is reporting on a random lady that works from home that has absolutely nothing to do with this website whatsoever. Unfortunately they have grossly misrepresented the industry and have deliberately oversimplified the process.

These people are very convincing so prepare yourself to be hustled if you’ve given them your details.
They claim to offer PayPal but it does not work, it’s just yet another attempt to look legitimate to the unsuspecting consumer. When I went to investigate further I found the above article which I feel is written fabulously.
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Because apparently the same program has been made by a variety of different people- all of which are single mothers and all of which are completely made up!
That’s because they intend on calling, emailing and texting you all about other, much more expensive programs they are offering. Marketing is a very powerful thing and when used unethically (like this) a lot of people end up losing money. The biggest thing I explain to people is that to actually create an income online takes real learning, real work and consistent effort. Unfortunately, this is all too common and will likely continue without slowing up well into the future. These guys keep changing names, URL’s and a few other details so often it is almost impossible for the FTC and other organisations to keep up. You CAN make money online but it’s nothing like these con artists are telling people, they are just twisting things to line their own pockets.
Please keep reviewing and outing these bottom feeders and hopefully others will be able to dodge loosing his or her money and sanity.
Losing $50 or $100 and getting some annoying spam from something like this really does suck, but to me, the biggest crime is smashing a persons dream of creating an income online altogether. Unfortunately it is economic downturns such as the one we have been in for quite sometime that I feel people fall victim to these types of scams where people want some hope that if they take a chance and work hard it will payoff only to find wolves in sheep’s clothing ready to pounce and devour people who are looking for a glimmer of hope to improve their financial situations.

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