First, let me say that if you want to simplify things and ease into affiliate marketing, Amazon associates is probably your best bet. I am sure there are many more pros and cons to signing up for everything under the sun, but those are the biggies for me so far. Unless your state prohibits you from joining, Amazon is the easiest way to start incorporating affiliate links into your blog posts.
This is based on my experience since 2010, although I only got serious about affiliate income in 2015.
If you reach the thresholds for each network you work with, it can be a nice stream of monthly income.

Each time you sign up to a company’s affiliate program, they are most likely checking out your site. On numerous occasions, this has led to working with the brand more in depth than just their affiliate program.
It works seamlessly with Easy Product Displays, and people feel comfortable shopping through Amazon. Once you belong to Shareasale, you join each company that interests you within their network. Each company that approves you will send you emails with coupon code, specials, and promotions you can promote as an affiliate.

Also, several companies offer bonuses if you add their banner, create a blog post, or other actions to boost your incentive to promote them.

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