Es steht also fest, dass sowohl unser Team, als auch unserer Kundenstamm sich im stetigen Wachstum befindet.
Es hat sich einiges getan in den letzten drei Jahren, aber ich denke, dass wir zu recht auf unsere Affiliate Manager stolz sein können.
An explosion of product choices and the evolution of the internet as a limitless information source have dramatically impacted how consumers shop online: they have more choices and are given more information than ever before.
In today’s digital world, even the most widely-recognized industry leaders must win back the well-informed consumer after every single purchase.
At Commission Junction we believe affiliate marketing has the power to influence and connect with today’s consumer at critical points in their decision journey. CJ is the leading global affiliate marketing network, specializing in pay-for-performance programs that drive results for businesses around the world. Connect with consumers and drive more sales with the world’s largest, most productive publisher network. Earn income from your website traffic by partnering with the most recognized brands in the world.
On this page you will find a resume for a sales professional with job experience serving as Sales Account Manager and Territory Manager.

The resume includes an executive style summary where the job seeker outlines skills in contract negotiations, market analysis and Consulting. The writer has experience as a national account manager with oversight for reseller management, pricing, proposal design, business development, consultative solutions and sales account territory management.
The experience section includes quantifiable results related to sales such as percentage increase in pipeline sales, revenue growth and quota attainment. Training and Education include: Miller Herman Strategic Selling and Associate Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Management.
Develop relationships with existing affiliate partners and build new relationships capable of building revenue.
Manage multiple accounts including initiation, analysis, monitoring and evaluating new opportunities for each account. Identify client issues and work with sales teams and technical staff to ensure issues are resolved quickly. Account Management Resume ExampleThis resume is for a sales professional that has experience managing key accounts. Jetzt wollen wir aber noch etwas weitergehen: Alle Welt liebt Zahlen, Grafiken und Statistiken, deshalb gibt es jetzt die Projecter-internen Affiliate Marketing Statistiken mit den Entwicklungen seit 2009.

2010 verdoppelte sich schon die Zahl, aber Steffi blieb weiterhin unser einziger weiblicher Affiliate Manager. Und mit den vielen neuen zu betreuenden Kunden seit Ende des letzten Jahres, werden bestimmt auch die Partnerschaften in Zukunft weiter exponentiell ansteigen. The document is an excellent reference for most general sales and account management job targets.
Affiliate marketing unleashes the power of tens-of-thousands of unique publishers with the ability to introduce, influence and convert both new and existing customers. Tobi ist derweil mehr in Richtung E-Mail-Marketing und SMM gewechselt, weshalb wir Ende 2011 auf ein neunköpfiges Affiliateteam kommen. That is why it is so important for brands to leverage affiliate marketing in their overall online marketing strategy.

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