February 23, 2010 by Darcy at 1:51 am Have you ever been surfing the web and seen a photo like this?
There are two ways to make sure that no matter what size you make sweet little Picasso, that you keep his proportions locked so he still looks human when you’re done. When you succeed, a frame will pop up around your layer item – in this case the photo. With the layer highlighted in the layers palette (bottom right), click command-t or control-t. Now you can drag from any corner and the photo will keep the same proportions and scale correctly.

And in the end, you can make sure your favorite photos always look right, no matter what size you make it.
Another method for the PC is to have the Move Tool selected (shortcut V on the PC), pick a layer, then drag a corner.
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But what if you needed to resize just one layer or resize the image on the canvas, but not the canvas itself?

You'll work with cool lighting effects, some serious blending, and matte painting techniques.
Life upside down still… thanks for all the concerns about Drake, we are working on the mend still, but slow and steady is his motto!!!
Keep in mind, that in most photo files, the background is locked and you’ll need to make a new layer to transform a photo.

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