Yesterday, Adobe made an announcement at the Adobe MAX event – Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) is replacing Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite (CS). Like a bad circus magician, Adobe moved on to the next act, “Look at this shiny new hardware pen where you can”…. Lightroom will still be available to purchase, although they do include it in the $50 suite.
Some bureaucrat decided years ago that 5 year plans were pertinent, so these charts are based on a 5 year(60 month) cycle.
This chart shows what the costs would be to someone who purchased Photoshop brand new today.
If you aren’t upgrading every 18 months, it’ll take 3 years before the price of the subscription would have bought you Photoshop. What this chart doesn’t show is the person who already purchased Photoshop and has no plans on upgrading.
The only time we could tell Adobe that we weren’t awe-inspired was when they would release a new version of CS. The options Adobe has been “Teasing us” with are more so centered on what they can do on a mobile solution than the bread and butter Photoshop. The only thing I do know that I need future Photoshops for is their support with newer camera models. It’s hard for me to make a conclusion since even the Adobe Product Manager and the NAPP president have come out saying that there isn’t a cloud option that makes sense for photographers. As someone that does financial analysis for a living and photography as a hobby, I have to say that you nailed it in your analysis of the cloud.
You forgot to mention that once you cancel your subscription, every file created in Adobe CC will not be supported by older versions of Adobe. I used CS for 10 years until hardware issues forced me to upgrade but I am able to open all of my old files just fine. Hand holding your camera for landscapes is another factor separating beginners from advanced photographers.
A tripod allows for post processing techniques like exposure blending, which requires multiple exposures of the scene that line up perfectly to be blended. Photography is the art of subtraction, meaning you should only include elements in a scene that add to the composition.
I usually shoot in Aperture Priority Mode, and if you’re weening off full auto, Aperture priority Mode is a great way to get your feet wet in manually controlling your settings.
Modern photography is as much about digital post processing as it is taking the photo in the field. If you sell large prints(~60″)  or shoot assignment work where high resolution files are expected, then you need a camera with a full-frame sensor and high megapixel count. Every piece of advice can be dispensed with in lieu of what works in a specific situation, here are a few examples.
In a somewhat surprising move, Adobe and Google have announced a streaming version of Photoshop for Chromebooks (Chrome OS) and the Chrome browser. For now, Project Photoshop Streaming is being beta tested among Adobe’s education customers in North America only. Second the lag is horrible, even with pre-rendering and prediction,at the end of the day you are looking at a round trip time to and from the server of 300 ms, plus virtualization overhead and the actual render time.
Chrome (and by extension ChromeOS) has had screen streaming via a few methods for a while now, though this is a pretty big deal insofar as it’s likely to be a zero-configuration solution that users have come to expect with Chrome apps.
Overnight, ChromeOS’s software library could grow quite significantly with previously untouchable legacy software. They demoed a bunch of new fun features, most of which I’ll never use, and then slipped in a piece of information – Adobe Creative Cloud will be available in a subscription-only plan. And, then the rumors and misinformation began to flow, which also the Internet is so great at.

Adobe has even more confusing international prices that I’ll never attempt to figure out. They could have doubled their prices and people would have screamed, but we would have still bought it. A recent episode of the The Grid listed features we want to see in Photoshop and the best that Scott Kelby and company could come up with is a “Do it again” option. If my bank account suddenly read $0 tomorrow, I at least own my home, my car and my copy of Photoshop.
Tom Hogarty, product manager for Photoshop, was on the Grid just last Wednesday asking for help. There are countless improvements that they need to still make to this tool in order to compete. This means, your file becomes READ-ONLY and un-editable until you cough up the money for the subscription again, for the rest of your life. The rising sun also creates low-angle shadows that accentuate details like crags in mountains.
Where I live for example, sunrise comes around 5:30 am during mid Summer, and most places that I shoot require a 5 mile hike. Mounting your camera to a tripod also unburdens you from holding it so you can you step back and carefully compose your shot. You should do whatever it takes to exclude extraneous elements, like finding a higher vantage point above undergrowth or pulling back grass during your shot.
That’s probably fine for most shots, but view the scene from every angle before deciding on your final composition.
Not knowing how to use Photoshop will prevent your images from competing with those from serious photographers. This is the same thing as running Photoshop on your Windows PC, and then using VNC or some other screen-sharing app on your Chromebook to dial into your desktop. That means a good laptop will still be better because most likely you’ll have to be home on wifi or at your office. There are lots of Chromebooks at university campuses in the US — and those campuses are generally covered in high-speed WiFi. Anything doing a PC connection would run into a similar problem you’d probably have a high subscription fee.
Unless you meant psychic links between computers which, well, I do not see in the next half century or so.
GIMP is fairly slick on rollapp, and Adobe Creative Cloud is pretty slick on Windows – both of these are remote cloud apps. It also sets a pretty significant precedent, as we may see more software vendors support the OS in this way if Google opens this cloud streaming infrastructure to willing buyers. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in our forums, where we are continuing the conversation. This suite includes all of the tools that you, as a Photographer, never really cared about.
Adobe Photoshop is $699 today not because of the “ingenuity” of the product, but because of the lack of competition. They’ve never been upfront about their roadmap and it makes it very hard to make a decision investing in them ($699 is an investment.
There are plenty of other Digital Asset Management and basic photo editing tools out there – Photo Mechanic, Capture One, On One Photo Suite, iPhoto, Aperture, etc. The best times to shoot (sunrise, sunset, cloudy) are often too dark to achieve fast enough shutter speeds to hand-hold your camera.
That might mean positioning the camera inches off the ground to include foreground elements, or finding a  higher vantage point looking down on a scene. Where over-edited photos are artificial and shouldn’t be rewarded with the fan fair they sometimes receive, you need to at least be able to sharpen, remove dust spots and apply basic contrast and tonal adjustments to your images.

In the Rockies for example, great clouds often brew up at late morning making for a dramatic shot.
This is where you develop your personal photography style and compose shots based on what you think looks beautiful, not by recalling textbook rules and trying to follow them. If it’s Photoshop today, you can be guaranteed that the rest of the Creative Cloud suite will follow — and then who knows, maybe big-ticket programs like Visual Studio and triple-A PC games will be next?So, you may ask, what exactly is a streaming version of Photoshop?
Though, of course, in this case the remote computer is being set up and managed for you — and keeping everything all in one place on your Google Drive is quite neat and tidy, too. For now, during the beta test, the streaming service is free for Creative Cloud subscribers. Even if we ever have these I think they will still be limited by the latency of the weakest link, since the link cannot be all psychic and even if it was perhaps even thoughts cannot travel faster than light. There is no difference between these and triple-A PC games in terms of latency, only bandwidth.
Now that I know a little more facts, Tom knew what was going to be announced and knew he didn’t have answers. In the meantime they are putting pressure on us to upgrade to CC by July 31st at a reduced rate.
I gotta buy the latest version of Lightroom” mentality that we used to have with Photoshop. Mid-day light on the other hand, is white, which bleaches out colors, and the overhead sun creates harsh shadows that point directly down. Viewing these photos at 100% will reveal motion blur, and locking your camera to a tripod can eliminate this. You should always be on a alert for good clouds and weather at any time of the day instead of clocking out between sunrise and sunset. In fact, I just reviewed the commonly prescribed rules of composition and it gave me a small aneurysm. Bandwidth issues are taken care of by advanced compression techniques like motion interpolation and different resolution and refresh rates tor slow and fast changing areas on the screen like those used in advanced video streaming formats. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. Adobe may have known that, which makes today the perfect time to take that choice away from me. Most people aren’t willing to commit to such a rigorous schedule, and this is probably the biggest factor separating beginners form serious photographers. At lakes I’ll often set my tripod right in the water to get clear of weeds on the shore. And while cameras become outdated as quickly as computers, lenses may last your entire photography career, so it makes sense to buy good glass early on. Over a quarter of my best shots were taken during late morning or afternoon with good clouds.
You open up your Chromebook (or Chrome browser in Windows), install the Project Photoshop Streaming app, and then connect to one of those virtualized Photoshop instances.
Perhaps if Adobe had been more forthcoming at that time, my decision would have been different. When I judge photo competitions, photos taken during good light vs boring mid-day snapshots are what most often separate winning entries from the crowd. If streaming Photoshop works well on Chromebooks, and the program is extended to other key programs like Premiere Pro and InDesign, then this could be a huge win for Google.

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