Back in March, a rumor made the rounds that Adobe would move away from selling packaged software, making Creative Suite programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator only available as cloud-based subscription software.
However, today during its keynote at the Adobe Max Creativity Conference, Adobe announced sweeping changes to the Creative Suite programs.
While some level of internet connectivity is likely required, these are not (despite the name) cloud-based apps that require a constant connection. In the current editorial photography market, budgets are shrinking as contract terms become less favorable for photographers.
When we published our story “What Lawyers See When They Look at Editorial Photography Contracts” in the June issue of PDN, we asked readers to tell us about editorial contracts they feel are unfair to photographers. Webdesigner uitgaven, abonnementen en specials bestel je snel en veilig op onze vernieuwde webshop!
Adobe is releasing its new Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 today, and clearly, it wants to push you towards the former.
Creative Cloud is basically what we've been expecting—a full compliment of Adobe's Creative Suite 6 apps all hosted online for $50 a month (with an annual contract) for a license that lets you run any of its apps on up to two machines (but not simultaneously).
Creative Cloud will include a few features not found in CS6, like Typekit, the tool that basically makes sure any font you want to use is web safe, Edge, which is similar to Flash but outputs to HTML5, and Muse, which lets designers layout websites visually and generate standards-compliant HTML code from their designs. There are also sharing and learning features where you can, for example, follow a particular designer's work or learn how to use an Adobe product you don't already know. The products are available for pre-order now and will be available within 30 days, says Adobe. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a productivity powerhouse that launched today in India for Rs 59,900.
Times Global Partners is an initiative focused on partnering with Established and Emerging Global Digital Companies for growing their presence and business in India through growth in their Brand, audience, adoption, distribution and monetization. Today, Adobe announced its new Creative Cloud apps and services, which will be the only way to get the newest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Premiere Pro.
All Creative Suite programs will now be re-branded as Creative Cloud.  Adobe will stop selling perpetual licenses and move completely to a subscription-based pricing system for all former CS apps. As a follow-up to our story “What Lawyers See When They Look at Editorial Photography Contracts,” we surveyed photographers who shoot editorial assignments about the financial challenges of the editorial photography market. Deze tool zou een compleet productiepakket moeten worden, voorzien van een software-as-a-service-abonnement. Ook worden er steeds nieuwe applicaties aan toegevoegd, zoals bijvoorbeeld Lightroom 4 als die uit de betafase komt.
Alleen blijven in dit geval de applicaties gewoon lokaal draaien en hoeven ze ook niet in contact te staan met het internet. The company is betting big on its Internet-powered software and gambling that customers will pay to come along for the ride. There's also a team-pricing structure for organizations which will cost $70 per "seat" and an education version for $30 a month. Users will log into Adobe's site, and select which apps they want to use, at which point they'll be pushed to the desktop.

Membership gets you 20GB of storage, and users will be able to store and share up to five projects online at once on Adobe's servers. Which, really, sounds like the kind of thing companies like to think is great but often isn't. For just a little bit more than you'd pay for the Master Collection, you get a product with more tools, that's always up to date, and never have to upgrade again. The smartphone features a 5.7-inch QuadHD Super AMOLED display that is curved at the edges. After a decade of Creative Suite programs, Adobe is going subscription only with the CC family of apps and services. While not giving much specific information, Adobe at that time did confirm that it would stop selling physical packaged software and that all software would be available via download or online subscription. Creative Cloud (CC) is currently priced at $50 per month for individuals who purchase an annual subscription. CS6 will continue to be available as a perpetual license and will be supported through the next significant upgrade to the Mac and Windows operating systems. Verder wordt het mogelijk om 20GB aan bestanden in de cloud op te slaan en deze te synchen naar allerlei apparaten.
Volgens Adobe werkt een afnemer van een abonnement altijd met de nieuwste versie van de software.
Existing customers with a CS3, CS4, or CS5 license will also be able to purchase the first year of Creative Cloud for $30 a month. Adobe will let you sync projects to Creative Cloud and access them from anywhere, and share them with others with various permission levels—for example a colleague might be able to make changes to a file while a client could only view it. This is the first smartphone to support Mobile HDR that makes HD television look so vibrant. The big difference now is that if you don’t pay your subscription fee, the software will stop functioning. There will also be a month-to-month membership with no annual contract available for $75 per month.
It's designed to publish to a variety of platforms, says Adobe, the Web, iOS and Android devices.
It says it has simplified workflow across all its tools, and greatly enhanced the UI to make it more modern. Light and dark points can be differentiated with more clarity and there is also increased contrast and brightness.
Adobe introduced the service last year as a complimentary offering alongside Creative Suite--Creative Cloud consisted of both free and subscription-based versions of Adobe's core products. Going forward, if you want to use Photoshop, you will have to have a Creative Cloud subscription of some sort. Overall, this is the best display any Smartphone has ever had.DesignThe Note 7 is designed to be similar to the rest of the Galaxy phones lineup. Starting today, though, Creative Cloud will be the only way to get the newest versions of those products.

More importantly for many photographers, single app pricing is $10 a month for the first year.
Everything is being optimized for HTML5 output, to look good in any modern browser, in any layout. For Photoshop users, that means tapping into hyped features like Camera Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpening.So how does it work? Lightroom is the only CS app that will exist both as part of the CC and as a perpetual license. Klapper is echter de opname van de volledige Creative Suite, inclusief Edge en Muse die niet in de CS opgenomen gaan worden. Voor  teams komt er later dit jaar een speciale versie van het pakket, met meer tools gericht op samenwerking en deze zal $69,99 gaan kosten. Also the glass and metal bezel curve together at the edges, giving off a three-dimensional feel to the edge. According to Adobe, this is due to Lightroom’s status as both a consumer and professional product.
Its also the first Note phone to go all waterproof with an IP68 waterproof rating.Under The HoodUnder the hood, the Galaxy Note 7 is powered by the same 64-bit Samsung 8890 Exynos octa-core processor which is found in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Samsung's proprietary security app Knox now integrates both the scanners to access protected files and apps. The subscription will allow you to run CC apps without an Internet connection, though Adobe will run checks to provide software updates. It's now thinner and waterproof and you can do a lot of new tasks like magnify, translate and create GIFs from videos with just a few taps. CS6 licenses will still be available for sale, though Adobe will not continue to develop for it, aside from bug fixes and ensuring that it works on the next versions of Windows and Mac OS.The more interesting announcement was that of Project Mighty and Napoleon, two pieces of prototype hardware that will eventually be real consumer products. Mighty is a pressure-sensitive stylus designed to work on the iPad in concert with Adobe iOS apps. Styli accessories for the iPad have traditionally not been great, due to the fact that the iPad uses a capacitive touchscreen and doesn't have native pressure detection. Mighty incorporates pressure sensitivity in its tip, relaying that information to the iPad (and Adobe's cloud servers) using Bluetooth. The video demonstration shows that it works, but still has a degree of latency and a soft touch that you wouldn't see on a Wacom (or even the Microsoft Surface Pro). Napoleon, on the other hand, is another bluetooth connected device that works as a ruler on the iPad. It projects digital guides onto the drawing app, allowing you to draft perfectly straight or curved lines using the Mighty.Watch Adobe's promo video for Mighty and Napoleon below, which does a good job showing how these tools will work on the iPad.

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