Adobe Photoshop Fix is a photo retouching and repair app that makes sure that your images are given a new lease of life.
If you’re looking for a way to boost your image retouching skills or just want to create new assets to be used with other Adobe apps, then downloading the newly released software for iPhone and iPad is a no-brainer. I’ve already explained how to write a script for Illustrator using the ExtendScript toolkit in a previous tutorial.
There is a manual operation that I do ALL THE TIME in Photoshop: exporting a single layer to a single PNG or JPEG file. Having just play around with photoshop scripts today; I got to admit, its a wonderful experience to automate repititive tasks with such freedom.
Hi there- Im knew to all of this and wish to create a poster template, just wondering how you would script to change the opacity of a layer??
Basically, i need a script that from a psd with layers and transparent background should merge layers…save to 2 different psd files that have different sizes (size of working psd and smaller one) and to 2 different folders (but same file name) and then from the big psd to save 4 jpeg RGB 72ppi for web in 4 different sizes and 4 different folders.
I’ve implemented the code exactly as shown and I keep on getting the following error.
Your tutorial really made a great Impact on me as this also taught a basic Script but also have given me a pity good Idea of Panels. Some of these platforms added additional features and a few evolved into multi-channel marketing platforms, incorporating mobile, social, personalization, automation, retargeting and sometimes PPC.
Over the past few years a new trend of marketing technology consolidation has emerged, which has seen a small number of technology giants buying up complementary digital marketing solutions to form stacks of cloud offerings. The benefits are actually fairly clear; supplier relationship management is time consuming.
In theory, marketing clouds also allow data to be shared more readily across the different elements of your digital suite, enabling improved access to and analysis of your customer data. If you invest in multiple solutions from the same cloud there may also be cost advantages that you can realize. Improved integrations are potentially an important benefit, but in truth the clouds have been formed through acquisition, so relatively few components are purpose built to share data. In practice, at least today, it’s not likely that the majority of a cloud’s customers will invest in all of their components. Clearly, each cloud will want to cross sell other components from their offering to their customers, but they will also support integrations with other third party solutions if you are reluctant to move away from an incumbent supplier. However, it does make sense to select a cloud that can support you in more ways than one if possible, so that you can potentially realize efficiencies in future. Adobe’s Marketing Cloud benefits from their slight first-mover advantage in that it really does look and feel like a single solution. Adobe’s heritage in design and the popularity of their Creative Cloud suite of tools help to make them the natural partner of agencies and creative-led organizations. Their Journey Builder functionality delivers user-friendly orchestration of 1:1 multichannel campaigns. The ExactTarget email platform, with it’s drag and drop interfaces, is highly thought of and the social listening, advertising and campaign capabilities delivered by their three social tools is also very strong.
Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool Pardot is also considered to be amongst the leaders in its sector. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud doesn’t feature a heavyweight analytics toolset or the creative focus that Adobe boasts, but it is a well-integrated and coherent solution set. However, IBM’s suite of 10 platforms can be thought of as a competitive offering to the other cloud solutions. There is overlap between Silverpop and IBM eMessage, the former Unica email tool, but Silverpop also offers advanced multichannel targeting capabilities and, through the Silverpop Engage module, a strong b2b marketing automation solution. The IBM solution is newer to market than Adobe and Salesforce, and features a partnership with SugarCRM rather than an own brand CRM solution, but it already has much to recommend it. Like IBM, Oracle have only relatively recently entered the fray, but they’ve certainly moved quickly, acquiring the b2b marketing automation platform Eloqua in December 2012 and Responsys a year later for a combined $2.31 billion. Oracle have elected to adopt an open API strategy in their social offering, partnering with Kenshoo, Nanigans and SHIFT to provide social advertising, rather than seeking to develop this capability inhouse as part of their SRM solution. This decision also illustrates the pragmatic approach that Oracle’s management team plan to adopt; they have made substantial investments when they believe they are warranted, but they’re also prepared to partner in order to quickly access new competencies that are important to their target market. All four vendors have amassed portfolios that cover many of the same core components, but each have their own individual strengths.
There are also persistent rumors about SAP, SAS and NetSuite engaging in acquisitions to add to their existing solutions.

And of course many organizations’ marketing needs will remain more suited to stand-alone digital marketing platforms.
Those marketers that are ready to work with a marketing cloud still have the option to mix and match, but our guess is that most will find themselves becoming loyal to one in the long run.
The main issue I have with these people is that these Marketing Cloud providers don’t want you to mix and match. Adobe has released a new version of Lightroom today in the form of Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6.
According to Adobe, the update is said to bring performance improvements of “up to 10x” by utilising your CPU. You can now merge several shots into a single HDR image, or stitch them into a panorama without having to open Photoshop or any other software. You can now use the filter brush to modify the gradients created by the Graduated Neutral Density Filter and Radial Filter by erasing parts that you don’t want to be affected, or apply the effect to other areas not covered by the filters. I reckon this will be useful in situations when your Graduated ND filter in Lightroom obscures a subject, inadvertently affecting the exposure in that area. Since I have the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, I downloaded and installed Lightroom CC from there, installed it and played around a bit with my existing photos.
I have not played with a lot with it, nor imported any new photos but so far the update looks good.
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It shows some unique features and might be worth considering, especially for existing customers of the Creative Cloud software package. Realizing that very same fact, Adobe saw it fit to release two new apps for Apple’s mobile platform, Photoshop Fix and Capture CC, both of which are available to download straight from the App Store today.
The app lets you liquify, heal, patch, smooth, light or darken a photo with absolute ease, and thanks to the app’s touch friendly UI, editing photos has never been this easy. Capture CC lets you quickly create your very own design assets, such as brushes, colors and palettes, and then make them ready for use with other Adobe apps. Which means that a single download will work across all of your gadgets regardless of the screen size.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Every time, I copy the content of a layer, create a document, paste the content, save for the web, etc… So I took the opportunity to create a script that will automate these tasks. I’ve also been told that the pan PNG-Express is a professional script to produce PNG files from layers, with A LOT of features compared with my little script. Then I duplicate each files layer to a new file of same size in separate layers and close those single layer files, save this new file.
For example when I’m going to change resolution of my PS file to 96dpi I want to save rasterize layer to this resolution without changing this in JS code.
Long, long ago – in the mid 2000s – most business marketers sent their emails through email service providers.
It’s much more efficient for a Marketing Director to manage fewer, and perhaps only one, supplier relationship. Switching away from them is a much harder thing to do than swopping out a single, best of breed point solution.
It features a single collaborative interface from which all of its component parts can be readily accessed.
It provides marketers with the ability to automate quite complex offline and online campaigns, based on customer interactions, such as purchases and engagement. The addition of Adobe Analytics provides the hard data that underpins all of the other solutions with real time insights and measurability. They have partnered with SAP to provide this currently, but it does seem likely that they will consider an investment in this area in the future.
IBM characterize it as being beyond marketing, as it’s intended to address any type of customer interaction, including sales and service. Their earlier acquisitions SPSS, Cognos and the Coremetrics analytics solution, now IBM Digital Analytics, were all concerned with the collection and analysis of data. Both products are highly thought of and the combination form an  attractive centerpiece to the Oracle Marketing Cloud.
Kenhoo, Nanigans and Shift are all popular solutions, so Oracle’s partnership with them opens the door to a large group of customers that may now be persuaded to adopt Oracle’s other solutions.

All of the elements that feature email capabilities: Neolane, ExactTarget, Silverpop, Unica, Eloqua and Responsys, were very strong in their own right. HP have signaled their intent to join the party with their $11.7 billion acquisition of Autonomy in 2011. And there are already several other clouds emerging, notably Teradata, which have accumulated a suite of solutions to complement their data warehousing capabilities. At this stage there is a clear leader in Adobe but give it a year or so and it will mature.
As the name suggests, Lightroom CC is for the subscribers of the Adobe Creative Cloud, while Lightroom 6 is the standalone version. Unfortunately after timing both a batch of 10 images and the usual on-next photo view in browsing mode, there is no discernible difference. Your edited photos can be sent to your desktop for even more changes using Photoshop, which by the way, can be achieved using Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. You could use the classic Photoshop actions, but I like the freedom of coding to control the experience. They may have had other features bolted on but there was relatively little pretense that their primary job was anything other than email.
By adding Unica Campaign, now IBM Campaign, and Silverpop IBM have enabled users to act on those insights.
You can read reviews on them elsewhere on this site to judge how good a fit they will be for your needs. Microsoft have also indicated they plan to “democratize” the market with a stack of solutions that are centered around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.
The success will come for a provider that will have a Marketing Cloud accessible for Small and Large businesses and giving the customer to pick and choose which they want with powerful integrations with others. The hate portion of my love-hate relationship with Lightroom stems from there, as it is really hard to use it to parse through images when there is so much minute waiting in-between each image.
After the acquisition of Fotolia in late 2014, Adobe started the integration into their existing software subscription offer quickly while keeping Fotolia as a separate stock agency. Your bill at the end of each month was after all mainly determined by the number of emails you sent. Oracle Responsys, are consumer-oriented, so it’s more realistic to see each cloud as a menu of options rather than a single unified solution. How they will perform as part of their new owners’ solution-sets will become clearer over the coming year.
Maybe there will be Adobe Stock Videos soon as well.One of the mind blowing features is the ability to work with (free, watermarked) comp images in the design stage and after a customer or management approval, the images can be easily licensed and replaced with a watermark-free image without manual effort or redesign work.
This is a unique feature in the market and only possible due to the tight integration of an image library into the software itself. Those licenses, however, can still be purchased through the Fotolia site if needed.Adobe Stock Review SummaryWhile being a new offer in terms of website and technology, Adobe Stock allows access to one of the largest image libraries.
With the integration into the software which we expect to become even tighter in the mid term, Adobe Stock becomes a major player in the stock content market right at the start.Quick Video how the Creative Cloud Integration worksIf you are a photographer or want to learn more about the background of content and where Adobe gets all the nice images from? I focus in providing knowledge and solutions for buyers, contributors and agencies, aiming at contributing to the growth and development of the industry.
I am the founder and editor of Stock Photo Press, one of the largest networks of online magazines in the industry. I am the founder of Microstock Expo, the only conference dedicated to the microstock segment.
I created several software solutions in stock photography, like the PixelRockstar WordPress Plugin. Plus I am a recurrent speaker at Photokina Official Stage, and an industry consultant at StockPhotoInsight.

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