Adobe also launched a public beta of a Creative SDK that enables the delivery of mobile apps that connect to Creative Cloud, kick-starting a new era of third party app innovation for creative developers.The company also introduced Creative Talent Search, connecting creatives around the world with job opportunities from top brands and companies. This Creative Cloud release includes a new Creative Profile that connects creatives to their work, to the assets they use to create, and the communities that matter to them – no matter where they are. In the Photoshop family, Photoshop Sketch lets creatives draw with new built-in expressive brushes and enables an integrated workflow with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. In the Illustrator family, Illustrator Draw (formerly Adobe Ideas) gives users access to their favorite vector drawing tools and features in a modern, streamlined interface, high-fidelity integration with Illustrator CC and enhanced support for Adobe Ink and Slide. In the Premiere family, the brand new Adobe Premiere Clip appeasily transforms the video shot on iPhone or iPad into edited videos that are simple to share. Adobe Brush CC lets designers craft unique brushes, on iPad or iPhone, to use in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or Adobe Illustrator Sketch.
Adobe Shape CC is a simple, unique and fun way to capture and create shapes on iPhone or iPad, wherever inspiration strikes. Adobe Color CC (formerly Adobe Kuler) allows creatives to capture colors and save them as themes that are immediately available in other Adobe applications, including Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.
This Creative Cloud release includes powerful new features for Adobe’s flagship creative desktop tools. Creative Cloud Market is a collection of high-quality, curated content that’s freely accessible to Creative Cloud members. Creative Cloud Libraries is a powerful asset management service that lets creatives easily access and create with colors, brushes, text styles, and vector images through Creative Cloud desktop, mobile apps and services. Creative Cloud Extract is a cloud-based service that reinvents the Photoshop CC comp-to-code workflow for web designers and developers, letting them share and unlock vital design information from a PSD file (such as colors, fonts and CSS) to use when coding mobile and desktop designs. Today’s updates to Creative Cloud are expected to be available to Creative Cloud members by the end of the day as part of their membership at no additional cost. The mobile phone is a perfect vehicle, given its widespread adoption, even among the financially less well off. Nach Lightroom fur iPad und iPhone folgt nun auch eine Variante der Foto-Software fur Apple TV.
Adobe prasentierte heute die neue Variante von Lightroom fur Apple TV mit tvOS.Zur Synchronisation mit den eigenen Bildern ist ein Creative-Cloud-Abo notwendig. Die Diashow kann jederzeit gestoppt werden, etwa um in ein Bild zu zoomen und so jedes Detail des angezeigten Fotos inspizieren zu konnen.Voraussetzung zur Nutzung ist ein Apple TV der 4.
Kabellose Beats-Kopfhorer in den vier iPhone-Farben gibt es heute bei Saturn im Angebot, versandkostenfrei. There is nothing like attending the MAX Conference in Los Angeles to cause my feelings of artistic inadequacy to bolt to the surface. If you are one of the world’s millions of creative professionals then you are likely familiar with MAX.
Much of the excitement this year was generated by Adobe’s announcement of a feature of the Creative Cloud called the “Creative Profile”. As a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, cartographer and writer, Da Vinci would doubtlessly have used his Creative Profile to increase his already prolific output and enhance his impressive creative abilities. All of these creative outputs and any others he produced whether through digital illustrations, videos or photographs, would be part of his Creative Profile.
One of the biggest challenges for Da Vinci and other Renaissance artists was finding patrons.

The day was capped off by what we at Adobe like to call “Sneaks.” You can think of these sessions as innovation speed dating.
Multiple exposures are created when a photographer opens the camera shutter more than once, exposing the film multiple times — usually to two or more images. Files, photos, colors, brushes, shapes, fonts, textstyles, graphics, and any other assets are always at their fingertips. Updates to Photoshop Mix extend precise mobile compositing capabilities and now includes enhanced integration with Photoshop CC, as well as a new iPhone version. Illustrator Line, a precision drawing app, gives creatives new features for perfectly distributing shapes as they draw, plus the ability to send sketches to Illustrator CC, where they have full access to their original vector paths for editing. Aspiring videographers can then send their compositions to Adobe Premiere Pro CC for advanced editing and finishing. Any photograph can be made into a brush, so creatives can quickly and playfully design beautiful, high-quality brushes that can range from photorealistic, to organic, painterly or graphic.
Access and use thousands of professionally crafted files, including user interfaces, patterns, icons, brushes and vector shapes, to speed through desktop and mobile projects.
Creative Cloud Libraries connects desktop tools like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to each other — and to companion mobile apps. Talent Search connects creatives across the globe with job opportunities from top brands and companies. Growing economies worldwide are now focusing on mobile apps and mobility solutions to grow. It’s an annual event sponsored by Adobe that brings together illustrators, web designers, production professionals, photographers, movie makers and other “Creatives” to learn about new releases from Adobe and, more importantly, to share and celebrate all forms of creative expression.
This allows anyone, but especially creative professionals, to store their illustrations, videos, photographs, fonts and other artistic assets in a virtual repository that can be accessed from any platform. One can imagine him walking through Rome creating a color palette on his mobile device with Adobe Color  to be used in one of his paintings, or taking a photograph of the checkerboard pattern of il Duomo di Firenze and using it as “ink” for an illustration using Adobe Brush.
Best of all, they could be accessed from any device, whether desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, allowing Da Vinci to focus on what he did best – creating. For Da Vinci this meant a dependency on just a few wealthy families, namely the Borgias and Medicis. Select members of the Adobe engineering community are given five minutes in front of a live audience to showcase a feature or product they are working on. His distaste for acronym use and “legalese” drove him to rewrite Adobe’s contracts to plain English and develop a whole new writing style guide for the legal community. A similar effect can also be achieved in Photoshop, when an artist superimposes multiple images to create a single composite photo. Some of the resulting images are eerie, others are inspirational, and a few just add texture and depth to an otherwise simple portrait. In addition, the latest versions of Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC include breakthroughs in Touch support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface Pro 3.  Central to this release is an all-new Creative Profile that drives deep connections between CC desktop tools and 9 new mobile apps that extend the power of the Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere franchises onto mobile devices.
This new Creative Profile moves with creatives from app-to-app, and device-to-device, so assets automatically appear when they need them, in the right context. A new Lightroom Mobile appbuilds on integrated desktop and mobile workflows andincludes features to allow clients, friends or family to select favorites and leave comments for photos shared online; and GPS information from iPhone photos now syncs with Lightroom desktop. Hiring managers using Talent Search are able to use advanced discovery tools to find the right talent for their job – for example, finding experts in Photoshop, who live in a specific city, and have worked in automotive design is easier than ever.

To join Creative Cloud, special promotional pricing is available to customers who own Adobe Creative Suite 3 or later. Mobile development companies like mobileapptelligence and others are betting on apps for transactions. It’s not a stretch to see him using Adobe Shape to capture the shapes and vectors surrounding him in Florence and incorporating them in his architectural renderings. The crowd gets a preview of possible things to come and the innovator gets immediate feedback in the form of live audience reactions. He oversees legal affairs, public policy, and compliance interests by day, but outside the office, he’s an avid blogger, writer, and adventurist.
This post was originally published on the Shutterstock blog and has been reprinted with permission. The resulting visual often has a ghostlike effect, with different levels of opacity creating layers within the image. Custom algorithms recommend candidates for roles and get smarter the more a recruiter uses the system. Membership plans are available for individuals, students, photographers, teams, educational institutions, government agencies and enterprises. So, being immersed in the excitement of the conference left me feeling in awe – and very much out of my element. Or, perhaps, he would use Photoshop Mix  to take and edit photographs of the Tuscan hillside on his mobile phone to serve as a model for the background of the Mona Lisa.
Today, Leonardo would use the Behance platform to showcase his portfolio and receive feedback about it from the global creative community.
It’s always my favorite event of the conference and, judging by the crowd reaction, others felt the same. Given his love for writing, it may come as no surprise that Mike received bachelor’s degrees in communications and sociology from UC San Diego before getting his juris doctor degree from Santa Clara University. Also, public postings will advertise job opportunities to the millions of creatives on Behance. More importantly, his Behance portfolio would allow him to be discovered by agencies seeking artistic talent leading to greater employment opportunities. Have you ever taken a photograph on a hazy day and wished you could click a button and make it clear? A marketing department, for example, seeking to create a new corporate logo with the feel of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, would be able to quickly identify that work on Behance and contact Da Vinci to commission a project. Or, check out Shape Shade to see the mind-boggling ways that shapes can be manipulated on a table with just your fingers.
How about taking a photograph of a skyline during the day and wanting to see how it would look if it was taken at sunset?
Or editing seamless transitions in videos of people who speak with lengthy “uhms”, “ahs” and other pauses.

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