The web app provides a decent range of features for free, and works in just about any recent browser as long as Adobe Flash is installed – so you can use it on Chromebooks, for example.
The ads can’t be removed, but you can size up the window and drag it so they’re off the screen. Pixr doesn’t support raw images, but you can open the standard file formats, including layered PSDs (although I found these occasionally crashed Flash), and save your work back to your hard disk, to your Flickr account, or to your personal Pixlr Library online.
A History palette lets you step back through recent operations, and – unlike with some web apps – key shortcuts and right-click menus are available. Clone Stamp and Spot Heal brushes, Levels, Curves, Unsharp Mask and a bunch of filters are present and correct.

This guide is designed to assist prospective All Flash Array buyers evaluate the different options. 77 Energy uses Okta to automate provisioning and deprovisioning tasks, so IT can focus on identifying and deploying business solutions. This vendor-agnostic guide will help you avoid the pitfalls and choose a solution that really works for your company. For decades, the limitations of spinning disks have held back data center efficiency and constricted architecture decision-making. Its user interface is a stripy mess of black, pale grey and Windows Vista-era gradients, and just to distract you even more it opens with a column of animated ads down the right-hand side.

Layers can have masks, although mask painting works oddly: only the brush’s opacity, not lightness, is heeded, and you have to switch to the Eraser tool to increase transparency.
But on the Mac, where holding Alt normally switches modes from Add to Subtract, you have to use the Command key, which would normally switch tools; and holding both Command and Shift just invokes Add, instead of Intersect.

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