Adobe has released new versions of all of its Creative Cloud tools, plus free apps, iPad accessories and more. Author: Adobe has released new versions of all of its Creative Cloud tools, plus free apps, iPad accessories and more. Adobe is also launching the Creative Market with stock vector graphics and templates library that are free to Creative Cloud subscribers – though this isn't available yet. Use the slideshow controls above and right to see what's new in all of the Creative Cloud tools, starting with what's new in the Photoshop CC June 2014 update. Photoshop CC gains a nifty new masking tool, better blurs, additional tools for web, mobile and interactive designers and more.
The Focus Area tool (right) automatically selects areas of a photo that are in focus, so you can apply adjustments to these (or by inverting the selection, to out of focus area). The new Path Blur lets you, as the name suggests, apply a blur along a path using one or more splines.
The new Spin Blur applies a circular motion blur within a circle – for example to add a sense of motion to wheels or reels. Content-Aware Fill has been upgraded so that as well as matching the colours and detail of a background, it matches its tonal range too. For web, mobile and interactive designers, Adobe has give Photoshop CC’s Generator tools a polish, and it can generate SVG images from comps as well as the usual JPGs and PNGs. Photoshop’s Smart Objects feature has been extended to allow you to essentially include live links to external PSD and AI files. Illustrator CC now shows how lines drawn with the Pen tool will appear as you’re drawing them. A new shape properties area of the Transform panel lets you change the properties of multiple shapes at once, for example altering the rotation or the corner radius of rounder corners of a bunch of rectangles at once. For creatives using Illustrator to design graphics for the web, Illustrator CC can now generate CSS for all elements on a page, and export them to a folder with images – including SVG graphics.
Designers working with tables will appreciate that you can now move entire columns left and right within a table in InDesign CC. Also new is the introduction of Folders to the Swatches panel to make it easier to navigate large numbers of swatches, support for HiDPI screens on Windows, and an enhanced QR Code Creator.. Adobe has completely rebuilt its web-design-for-graphic-designers application Muse from scratch.
Add-ons for Muse CC will be available from the Adobe Add-ons site, which will include both free and paid-for add-ons from other developers. HTML5 animations created in Edge Animate for use in Adobe DPS books and magazines can now link to articles in those publications.
Back in the day, updates to After Effects were all about new filters – though this has slowed in favour of attempted boosts to performance and workflow.
Both the Key Cleaner and the Advanced Spill Suppressor are designed to be used alongside the standard keyer, The Foundry’s Keylight.
The new feature that’s going to make the most difference for many VFX and motion graphics artists and animators is the ability to add masks to effects with a single click.
Adobe has also integrated its TypeKit fonts service into After Effects CC (and Premiere Pro CC too). Lastly, there's integration with the Creative Cloud's Kuler service, which allows you to capture images using an iPhone app and build colour schemes around them. Live Text Templates users edit text in After Effects compositions from directly within Premiere Pro CC. One very useful new tools is the ability to apply effects to master clips in the Source panel.
Adobe has also added the ability to create storyboards to its Prelude CC ingest tool, while users of SpeedGrade will be able to turn layers of a linked Premiere Pro on and off when grading.
Adobe pulled the covers off its shiny new Creative Cloud earlier this month, but it’s now finally available for you to get your grubby little hands on.

If you’re intrigued as to what Creative Cloud will bring to your own artistic pursuits, you should read our roundup. You also have the option of saving your files to the Creative Cloud (I think you get 100GB or something included in the price of your subscription). Also, you can test it out for a month, and after that you're locked in to a contract for 12 months paying per month (with a 50% exit fee for early termination of your service). It's an absolutely fantastic suite of software, and the fact that you get every single application that Adobe makes this deal all the more sweeter. And if a competitor was going to magically appear and supersede Adobe, they would have done it some time in the last fifteen years. This is Adobes attempt to stop piracy of their product and is the direction a lot of software vendors are heading. Despite customer outcry over Adobea€™s switch from Creative Suite software in a box to Creative Cloud software as a service, the company reports that it added 221,000 paid Creative Cloud customers to its roster in the second quarter of 2013 for a total of 700,000 subscribers to date. Adobe expects it will add more subscribers in the third quarter than in the second, aiming for a total of 1.25 million subscribers by the end of the year.
According to Morris, customers who bought into the cloud subscription concept are committed, with 92 percent of them choosing a yearly subscription as opposed to a month-to-montha€”the better deal on the yearly subscription. But Morris insists that despite the initial marketplace success of Creative Cloud, Adobe has not forgotten about its historical customer base, and is listening and taking seriously the complaints of users who are angry about the new subscription service. With Creative Cloud, Adobe is bringing in new customers, as some existing customers protest. Morris says that is not trueA that Adobe is leaving unhappy customers that disagree with Creative Cloud in the dust.
Many customers are afraid that once they drop a subscription to Creative Cloud and Adobe switches off the programs, they may be unable to access their own work. From Adobe's standpoint, all Creative CloudA apps are compatible with CS6 or can export to CS6. But Adobe customers seek a longer term solution for careers that have spanned some 20 years, and Morris says Adobe is now considering a more viable long-term approach. Photographers are a special segment of Adobe's customer base, and one that tends to use fewer appsa€”typically just Photoshop and Lightrooma€”whereas other creatives, say graphic designers, tend to use a wider variety of programs. Though Adobe is concerned with its creative professional customers, it says the company may not be able to please everyone. Whatever happens, Morris said, Adobe will not change course or return to the old way of doing business. There are new iPad apps and hardware accessories (though not in the UK yet) and upgrades to software across graphic and interactive design, illustration, photography and video post-production and animation. Read our other stories to find out about Adobe's creative hardware Ink and Slide (previously Project Mighty and Project Napoleon), the Line and Sketch iPad apps, and the Photoshop Mix app – which may also give a sneak peek at where Adobe's going with its apps in the future.
Let's hope Adobe's servers don't get overloaded with everyone trying to get their hands on the new tools. A Refine Edge function makes working with softer edges and fine detail such as hair easier. It’s improved its Layer Comps system for making multiple variations on a design (such as different web pages based the same structure and sharing some page elements). You can also limit the fonts you see her to just those from TypeKit, for example for a website design where the final site would use TypeKit. The company says that this is to make it easier for newcomers to learn how to use the tool, but it claims it makes it easier for more experienced designers and illustrators.
You can also hold down the Alt key to adjust how long you want the second handle to be to adjust the curvature of lines. This allows users to design book specifically for the iPad to be sold through the iBook Store. And you can import settings from previous versions of InDesign, getting rid of a major annoyance when upgrading that Adobe should have implemented years ago.

Sites created using Muse can be published to any web server, not just to Adobe’s BusinessCatalyst hosting service. This new update to Adobe CC adds two new filters that are designed to make keying less painful by reducing the time spent on manually tidying up keys. This makes it easier to constrain an effect to an area of your footage or animation, and there is a button on the timeline to track the underlying clip and match your effect to something that’s in motion. There’s also GPU-accelerated debayering of Red footage (and overall support for more graphics cards for OpenCL-based video processing), the ability to backup project files to Creative Cloud, and ways to output files with the correct metadata for use with broadcasters than require AS-11 or for digital projection.
From now on, you won’t be able to buy CS6 or CS7 — you’ll just buy a $50 per month subscription to CC.
But, along with a bunch of new tools, Adobe is really also playing up the cloud-based nature of the software — changing the way you store and share work.
It's just like your normal Adobe suite except that you install all the software you want from an application manager that has your account details and authentication.
I think I'll buy LR5 simply so I get the latest Adobe Camera Raw and continue using CS5 for image editing. The storage to the cloud is only really for back up and when you're working on two different physical computers. Thata€™s an increase over the 479,000 subscribers Adobe reported at the end of the first quarter.
Annual subscriptions cost $50 per month for individuals and $70 per month (per seat) for creative teams, though there are numerous discounts available for the first year. Morris says Adobe is seeing small businesss who werena€™t up for spending thousands of dollars on the Master Collection go for the option of $50 a month on their credit card.
The file access issue is something that Adobe considered, said Morris, but perhaps not in the same way as some of its customers. Adobe considers CS6 a valid working product for years to come and the major non-cloud customer fallback position.
However, he says, that will take some time to figure out.A For people who have hit lean times in the recession, Morris said they dona€™t have to upgrade right now, but when times improve, Creative Cloud will ease them back in the game for less upfront cost than in the past. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
Read our Focus Area tutorial on how to use the tool to adjust the colour tone of the background in a photo, by photographer Tigz Rice.
One example of how this might be used it to update a website comp with a new logo or a retouched photo. And the InDesign CC June 2014 update also gives you the same folders for Swatches as Illustrator CC gains. I work for a company that has its complete CRM (Customer Relation Management) software in the cloud.
What I've found is that you can even use the product when you're not connected to the Internet. Those numbers, revealed as part of the company'sA second quarter earnings,A are on track, and even ahead of Adobe's goal, according to Scott Morris, senior marketing director for Creative Cloud.
It may be that they go to a different Adobe product, or someone else's product," Morris said.
I prefer to have the software on my shelf, so I can install the exact same program I used to make the artwork, any time, at no extra cost. We felt that if customers didna€™t see Creative Cloud as right for them, then CS6 was the alternative. That's one of the reasons we left CS6 for sale and why we committed to updating it for the next major OS for Mac and Windows," said Morris.

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