Fast forward one year later: “Bro, seriously, come check this out!”, I said to Peter while walking out of the break room, coffee mug filled to the brim.
First thing, I brought up the Plex client and browsed to my “Channel Directory” which displayed more than 30 online streaming videos for topics that would interest me, like TED, YouTube, SoundCloud, NPR, The Onion, and Sesame Street (for my little girl). There I saw a list of available plugins and chose to install the Plex plugin by clicking ‘Plex Media Server’ in the list, and the ‘Install’ button below. I wanted to try out a movie first, so I chose “Movies” and a new dialog appears asking me to ‘Add Folder’; this is where I browse to the directory I created in the Plex jail. Then I added all the channels that interested me after copying my iPhoto library, movies, and music over. Finally, I sat back and stared at this for a few minutes while reality started to bend to the beat.
This is awesome, The only thing keeping me from using freenas was no plex support but now I am sold. Actually it’s probably because Plex scans your media periodically looking for changes, and this is optional and adjustable.

I set up a new dataset and started reloading it – PLEX is amazing, and the FreeNAS plugin is smooth as can be to my Roku3!! He had his Plex server running on his Macbook Pro and was controlling it, and viewing movies, from his iPhone. We walked to the lounge while he waited for drivers for the-operating-system-that-shall-not-be-named to finish installing. They are always in a deep sleep mode because the Freenas Server is only used for backing up important documents and files.
If you want it to be manual refresh you can set it this way, at least on the Linux version. I stayed late the previous night configuring the newest plugin for FreeNAS: Plex Media Server, so I was pretty excited to show it off.
The interface is solid and the options for content seemed endless (and I hadn’t even imported my personal collection yet!). It asked a question, I hit Ok, then browsed to the img.xz file and waited about 10 minutes while staring at a progress bar that was seemingly stuck at 24%.

I will recommend this to my friends and family as their one-stop-shop for enjoying the multimedia they’ve acquired over the years accompanied by a multitude of online streaming media services. DF shows that the disk space is still used, but the pointers are gone and I can’t get to the media. Once it finished, I refreshed the UI and clicked the new ‘Plugins’ button in the navigation bar at the top. Currently the Plex plugin is uninstalled but i really want the functionality provided without it automatically spinning up my hard drives.
Yes, I named my dataset “zeddy”, which is also how I refer to the dragon in one of our “Medieval Beastie” posters that Jenny (our graphic artist) designed. I sleep in the same room where the mini server is located and at night hard disk activity is pretty loud.

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