This tutorial shows you how to create a service instance in Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database as a Service). Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBaaS) provides a platform to create full Oracle database instances in a virtual machine (VM). Oracle SOA Cloud Service uses Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBaaS) to host the Oracle Fusion Middleware component schemas and Oracle Web Services Manager policies. Creating an Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBaaS) instance is one of the prerequisites to provisioning Oracle SOA Cloud Service.
Oracle Java Cloud Service: Oracle SOA Cloud Service runs on top of Oracle Java Cloud Service. Oracle Storage Cloud Service: A service that provides backups for Oracle SOA Cloud Service. Oracle Database Cloud Service: A service used to host the Oracle Fusion Middleware component schemas.
Oracle Compute Cloud Service: The foundation service for the other PaaS services by provisioning the VM, local block Storage, and network resources.
The Software Release page to select the Oracle Database software release that you want to run on your instance. The Software Edition page to select the Oracle Database software edition that you want to run on your instance.

On the Subscription Type page, for the Service Level, select Oracle Database Cloud Service, for Billing Frequency, select the default option Monthly. Note: The compute shape specifies the number of Oracle Compute Units and amount of memory (RAM) for the virtual machine hosting the new service instance. SSH Public Key: Enter the key name of the SSH public key that you uploaded earlier to your virtual machine or upload a new public key. For this tutorial, upload the SSH public key that you generated in the section Before You Begin. In the File Upload dialog box, go to the folder where you saved the SSH key pair and select the public key. Note: The number in the Total Data File Storage (GB) field is automatically updated according to the storage number that you entered. Backup Destination: Make sure you select Both Cloud Storage and Local Storage from the list.
Return to the Oracle Database Cloud Service console to see your new database instance listed, with a status of In Progress until the instance creation is completed. My answer was that you cannot use chargeback unless you fully license the DBLM pack and Cloud Management pack and add the database as a resource to a zone with a charge plan. Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Cloud Service, and Oracle SOA Cloud Service all run on top of Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

For this tutorial, use the same user name that you used to log in to the Oracle Cloud My Services page. For this tutorial, use the same password that you used to log in to the Oracle Cloud My Services page. In our previous blog post on this topic, we looked at how the Self-Service console would appear to the Self-Service Application (SSA) user, with the ability to provision databases, schemas or PDBs on the fly. Due to the agile self-service nature of the cloud, it is important to set up quotas for the consumers, as well as meter the usage of the cloud, and use calculated dollar costs for showback or chargeback, so that the cloud is not exploited by over-usage by the consumers.
This enabled the Chargeback administrator to add a Container Database (CDB) to Chargeback, and assign each Pluggable Database (PDB) individually to a cost center. You don’t need to set up the full Database-as-a-service and enable self-service, it will just calculate the usage for an existing database if it is added in this way. This would also serve as a way for an internal IT department to show its value to the other business units, by putting an internal cost to its services – at least for showback purposes.

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