We can use Eclipse instead of Android Studio, this is the best way for weak performance machine.
Are CloudFlare or Google Analytics visitor numbers more appropriate to report to advertisers? If a website needs to give numbers to advertisers, should GA be used considering the JS involved is more close to the Google DFP way of thinking rather than the CF way? Based on the the information in Analytics: CloudFlare vs Google - What discrepancy is too big?, the discrepancy between Google Analytics and CloudFlare is almost entirely automated bot traffic.
There could also be some visitors that trigger CloudFlare but not Google Analytics because they have JavaScript disabled in their browsers. I suspect that the number of users that disable JavaScript has fallen over time because more and more websites are rich media that require JavaScript and use AJAX.

Advertisers (and your CEO) only care about real people that see your website and are influenced by the advertising. I agree that disabling JavaScript has probably dropped significantly, however, there is still a segment that deals with security issues that by routine disables JavaScript.
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If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us? Should I give them the CF stats and when they question the discrepancy in numbers between what Google DFP says and CF says, tell them what CF says about their analytics?

Google Analytics may be under reporting by up to 2%, but it sounds like CloudFlare could be over reporting by 2000% (with a 20x discrepancy).
I read a factoid last year the ascribed as much as %40 of such user segments disabled JavaScript. It is just something to be aware of and may apply more strongly to some sites and not at all to others.

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