Acronis Storage helps Service Providers win the IaaS battle by substantially lowering scale-out storage costs while overcoming the capex challenges related to traditional high-end storage offerings.
Comparing bare costs of disk storage with high-end hardware and public cloud storage offerings shows a 900% potential for future Storage efficiency.
Service Providers need a fast time to market, easy management and low maintenance overhead. Acronis Storage eliminates limitations of hardware storage systems by shifting the management of traditional storage challenges around reliability and data access to the software layer.
Innovative storage software redundancy while saving 60%+ hardware overhead compared to traditional RAID.
Acronis Storage holds built-in self-healing processes to discover and repair data inconsistencies and errors while minimizing staff overhead. Smooth scaling from dozens of terabytes to multiple petabytes of data capacity using deployment templates. Organizing and managing data compliance for Medical, Financial, Telecom and other Records Databases. Essential part of Cloud Infrastructure for providing managed and self-service backup, archiving and storage as a service for partners and customers. Storing Backups, Financial Data & Transaction Archives, Medical Records, Log Files for Telco Operators, Science Databases and Disaster Recovery Archives. Virtual Front-end servers are responsible for translating client read-write operations to storage nodes as directed by metadata nodes. Deployment automation system provides easy automated initial deployment and further scaling of the storage cluster.
Virtual Metadata nodes are responsible for data reliability and availability, including load balancing nodes, integrity checks and restoring data. Monitoring and management services run on all nodes to ensure storage will automatically self-heal, proactively preventing hardware failures and reducing IT maintenance overheads. Virtual Storage Nodes are responsible for storing actual data and maintaining its integrity. If you rely on a single destination for backup, you could be playing roulette with your data.

Acronis International GmbH announced the Acronis Storage, a software-defined storage solution for archiving large volumes of data in the cloud. Multiple users, each with petabytes of data can now stream to this automated, carrier grade, elastic and resilient storage system. According to IDC, data volumes globally will grow 50 times by the year 2020 to reach 6.6ZBs, and 40% of all data will be stored and processed in the cloud. Co-founder and new Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov is bringing his knowledge of cloud services gained from more than ten years as the CEO of Parallels.
Enterprises and service providers, such as the thousands using Parallels hosting and automations tools, previously had to provision expensive storage capacity for logging, archiving and backup. Reliability. Traditional storage systems don't consider broken storage disks or nodes as part of its protection area, resulting in unnoticed disk failures, and ultimately, data inconsistency. Efficiency. It is able to utilise a mix of industry standard storage components, and provide through software, the redundancy and configurations to deliver a high-value, high-reliability, scalable storage solution. With this low maintenance and easy to manage solution, Acronis radically simplifies the complexity of deploying and managing cloud infrastructure’s go-to-market demands. Selfhealing data management technology ensures data integrity and protects end users from the pain of outages. Acronis accelerates cloud storage offering time to market for Service Providers managing Backup & Archive volumes ranging  from 50TB up to multiple Petabytes. Provides granular scalability, usage of commodity, cost-efficient hardware and easy to manage infrastructure. Achieve smooth scalability and easy performance-optimization not possible with traditional storage hardware.
With Acronis Storage, organisations can meet increasing archiving and backup storage demands with better performance at a lower cost than large cloud providers like Amazon.
With Acronis Storage, organisations can now lower costs while achieving high levels of reliability and scalability. Self-healing data management technology ensures that the data remains protected and functional. Acronis Storage technology addresses this problem, while simplifying the complexity of managing increasing loads.

Acronis challenges the economics of storage through gamechanging breakthroughs in efficiency and reliability.
Acronis Storage provides automated redundancy of data to prevent data loss and unplanned system downtime. It scales to meet the current storage needs of customers, while also providing a flexible, future-proofed storage solution to accommodate growth.
But the truth is your computer alone won’t be able to protect these documents any better than the walls of your home could. At any moment the machine you put so much trust into could fail or become damaged, leaving you as much at a loss as you would be if paper documents were destroyed.Safeguarding your computer should be top of mind when it holds important data.
With our increasing dependence on digital devices, consumers are generating a massive amount of files they are unable to back up and store in traditional ways such as an external hard drive or CD’s.
Thanks to Acronis Cloud, consumers can now tap the power of the easiest and most manageable way to store and backup this data: in the cloud. So are you certain you’re doing absolutely everything you can to protect that information?Managing a business network or enterprise server can be stressful and time-consuming. But with Acronis Backup & Recovery Online, online data backup is seamless and efficient. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11 integrates effortlessly with traditional online back up programs offered by Acronis, but allows businesses to manage multiple machines at once and perform centrally-managed offsite backup. With Acronis Cloud services, you can restore files, folders and even workstation data in minutes.
Cloud storage is the most reliable and secure technology on the market and allows Acronis to host customers’ data with high-grade encryption.

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