Acronis Cloud Storage is an easy-to-use, offsite cloud backup storage subscription that turns any Acronis Backup or Acronis Backup Advanced product into a powerful hybrid cloud backup solution! Perform local and offsite cloud backup in one easy step within any Acronis business backup product.
Keep backups safe in Acronis’ ultra-secure, Tier-IV designed & SSAE-16 compliant local data centers. Easy to ImplementSimply buy a subscription, select the cloud storage size you need, and start backing up to our secure local data centers with Acronis Backup or Acronis Backup Advanced! Supports the 3-2-1 Data Protection Strategy You can easily implement the 3-2-1 data protection strategy to disaster-proof your data. Fully IntegratedAcronis Cloud Storage is seamlessly integrated with Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced so you can perform both local and secure offsite backups in the same easy step, hassle-free! Eliminates Tape According to Redmond Magazine, 75 percent of small and medium-sized organizations that use tape backup experience tape failure each year. Government-Approved, Safe AES-256 EncryptionAcronis Cloud Backup Solutions provide secure data access storage and transfer with AES-256 encryption.
SSAE 16-Certified Secure Data CentersAll Acronis Data Centers are equipped with the latest disaster prevention technologies.
Acronis Cloud Storage encrypts your data at-source with government-approved AES-256 strong encryption before sending it to a secure Acronis Data Center. All management communication between your system and the Acronis Cloud runs through secure channels with SSL encryption. Physical security is ensured via high fences, 24x7 security personnel, and video surveillance with 90-day archiving. Acronis Data Centers are equipped with uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and backup diesel-generators, and are designed to ensure constant power availability for up to 48 hours during an undefined power outage. SSAE 16 is the framework used by outside entities to examine a data center organization and its internal controls.
If you rely on a single destination for backup, you could be playing roulette with your data. Expand your service portfolio and increase value to your customers with hybrid local and cloud backup as a service. Acronis Backup Cloud equips service providers with a comprehensive, yet simple, complete, and cost-effective hybrid backup and recovery solution that solves their customers’ data protection problems.
These are all backed by Acronis’ years of experience in the backup and recovery industry and thousands of data protection deployments in a cloud environment. The core new generation data protection technology that captures, stores, recovers, controls, and lets you access data in virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments.

A modular architecture so you can use one or more Acronis products — designed and optimized for a specific workload — and add on and blend additional products as your technology infrastructure evolves.
A single technology, fueled by over 100 patents, that combines data backup, bare-metal restore, migration, system deployment, recovery, and access whether your data resides on-premises, in the cloud, or in remote offices. Service Provider Hosted – The service provider manages the solution and stores the data to have full control over the solution. Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system — anytime, anywhere. Only you can access the data, whether you are backing up or restoring a single file or an entire machine. With our cloud backup solutions, all aspects of your data are completely secure at any given moment in time.
In addition, there are redundant heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), network, and UPS. Compliance-sensitive companies often require SSAE-16 certification (including publicly traded enterprises, financial firms, and healthcare organizations).
It runs Acronis’ proprietary implementation of Reed-Solomon data chunk distribution with outstanding redundancy and error correction.
Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup Cloud is a highly customizable and reliable service that backs up data from any source and recovers data to any destination and system. Leverage existing resources and business opportunities by choosing the storage location (your own data center or that of another 3rd party). The Tier-IV Data Centers do not interrupt availability for any planned activity, and can sustain at least one worst-case scenario, unplanned event with no critical impact.
With zero entry costs that eliminate any up-front investment, Acronis Backup Cloud lets service providers get to market fast to deliver more value to their customers, expand their customer base, reduce churn, realize incremental revenues, and quickly grow their backup as a service (BAAS) business.
With 99.995 percent availability, Tier-IV is the highest availability level for any data center on the planet.
All it takes is installing Acronis on each device, then setting it to automatically backup data.
Theft, loss, burglary, fire, flooding are typical instances where both your computer and home backups are gone for good.
You just need to select the Acronis Cloud as a destination.The only caveat is the duration of the initial backup.
Subsequent backups were faster because only the changes were added to the initial backups (it’s called “incremental backups”).
If you want to make this a regular occurrence, you can open the backup options at any time and change the schedule.It is important to have an running automatically on a regular basis.

How often depends on how often you update your data, but it’s clear that “any backup” is infinitely better than “no backup”.
Because local drives or network are much faster than the public Internet, local backups can be done in a matter of minutes, often less than one hour. Local backups are convenient and fast to access.Cloud backups are slower, but provide a remote access and protect you against huge disasters like fire, theft or flooding. The first backup can take hours (or days) to perform in the background, but subsequent will be much faster.
We have explained how to backup iPhones with Acronis True Image Cloud, and the process is the same for Android. It takes a few seconds to see when the latest backup has been performed, and when the next one is supposed to happen.If a computer is online, you can even trigger an immediate backup remotely by clicking the “BACK UP NOW” button on the dashboard. A full disk restoration would be your best option.Restore specific filesAlthough Acronis saves a full disk image, it does let you browse around and select files for download. If your computer Operating System is out of commission, you can always download Acronis (full or trial) onto a friend’s computer to create this bootable media. It’s best to create one and store it away when you first install Acronis.After booting with the Acronis rescue media, you can navigate backups, either on the Acronis Cloud (login required) or on a local USB drive or network. The process is the same except that the backup file comes from a different location.Restoring over the cloud will take a long time (expect several hours, even with a fast broadband connection), but it gets the job done. Click NextTo restore the full drive, click on the upper-left checkbox to select the whole disk. The small partitions are system-related and it’s best to restore them all.Upon clicking on Next, the recovery wizard will warn you that it needs to delete data on your current destination drive. You can now reboot and the drive has been restored to its previous stateNote: Acronis lets you restore to a completely different hardware. After a one-time setup per device, you can make sure that backups are being done for every device.You will also have access to data, in case someone in the group needs a file urgently.
We suggest that you make this clear to everyone who has devices managed by you.You have stepped-up to keep everyone’s data safe: congratulations!

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