With support for Retina display, blazing fast browsing, advanced management tools, and new processing features, you’ll be perfecting your photos as quickly as you shoot them.
When you’re up against a deadline – or faced with thousands of photos – every minute in post-production matters.
Add hierarchical keywords, rate images to keep track of your best work, and set multiple categories without duplicating images.
Drag and drop actions in any order you wish to create a powerful, customized workflow that can be saved as its own preset.
Drop images or folders directly from ACDSee Mac Pro 3 to your ACDSee 365 photo storage account.
Send images from your iPhone and iPad to your ACDSee 365 cloud space, which you can access directly within ACDSee Mac Pro 3 or from any computer or mobile device. Sign up to receive exclusive offers, product updates, event information and newsletters from ACD Systems International Inc.
Des cette annee il est possible de s'inscrire en ligne pour la participation au championnat d'Europe. Ab diesem Jahr erfolgt nun die Anmeldung zur Europameisterschaft direkt auf dieser Website.
Informazioni campionato europeo 2016 - nuova modalita di iscrizione Da questo anno l' iscrizione al campionato europeo si effettua direttamente su questo sito. Unlike catalog-based photo applications, you don’t need to spend valuable time importing files that are already on your system and connected devices. Quickly and easily import photos from your camera or device, and apply a batch preset as they are imported. View complete EXIF information captured from your camera, add and edit IPTC fields, and embed your own metadata.
Complete EXIF, IPTC and custom information for groups of photos at once, and create presets for ongoing use. Rename files, set metadata information, adjust the time stamp, change the file format, resize, copy, move, and apply develop presets, all in a series of linked steps, even as you import. Search by any EXIF or IPTC field with a simple drag and drop, locate photos by date, or retrieve images already indexed by Spotlight.

Identify groups within a large number of photos for further processing using customizable Color Labels. Organize your photos online as easily as you do on your desktop, with hierarchical folders. ACD Systems community has something for everyone who is interested in digital photography and photo editing. Pour ce faire, rendrez-vous sur la page "Courses" et selectionner le lien en cliquant sur la lettre de votre pays dans la rubrique "Inscription" du championnat d'Europe. Wahlen Sie hierzu auf der Seite "Courses" unter der Rubrik "Anmeldung" den Buchstaben Ihres Landes an. Save, backup, rename, resize, change your color space - and get a head start so you can finish faster.
Save time by setting EXIF, IPTC and custom information for groups of photos at once, and creating presets for ongoing use. Use the Calendar feature to browse by date and time, perfect for when you need to search through special events. Assign a specific color with each step of your personal workflow, so you can glean at a glance where each image is at in the process. Set privacy settings to share photos with clients, showcase to the world, or use it strictly as storage and backup. Never be caught without a picture of your family and friends, your pet or your amazing vacation again. Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and Canada and by international treaties. Tragen Sie alle zu Ihrer Anmeldung notwendigen Angaben in die entsprechenden Felder des Anmeldeformulars ein.
Plus your external devices are automatically detected, so you can copy images onto your hard drive with drag and drop ease.
To hone in even closer, build complex Boolean searches based on a combination of file properties and metadata, and save them for ongoing use. Share through Facebook, Twitter and email, or invite anyone to view your photos and albums.

En activant le bouton "Envoyer" votre inscription sera transmise automatiquement au secretariat ainsi qu'au delegue de votre pays.
Durch betatigen des Knopfes "Senden" wird Ihre Anmeldung automatisch an das Sekretariat des FISD und an den Delegierten Ihres Landes versandt. Cliccando sul bottone "inviare" la vostra registrazione verra inviata automaticamente alla segreteria FISD e al delegato del vostro paese. Customize the Properties Pane to create a unique metadata view showing only the fields relevant to you.
Pour votre confirmation il vous sera aussi transmis une confirmation sur l'adresse E-mail que vous aurez indique dans l'inscription. Zu Ihrer Bestatigung wird ebenfalls ein Mail an die von Ihnen eingetragene E-mail-Adresse versandt.
Pour valider votre inscription il vous suffira donc regler les frais d'inscription selon les indications mentionnes dans le formulaire d'inscription. Die Anmeldegebuhren entrichten Sie bitte entsprechend den Angaben im Kopf des Anmeldeformulars. I pagamenti sono da effettuare tramite bonifico bancario sul conto corrente specificato nel modulo. Veuillez noter que les inscritions sont possible jusqu'au 31 mai 2016.Nous vous rappelons que pour les participations au championnat d'Europe il vous faut une licence ainsi qu'une carte grise valable pour votre vehicule. Pour memoire ces documents sont disponibles sur la page Documents online.Plus d'informations pour le championnat d'Europe seront annonce des disponibles. Ulteriori informazioni sul campionato europeo li troverete su questo sito appena disponibili. Zur Erinnerung sind fur die Teilnahme an der Europameisterschaft eine gultige Lizenz und ein Wagenpass Bedingung.Gerne werden wir Ihnen weitere Informationen zur Europameisterschaft, sobald vorhanden, hier mitteilen.

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