If you are tired of carrying a large number of Wi-Fi gadgets around, for staying busy online or just to be idly present every time and have a handful money in addition to needed, the luck has knocked the door. The device setup relates to the PTCL EVO in a way that it allows to connect your mobile to internet at hyper speed of 3.1 Mbps around the clock. On the whole, this device is for the tech zealots, who have to be flawlessly online with all their devices constantly, and would like it a gift for someone they wish to stay connected all the time.
Small enough to fit your pocket yet powerful enough to bring internet to 5 Wifi gadgets simultaneously.
Secure Password protected connection that lets you choose the people and the devices who access your wifi zone.
Wifi devices in the range of 30-40 feet from the Wifi Cloud can be connected to 3G speeds via the EVO Wifi cloud.
Perfumes For Women Prices Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue 125ML Perfume Price in PakistanRs. Our internet provision services are for positive use of internet, primarily for the youth to learn and to come close to Islam and Islamic Values. Get evo usb in 3000 Rs with special package.Unlimited downloading and usage whole month in just 1200 Rs. Get evo usb in 2000 Rs with special package.Unlimited downloading and usage whole month in just 1200 Rs. Get EVO 3G’ nitro and wi-fi USB wireless device purchase us we will give you give free home delivery and concession ,new device and latest model and color you will be first owner.

Ptcl EVO 3G 3.1, Wireless Broadband USB Modem is the largest and the fastest growing Broadband service in Pakistan.
Experience the Internet at its fastest with high-speed access from Broadband Pakistan, simultaneously, enjoy Voice service over the same telephone line without any extra cabling connections Broadband Pakistan offers DSL service with unmatched reliability, affordability and connectivity. Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has made an exciting introduction of 3G enabled Tenda router driven by Pakistan’s fastest 3G EVO Wireless Broadband that creates a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot for its customers virtually anywhere. Tenda router is a portable 3G Wi-Fi router that converts EVO and Nitro dongles into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot so that customers can have Internet connectivity for multiple users and multiple Wi-Fi devices at the same time. A pocket sized alternative to large DSL modems, Tenda router is perfect for home and business users who have frequent travelling needs.
Embracing the Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot technology is becoming more and more common in modern countries of the world. Coming to its distinguished attributes there is Wi-Fi router pre-installed within EVO Wi-Fi Cloud. Being an enthusiastic experience, it does not mean that there are no negative aspects to the service.
However if you are a budgeted user who has gotten by penalties with their annoying and too slow EDGE connection or a Dongle, this would not be a device you like to upgrade essentially.
They are not restricted to be put any specific area, instead they are the low energy consumption bulb that can be installed or place any where on streets, in homes or offices. Broadband customers in over 1000 cities and towns across Pakistan, leading the proliferation and awareness of Broadband services across Pakistan.

It offers a battery back-up time of up to three hours, secure connectivity and seamless roaming in more than 200 cities nationwide for EVO 3G and 70 cities for Nitro.
This tells that instead of connecting the EVO device with your PC or Laptop to stream online, you can divide the same link among 5 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets in a specific sphere. The price is a bag of blend feelings because the cost of the bundle is identical to standard PTCL EVO wireless service, RS. As far as personal use is concerned we recommend hold and see for a little time if the company decides for a price fall which we are pretty much sure to notice in the near future. The company named it PTCL EVO Wi-Fi Cloud and it electrifies the compromised speed, exceeds the limited access to particular device and breaks the bandwidth constraint.
In this way, you will actually have a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your car or pocket any time anywhere. 2000 for unlimited access at a hyper speed of up to 3.1Mbps, but the cost of device it self is a lot over the PTCL Dongle coming in at RS.
Sometimes 4 hours is fairly reasonable but when considering it for lasting time, you critically have to think what occurs if the power source expires just when you badly need it.

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