This is a special giveaway from Pogoplug for CNET’s members, in which, you can get free for lifetime 30Gb cloud storage of Pogoplug. Step 2: Next, click on the link “No thanks, continue with 30GB free” at the botom of the second page. About the Author: Let's click on the advertising banner or the premium account if they meet your requirement. Last Friday evening, Microsoft decided to double the amount of free cloud storage offered with OneDrive. All of the advantages we highlighted in our earlier review remain pluses on the SugarSync side. We have made continuous networking related optimizations in both the client and on the infrastructure side that have made a big improvement in upload and download speed.  We have also made improvements in the client-side throttling mechanism to make that behave more in line with user expectations based on the controls we present.
Note that they do mention a client-side throttling mechanism—this is in reference to the optional throttling that can be turned on or off in SugarSync’s setings. A few other items worth mentioning: when I signed up for my account, there was virtually no cap on how much referral bonuses you could rack up. Also, one thing that I like about Dropbox is the LAN Sync capability, which makes syncing files between computers on the same local area network faster by skipping the Internet and going straight through your LAN. Based in Pittsburgh, Jack Busch is a groovyPost senior editor and professional technical writer.
Pogoplug is a new cloud storage service for your mobile life which enables you to store, stream and share your files, photos, music and movies wherever you are. All your files, anywhere you need them – You’re constantly on the move, so why shouldn’t your data move with you?
Stream your media anytime, anywhere – Stream from your Pogoplug Cloud to any device, including your smartphone, tablet or another computer. Share and collaborate with friends and colleagues – Share large files and folders instantly and securely. Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click – Pogoplug lets you post your photos and videos to the most popular social sites with a single click. Not seeing option,anywhere,at Pogoplug website to download software,after having clicked on download software for free backup option-can someone more learned than me explain how to do this ?? I Think it is, got the same error till i tried with VPN US with another email than the one i used before and it worked!

L’interfaccia e molto intuitiva e tramite pochi click sarete in grado di scaricare la vostra musica preferita direttamente sul vostro PC. Skip to menuSkip to contentWe use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation.
With this service, you can store, stream and share your files, photos, music and movies wherever you are. But about two years ago, we featured one of Dropbox’s most worthy challengers — SugarSync.
One of the downsides of SugarSync pointed out in the comments of our earlier post was the 25 MB file size limit on publicly shared files. In an update to my first review, I acknowledged some comments that complained about slow upload speeds. In addition, there have been numerous improvements over the past 12 months that have increased the rate at which we handle differential sync requests, which has a big impact on effective upload speed in real-life editing scenarios. Pogoplug Cloud lets you easily upload files from your computer, smartphone or tablet and access them wherever you are.
Watch all of your movies, view all your photos and listen to all your music whenever you want. Collaborate on a work project with colleagues, or contribute to photo and video albums with friends. No shelling out for higher capacity devices: Infinitely extend the storage on the smartphone or tablet you already have.
To grab your 30 GB Pogoplug Cloud Storage for free, signup HERE.  Then Pogoplug will give you discount to purchase 1, 2 or 3 Years plan. Oggi invece voglio consigliarvi un ottimo software completamente gratuito per scaricare musica MP3 in alta qualita e in maniera semplice e veloce: sto parlando di Songr.
Molto utile e inoltre la possibilita di ascoltare in anteprima il brano prima di scaricarlo. It's raised $30M in venture financing from Foundry Group, Softbank Capital and Morgan Stanley.
Old accounts with automatic upload for camera roll enabled get their extra space automatically, but new accounts can get the extra space as well - once the feature is enabled, of course.
In my own experience, it took a couple days to upload 60 GB (although I didn’t always let it run overnight).

So, yes, we have made a LOT of improvements that increase sync speed and overall performance over the past 2 years.
One that I particularly like is the ability to download certain files to your device for offline access. Per a SugarSync rep: “We do not currently have LAN Sync functionality, but this is currently on our product development roadmap, so we will have it in the future. Be sure to include a link to this article so your tweet shows up in the Reactions tab in our comments section below. We’ll announce the three winners and give instructions for redeeming your prize in an update to this post. At last, existing accounts with various bonuses already applied will get the full 15 GB of additional storage as well - for example, old accounts that already got the 10 GB loyalty bonus now offer 40 GB of free space in the cloud.This is a limited time offer that will be discontinued at the end of the month, but the amount of cloud storage offered remains available for life.
Instead, SugarSync has replaced the file size limitation with a 10 GB daily bandwidth cap for free accounts and a 250 GB daily bandwidth cap for paid users. At the time, I asked SugarSync if they were throttling my upload speeds, and they said that they did not, though my ISP might be.
This is similar to the Amazon Cloud Player, which lets you play songs from the cloud or from your device.
Now, for a very limited time, Pogoplug is teaming up with Cnet to offer everyone 30 GB of cloud storage space for free forever. SugarSync had a leg up on Dropbox for its streaming music player, generous free space (5 GB with a free account) and its simplicity when it comes to sharing any folder on your computer without moving it to a special sync folder. This applies only to public links and doesn’t affect files shared with other SugarSync users.
The maximum amount of free space you can get through referrals with a free account is 32 GB total.
In spite of these advantages, I chose to favor Dropbox during my 2010 review, mostly out of preference.
But since that review, SugarSync has made several improvements that just might change your mind.

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