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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. While the brand has changed ownership several times, a version of that first Jeep has been available ever since.Though still very basic, the Wrangler has taken a technological step forward in recent years, adding a measure of refinement it has never known and a modern engine that is more powerful and fuel efficient than the elderly, though torque-laden, motors used in the past. However, the engine is smoother and more competent in traffic than the cranky old mills Jeep has used on the past. Of course, the Wrangler is born and bred to go off-road, and it's not worth owning if you're not going to take advantage of that capability. The Wrangler's interior uses more hard plastic than most vehicles these days, and a relative lack of sound deadener means it's louder too.
Traits like these, and an unwavering devotion to off-road capability, mean the Wrangler is just as charming in a very basic way as it ever was.
The Wrangler is more refined and technologically advanced than ever, but these improvements have only made this old favorite easier to live with on a daily basis. If you are sick of dirty dogs, muddy boots, piles of tools, spilt groceries or sports gear messing up the back of your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Canvasback Cargo Liners are a fantastic solution. Why we love these Canvasback Cargo Liners:First, the liners are constructed of rugged 600 denier polyester which means heavy duty.
We are not affiliated with Chrysler LLC, Jeep or any other companies whose products or part numbers are shown here as a reference.
It launches the Wrangler briskly from a stop, handles passing with relative ease, and powers the vehicle to an 8.4-second 0 to 60 mph sprint. In a time when most SUVs have independent rear suspensions, let alone fronts, the Wrangler has solid axles front and rear.
The tall ride height helps it clear obstacles such as rocks and berms, and the short wheelbase keeps it from bottoming out when cresting hills.
The cabin controls are easy to understand, however, with the radio set high on the center stack and the climate control dials set low. The canvas top takes a few minutes to put on or take off, and it doesn't do a very good job of keeping out the elements - many will want to chose the optional removable hardtop. Pricing starts at $22,395 for an S model and ranges up to $34,795 for an Unlimited body style with the off-road-oriented Rubicon equipment.
Just be sure you take the opportunity to go out and beat on yours on an off-road course every once in a while. The Canvasback Cargo Liner will protect the back of your Jeep from mud, dirt and water, clean up in a jiffy, and store away easily when not needed. The Cargo Liner will ship in 10-15 business days using standard Ground Shipping only to physical addresses in the USA.
The Mocha and Graphite fabrics have a waterproof vinyl backing so no moisture gets through.
These terms are used for descriptive purposes only, and not to denote affiliation or connection with Chrysler LLC or Jeep.

We wrote a great blog article covering the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee with all of it's available engine options and improved suspension modifications expected for the 2015 model. Most vehicles gave up on live front axles 60 years ago (though Ford used a solid front axle in its trucks into the 1990s).
The short front and rear approach angles allow it to transition from flat surfaces to steep angles without the front or rear bumpers digging into the ground. The standard Wrangler has a rather confining rear seat and a modest 17.1 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row. Bluetooth connectivity is standard and buyers of the Sahara and Rubicon models can opt for a 6.5-inch touchscreen with a navigation system and a music hard drive. The hardtop also takes time to remove and it requires plenty of garage space to store, so owners won't find themselves going topless on a whim. Jeep also offers a vast array of options, special edition models, and bold colors that can help your Wrangler stand out. We recently acquired a Canvasback Cargo Liner for the back of an old Cherokee and we fell in love.
The popularity of this simple vehicle and the wide array of options allow the owner to make their Jeep a personal statement.  Many of the latest style of Wrangler include an 8? subwoofer in the hatch area.
Jeep has also mentioned on improving the structure of the Jeep to make it "strong", along with independent front and rear suspension to handle anything that driver may throw at it. The tiny automaker American Bantam submitted the winning bid, but Ford and Willys-Overland helped tweak the design and build the vehicle.
That's not thrifty, but the Wrangler is boxy, so it doesn't cut the wind for highway mileage. This suspension geometry sends the effects of bumps on one side of the vehicle to the other side, causing passengers to be tossed side to side or up and down.
A locking rear differential is optional, and the all-out off-road Rubicon model adds locking front and rear differentials, a lower gear ratio, 32-inch tires, and sway bars that can be disconnected electronically.
The rear seat folds down to increase that to 56.5 cubic feet and the seat can even be removed, adding almost five cubic feet. It makes a little bass, but you will see how we dramatically increase output without taking away valuable cargo space.This is the stock subwoofer enclosure in the back of the Jeep. The same engine in the Dodge Charger sedan yields a 0 to 60 time that is about two seconds faster. Combine this with the Wrangler's short wheelbase and long suspension travel and you have a ride that is fidgety and bouncy, though never kidney-bashing harsh. The Wrangler Unlimited is more livable, adding almost two inches of rear legroom and close to 30 cubic feet of cargo space. A Saturday drive on a hot summer day with the Wrangler stripped of its top and doors is a unique automotive pleasure. Finally, what we love best is that the liners attach with Velcro which means easy on and off. It contains a basic 8? Alpine subwoofer found in many vehicles throughout the Chrysler family.

If so, please share it using the "Join the Conversation" buttons below, and thank you for visiting Daily News Autos.
The Velcro straps hold the liners securely in place and are easy to remove.FeaturesLiners attach with Velcro, install in seconds, & cover the floor of your vehicle's cargo area AND the rear seat backrests so they stay clean too. After we remove the enclosure from the Jeep, we remove the grille, subwoofer, wiring, and auxiliary power port. The front and side of the enclosure are cut off to make room for the larger subwoofer coming its way. The entire plastic surface is roughed up with grinding disc so that the new parts will stick properly. We mix up a quart of our special recipe filler, “Concoction” which will work its way into the cracks and reinforce the inside of the enclosure. While the Concoction dries inside the enclosure, we machine the mounting ring for the subwoofer. The bottom layer has predrilled mounting holes with Tee-Nut threads inserted, and the front layer countersinks the subwoofer and adds a 3D element with the 30 degree chamfer on the inside edge that matches the grille for the subwoofer.
The mounting ring is attached to the plastic enclosure with CA glue It is important not to increase the depth of the enclosure, or the floor panels in the cargo area will not operate properly.
They are cut to a close fit, and the gaps are filled with “VERT.” VERT is one of four custom body fillers designed for the car audio industry by the team at Sonus Car Audio in Clarksville, Tennessee.
VERT is a filler that stays where you put it, ideal for working upside down or filling a large gap without the filler falling into the enclosure. This filler is infused with glass fibers, and although it is very thick, it is also easy to shape. We use professional grade “wax & grease remover” to clean any dust or oils from the surface. We set up the enclosure and an extra test panel outside and spray it with a heavy coating of truck bed liner. We use the test panel to judge when it is safe to touch so we do not mar the surface of the enclosure. The wiring is reinstalled, the subwoofer bolted in and the whole piece is attached to the Jeep with the original mounts.
The bass increase is significant, and as you can see the enclosure does not give up any more space than the original.Thinking about this conversion for your Jeep? Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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