Kindle Fire HD, the most ambitious Amazon tablet made its appearance in many of the countries a month ago and has since become one of the most attractive offers for users who want to acquire a quality tablet without spending too much money. But when you consider that Google sells its Nexus 7 for 249 euros, no doubt many will wonder whether it is worth betting on the Amazon product among other things, lest we forget, even offers all contents of Google Play, but a limited selection of content.
Kindle Fire HD if we consider only the hardware, then it is one of the best seven-inch tablets of the market. Our experience is that the change in external view quite similar to any other high quality screen (i.e.
Amazon boasts that their Kindle Fire plus HD is the only one offering dual wireless dual band antenna for downloads, speeding up playback streaming content.
Otherwise, Kindle Fire HD a dual core processor of 1.2 GHz and a PowerVR graphics card Imagination 3D, without much fanfare move easily throughout the operating system, except of course those games and applications for their resource demands have not been included in the Amazon Appstore, but are present in Google Play. The Kindle Fire HD set comes complete with an HD front camera, a micro USB port, HDMI port and headphone connection for Jack. Another Amazon service which is present in Kindle Fire HD is its cloud Amazon Cloud Drive, which integrates nicely into the whole operating system. Your only limitation is that by default, only plays video MP4 Kindle, so if we got another format to Cloud Drive, our device will not read.
The good news is that Amazon instead like Google, offers 5 GB of free space on your cloud, but unlike the Internet giant, offers really attractive price plans.
We will not be able to install any Google product (even something as harmless as Google Maps or Google+), we will not be able to install alternative eBook Readers of a certain quality, we will not be able to install applications to read magazines (Zinio, Kioskoymas) we will not be able to install the most popular comics readers from Google Play on Kindle Fire HD. Certainly there are ways to open this garden and if we have expertise and some tutorials on the Internet, we can install Google Play in Kindle Fire HD, but it is a process that certainly is not for everyone and especially, is illegal. But if you want something more, if we want to have the limitations imposed on us by Amazon, which advise us 50 euros more with another great product as Nexus 7.
So, now you know all most things regarding Kindle Fire HD, now you can decide Nexus 7 for you or Kindle Fire HD for you, stay tuned with us for more updates.

And is that for 199 euros, we will get a good 7-inch tablet with a high resolution screen (1280 x 800) and speakers that surpass in quality to most tablets on the market. And here we brought you another review of Kindle Fire HD which will tell that is it worth to buy this tab or to go with another tablet. We have not noticed a big difference to the speeds you can get with a tablet like the iPad, and while it is true that streaming content is good, we also found that offers a notable difference to what we found in other products. We hear even in products like the Apple iPad, the quality and power of sound that offers Kindle Fire HD is just remarkable. And if it is true that the tablets are devices designed primarily for consuming content (especially the seven-inch) for Amazon product takes this premise to its logical conclusion. Not only is it great to just turn our Kindle available to us all that we have purchased, but in the same way, all we have stored in Cloud Drive is available to the user in a fully transparent, without having to navigate between files and folders. The same applies if you store videos on your hard drive, but in this case we can have apps like VLC to play the content. Although progress has been made with respect to the version that appeared a year ago in the Kindle Fire original Silk remains a browser that is far from what you can offer a good browser. Yet few speak openly of the Amazon ecosystem created around their products much more closed than Apple does with their own. Though the company of Jeff Bezos says that the existence of your store is an effort to have quality applications, in reality this is only an excuse to end their competition, when not exercising censorship plain and simple.
As bet all your Amazon Cloud Drive, all other options have been expelled: no Dropbox, Google Drivem nothing, nothing Skydrive, etc. As Amazon offers its own app store, if for example we bought a smartphone app for our Android and want to install it in our new tablet (if it is available), we will pay for it again.
With a resolution of 1280 x 800, outperforms rivals as iPad mini (1024 x 768) and even to the Google Nexus 7. Yes it is true that this may be different in the United States, a country in which Amazon offers its own video content.

From our experience this is probably the only tablet on the market that are worth listening to a movie without having to connect a headset.
Although it is certainly a stylish tablet, does nothing to offer completely flat buttons, which costs peering locate even the side of the screen as the touch pass almost unnoticed.
We understand for example that Silk is the default browser that is offered on Kindle Fire HD, as we understand it Safari iOS or the Android Chrome. Besides Amazon asserts itself, including a polarizing filter and anti-reflective technology to improve outdoor vision and increases the viewing angle. On the other hand also has seemed somewhat heavy compared to other seven-inch tablets and of course the feel is not as nice as the iPad mini or as mild as offering Nexus 7. This of course would not be a problem if we could install one of many browsers present on Google Play in Kindle Fire HD. The same thing will happen with email management and generally any product that conflicts with the strategic lines of Amazon. Android paid applications doubled the pay for, which of course does not happen if you have an Android smartphone and tablet market any other Android based.
If all you want is to consume content, read books, watch movies, listen to music and surf the Internet in a timely manner, is a very good option, because in addition to the work of integration and synchronization of content is outstanding. Finally also interesting the life of your battery, Amazon Kindle Fire HD stands at 11 hours.

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