Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. And the market cap of the top 30 cloud tracked by the BVP Cloud index hit more than $US155 billion last week, too. LogMeIn allows you to remotely log-in and access your computers from anywhere and helps enterprises manage remote computers. A New Zealand company with operations in New Zealand, Australia, the US and UK, Xero provides online accounting and business services for small businesses. Dealertrack offers software for the automotive dealer industry including a popular tool for helping people get qualified to finance a car.
Medidata is cloud-based software for conducting clinical trials and is used by pharmaceutical companies and other research organisations.
Veeva Systems makes cloud software for the global life sciences industry to manage things like clinical trials. Athenahealth is a cloud-based service for doctors and hospitals for electronic health records. NetSuite offers cloud-based business software for accounting, enterprise resource management, and customer resource management.
ServiceNow offers cloud-based services for IT professionals such as help desk software that tracks tech problems. LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals that offers cloud-based recruiting software. On the other hand, spending the time and doing the right things will result in better rankings and more visibility for your business. Authors and publishers – writers and bloggers – often have a symbiotic relationship that allows them to build authority and increase traffic for both. Actually, they are all part of the same “monster” and they’ve been around a while, lurking under the bed waiting to come out of their dark corners.
The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken center stage in our increasingly technological world. However, as we are beginning to witness the limitless potential to save time, cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality of life, we are also made aware that with all these potential benefits, there is also potential for new instances of data vulnerability and security breaches.
A recent study released by HP Security Research reviewed 10 of the most popular IoT devices that included some form of cloud service and mobile applications. In 2013, when the index was new, the top 30 companies were worth about $US100 billion and only 15 of them were worth over $US1 billion.
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Connected devices are becoming more practical and fordable for mainstream consumers, as well as an integral part of many businesses. The results revealed that an alarming 70% were subject to serious security vulnerabilities. Our aim is to help digital marketers, content creators and bloggers create quality content, increase traffic and improve sales.
We trust M2M applications to transmit confidential and personal information, monitor valuable assets, and control mission-critical devices. As a courtesy to Norway, the Petition was also chared with TV2 Norway, the largest newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten, the Norwegian Parliament Stortinget and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oslo. Sometimes, all you need is one powerful graph, chart or image to instantly convey the big picture.
The magazine "Der Spiegel" in Germany and the newspaper "The Guardian" in England also received the Petition. Thorbjorn Jagland, left applauds winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, US President Barack Obama in Oslo: Was it In the Spirit of Alfred Nobel? SYSTEMATIC AND UNLAWFUL SPYING on Norwegian citizens has been conducted under the umbrella of US State Departments Security Incident Management Analysis System SIMAS. Such spying is being done? by the Norwegian police as well as people from the military and intelligence-based areas.
These covert activities are carried out by Nor- wegian authorities against their own people and represent violation of Norwegian law §90, the so-called "Spy paragraph", which states that, ? «A person who acts against the law and influence or take directly part in that some- thing is revealed that ought to be kept secret with respect to the security of the State, punishes with prison until 3 years, but from one until ten years if the secret is betrayed to another State or considerable harm is done.» ?IN THE CASE OF CLOSE SURVEILLANCE OF NORWEGIANS by the American Embassy Oslo and Norwegians working directly for and being paid by the United States, the case was abruptly closed almost a year following the WikiLeaks revelations.
However, there is ground to believe that the Norwegian authorities, in their eagerness to repair bilateral damage with the United States, has overlooked the legal consequences for the Norwegians as documented through the lens of the United Nations Human Rights charter, which Norway was one of the first countries to ratify. I WILL THEREFORE GO THROUGHT THE SIMAS PROGRAM AGAIN, and most importantly document its place as Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) contributor and its valuable and specific role within a much larger SIGINT structure.
Only then can the thru strenght of the security incident management analysis sytem be fully comprehended. The site contains an extensive satellite ground station and is a communications intercept and missile warning site and has been described as the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. ?RAF Menwith Hill is commanded by a Royal Air Force Officer, supported by an RAF element, whilst the majority of support services are provided by the United States Air Force, 421st Air Base Group.
The site acts as a ground station for a number of satellites operated by the US National Recconaissance Office, on behalf of the US National Security Agency, with antennae contained in a large number of highly distinctive white radomes, and is alleged to be an element of the ECHELON system. ECHELONTHE MOST PERVASIVE AND POWERFUL ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GATHERING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD TODAY?THE ECHELON SYSTEM is widely accepted to be the most pervasive and powerful electronic intelligencegathering system in the world. Rapid advances in new professions of computer science and electronic communications have heavily influenced the way that procedures and techniques have developed in the “second oldest profession.” New technologies have been embraced and exploited rapidly and effectively.
Sometimes these developments move more quickly than the legal structures and guidance in place to protect individuals’ rights. The messages can be intercepted at ground-based stations that may link directly into land lines or pick up radio or microwave frequency signals. These signals are broadcast and distributed through radio aerials or a series of microwave towers as part of a local, national, or international network. These treasonous activities violate the spirit and the substantive content of the United Nation's Human Rights Charter, which Norway was one of the earliest ratifier of, as well as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

It is a fact that Norwegian police and intelligence staff knowingly and covertly spy on its own citizens on a daily basis and feed  sensitive and possibly compromising informations back to the United States Embassy' Oslo.  All collected data of targeted Norwegian citizens are fed into the US operated, global indust- rial sized intelligence grid. This is done in spite of the almost certain fact that the Norwegian Parliament, the Stortinget, has not been thoroughly informed? regarding the nitty-gritty details of the selection based SIMAS data collection program.
Today, Norwegian citizens, once a free people protected by law, can be harassed and detained in prison indefinitely without any evidence being presented to a court of their guilt, and they can be sentenced to prison on the basis of secret testimony by anonymous witnesses not subject to cross examination. EXTENSIVE USE OF SHORT TIME HOLDING CELLSMOUNTING TO TORTURESeven out of ten suicides in Norwegian prisons are done by people sitting in “varetekt” that is short time holding cells, used by the police to hold prisoners indefinitely. Norway has got several sharp warnings from Human Rights organizations for misusing the concept of holding cells, but in vain. THE HUMAN RIGHTS ARTICLE 23, WORKERS RIGHT 1.
Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. 2. Everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.  Norway's post Breivik deceptive explenation?On the same day and at the same time, the Department of Justice, the Police Direc- torate, the security Police PST, the Police Academy and the police, all looked con- veniently in the opposite direction of Norways "lone templar terrorist" Anders Behr- ing Breivig.
As seen here through one of the security cameras of a nearby Government building in Oslo, Norway. Altogether 77 innocent people lost their lives in this meaningless tragedy in Oslo and at Utoya, the Out-island, Labor Party youth camp.
Norway’s chocking pre-war, paci- fist naivete had prevailed in a disastrous manner once more. Minister of Justice Knut Storberget resigned on November 11, 2011 when the former minister of Defence, Grete Faremo was appointed Minister of Justice from the same day.? Norway's Secret Police PST,"He (Anders B.
Breivig) was under our radar, we could not see him coming!" Which, off course is nothing but sheer nonsens!
With regards to Brievig, it was the combination of several different and negative factors acting together which made it possible for him to release his anger on the otherwise quiet Norwegian society with such a devestating result. The failure to detect act and prevent will linger in the Norwegain collective conciousness for generations to come.  CLICK PICTURE AND PLAY VIDEOabc NEWSIT HAD BEEN a meticulously planned project culminating in a devestating blow to the Norwegian people. It was a catastrophe of immense proportions, and psychologically it rippet away the innocence of Norway, as we had known it after the War.  PRIME MINISTER JENS STOLTENBERG comforts a victim of the right wing radical Anders Behring Breivigs one ton homemade fertilizer bomb.
From left, Minister of Finance Adolf Indrebo, Minister of Defence Christian Fredrik Monsen, Minister Foreign Affairs Halvdan Khot, Prime Minister Johan Nygaardsvold, Minister of Agriculture Hans Ystgaard, Minister of Trade Alfred M. That is selection of gender, height, weight, eye color, skin tone, hair color, age, body type, name, address, phone number, mothers name and fathers name, just to have mention a few. This is exactly the same selection method used in the 3rd Reich Nazi Germany, and we all know where that ended, in the gas chambers. Reports from the Iraqi Abu Graib prison, from Bagram torture and prison abuse, Afghanistan and from Guantanamo confirm that in all cases selection was a key premeditation to torture.

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