The Big Data Virtual Summit will comprise expert keynotes, real world case studies and interactive discussion panels led by senior IT practitioners who will share their tips for Big Data technologies and data management strategies. The most successful businesses are those with confidence in their ability to store, access and use data effectively.
This review looks at why small businesses need to stop being complacent about their networks and at what they can do to maintain their competitive edge as they follow the big boys down the route of increasing collaboration and other bandwidth-hungry applications likely to impact on network performance and availability. Storage firm HGST has unveiled the industry's first 10TB hard drive, but the technologies used to deliver this capacity mean that it is not a drop-in replacement for current enterprise hard drives and is best suited for applications where high capacity at low cost is more important than speedy access to data.
HGST, formerly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, is aiming the Ultrastar Archive Ha10 at customers such as cloud providers, which have spiralling storage requirements for online backup or bulk storage of data such as digital media. The Ultrastar Archive Ha10 drive offers 10TB of storage, but uses a technique known as shingled magnetic recording (SMR) to achieve this density.
In fact, the ideal application for the Ha10 is active archive storage tiers, where 'hot' data is stored on solid state drives or high-speed hard drives, while infrequently accessed data can be migrated to less costly storage media. SMR overlaps, or 'shingles', the data tracks on top of each other to achieve a higher density, drawing its name from the way roof shingles are applied on a building. This works best with data that is sequentially written, akin to tape drives, although reads can be random access as with a standard hard drive. For this reason, initial rollout of the Ha10 is being focused on cloud and data centre customers that have the in-house ability to develop the software required, according to HGST. However, HGST is providing an open source SDK known as libzbc to facilitate Linux application development and implementation of new SMR command sets.
The new drives also feature the second generation of HGST's HelioSeal technology, where the air inside the drive is replaced with helium, which is less dense and reduces the turbulence caused by the rotating disks, cutting power consumption and reducing friction heating. As enterprise-class drives, the new range boasts a mean time before failure of 2.5 million hours with 24x7 availability, and is backed by a five-year warranty.
To get started, signup for the Tencent QQ account and install the Tencent Cloud (Weiyun) mobile app. And the catch, is that they will go through all your data and deliver it to the Chinese government.
Does it matter if you do not save sensitive information on it, which at the first place you should not on any sort of cloud storage? When you get 10 TB for free, enjoy it & don't crib about the Chinese government or any other crap.
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An upshot of this is that it requires special software to access the drive, and is consequently not a drop-in replacement for existing enterprise hard drives.
The company announced a shocking 10TB worth of free storage on their cloud storage service (Weiyun) for everyone, the best part is you get native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms to access the storage on your mobile devices.
Now, click the big blue button on Weiyun’s promo site shared in the links below and you will instantly get 1TB worth of free space quota. Also, this offer is primarily for Chinese users only as there is no English translation provided by default and it will take additional efforts for users to register and use the service. The NSA's spying activities are so virulent that no portal is safe anymore from their prying eyes.
Nobody is asking you to save there your pictures or your PDF copies of your bank statements. Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you covered By Martin Brinkmann on September 5, 2015 in Internet - Last Update:September 5, 2015 26How much online storage space do you need, and what do you need it for?
As this space gets filled-up users account will get upgraded to more storage quota as per the table shown below, when a user hits the figure in first row shown below their account will automatically get topped-up to the value in second row upto a maximum of 10TB free storage. So just use the 10 TB of free cloud storage safely (which they've given out generously in the first place). The safe thing about this is that there is very unlikely situation that these services would comply to any request from companies to release information about IP address and what is stored there.
There are valid reasons for not wanting to host your data in a country, for instance if connections to it are slow, if you don't speak the language and cannot read the Terms of Service or follow instructions, or if you don't trust the government of that country.Weiyun gives away 1TB of storage space to users.
Sign-up is a bit complicated, and it is not only the language that you may have issues with but also the process itself.First thing you need to do is signup for a QQ account id.
And Chinese would rather keep you coming back as they have no chance to expand their services, so unlikely they need to comply with copyright watchdogs here anytime soon. All you need to do however is tap on the blue link on the first page, enter the email address in the first and the account password in the second field and tap on the big blue button afterwards to sign in.You can now sign in on the Weiyun website and start filling up the online storage space with data. That's still a lot and some comments on the Internet seem to suggest that you get more once you fill that space.Others on the other hand mentioned that they have received prompts to upgrade their account once they have uploaded a certain amount of data.
This kicks in for instance when you try to upload files larger than 1 Gigabyte using the account.Now You: Are you hosting data in the cloud? Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you coveredDescriptionChinese storage provider Weiyun offers 1 TB of storage space to free users.
We walk you through the sign up process.Author Martin Brinkmann Please share this article About Martin Brinkmann Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.

Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you covered Use the classic Personalization panel in Windows 10Microsoft should recommend Edge like Google recommends Chrome Responses to Need 1TB+ of online storage?
Chinese storage provider Weiyun has you covered intelligencia September 6, 2015 at 3:08 am # NO Ma'am .
Yes I read that a Chinese company is involved with them but as long as it is based in NZ I am OK with it. Reply DP September 6, 2015 at 1:01 pm # I would certainly think twice (or even thrice!) about trusting my data to a Chinese outfit. Am I reading this incorrectly, or is this only available for Android or Apple powered devices and not a desktop PC? Reply Tom Hawack September 6, 2015 at 1:48 pm # I wonder if we, myself included, are not elaborating on cliches when it comes to today's China. Private companies adhere more to the International Business Community than to a political regime, be it Chinese. But I don't consider China (nor Russia by the way) as an enemy of the western world, more as a strong competitor. With their respective strong men(Xi and Putin) they have control over everything from the internet to companies.
Those are not cliches!.Yes I know that in the Western world we also are in a way monitored but this is not comparable to Russia and China. Reply Tom Hawack September 6, 2015 at 4:35 pm # But as I said I believe business nowadays is it's own master if not the master of all. Capitalism is worldwide whatever the regimes, and capitalism is tied to none and to no one. In a way it preserves peace even if it indirectly triggers winds of war when it goes too far, but wars against what, against who? Against more and more an economical system as people get aware that the real masters are no longer politicians, whatever the regime. Always better than communism but perfectible :) So, be fed or starved by a Chinese, a British, French, American company, who cares about the company's citizenship? Reply beergas September 6, 2015 at 7:19 pm # Maybe good choice for Hillary in case she needs to 'leak' some backdoor secrets but for ordinary folk why bother when Google or OneDrive will do.

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