The tool works by connecting with our servers by VPN and removing the old iCloud account saved on your Device, allowing you to add new Apple ID and Password then it activates the new IDs on the iCloud. Many hackers are blogging that can remove activation lock and allowing users to restore iDevice without authentication code. This entry was posted in Computers & Software, News & Current Affairs, Professional Services, Technology, Telecom.

By activation the device again on Apple servers are available for you certain functions such as apps, WiFi, calls etc. However since phones are such personal devices that are rarely ever shared, there is almost no need to clear the browsing history on your phone. However if you are planning on giving your phone away to a sibling or selling it off, maybe clearing your browser’s history would be a good idea.SafariStep 1.

This service is totally for free and is no need to pay for this service, just completed the survey and download will start automatically.

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