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18 Sep. 2001

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A lean to storage shed is a great shed that is easily placed out of the way, but can also add some character to your yard and surrounding areas. In this article we will be discussing some of the various lean to storage shed kits that I have stumbled upon, which ones I liked the best, etc.
There are different kinds of shed kits that are available, one is a pre-made version that requires you to assemble it and essentially, that’s it, it is a complete kit with finished sides, nuts, bolts and everything in between.
Another type of shed kit is available too, these usually include brackets that are nailed to two or more pieces of lumber that ultimately form a frame.
The metal lean to shed kits that I stumbled across were quite nice looking, in my opinion and were much more visually appealing than their typical counterparts (what you typically think of regarding alloys type sheds). As I stated previously, wood is my all time favorite choice, when it comes to the look of a storage shed. What I noticed on Amazon though was that all of the sheds, especially the plastic or vinyl ones, all look similar and really have no defining characteristics that makes them stand out among the other types there. If you do not have a problem with these “cookie-cutter” type of designs, then it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, especially since these sheds seem to be some of the lower-priced ones on the page.

They do have a few wooden models, that I particularly like, but then again, I am a sucker for these and like them more than any other type out there. The metal lean to sheds are made from Arrow, a company that has been around for many, many years and is one of the leaders of the industry, when it comes to these alloy type storage buildings.
The Home Depot does not have that great of a selection on these types of sheds and they are not always available in your area.
These can be custom built, or come in a kit type of package that you have to assemble yourself.
These are typically found in the metal and plastic types, but can also be found in wood if they are more custom types of buildings. You then construct the rest of the project out of material of your choosing, like stucco siding, wood siding, etc to complete it. The wooden lean to models are typically made out of cedar and can greatly vary in size, because they are more of a custom type of structure and aren’t typically mass produced. The wooden ones have a slightly higher price tag, I am assuming this is because they are constructed from cedar, which is expensive to begin with and keeps going up in price.

I actually though that these were fairly nice to look at, much better than the standard building you think of when you picture tin sheds in general. This lean to storage shed built in Meridian, Idaho is perfect if you need a bit of extra space. Our Lean-To storage building is designed for those side yards that have limited space and access. The Lean To Shed is perfect for garden tools, seasonal items, or shelter for large outdoor animals.

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