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Barn shed plans

12 Sep. 2012

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When it comes to building birdhouses, there are just a few rules to follow: The projects should be simple, fun and quick to build. The 12 authors of this book came up with clever and playful designs that are both a delight to build and effective shelters for birds, bats and butterflies.
Here at Popular Woodworking Magazine, our editors have been building birdhouses for years, and we have a wealth of birdhouse plans for your yard – everything from decorative birdhouse plans to common wren birdhouse plans and even bat box plans. The cover project for the August 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking is a workbench in the 18th-century style. Dress up the outside of your shop (or your house) with this easy-to-build old plane birdhouse (the only birdhouse Christopher Schwarz has ever made). In Woodworking with Wee Ones, discover the secrets to getting kids into the workshop (all it takes is free range of imagination – and lies). A table built for a ‘rags to riches’ patron becomes the perfect project for an accomplished protege.

By the Popular Woodworking staff Pages: 61-65 Every year, the Best New Tools article is the one that everyone on the staff looks forward to. As your knowledge of woodworking grows, you’ll want to build your own birdhouse for each species you want to attract. Because we’re all woodworkers here at Popular Woodworking, we generate a huge amount of valuable woodworking information that we cannot possibly cram into the printed magazine.
By Kara Gebhart Pages: 94-98 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now It’s an unusually cool August day, and Marc Adams has all the doors of his woodworking school swung open, letting the bright Indiana sunshine in.
But we’re making it even easier to build a birdhouse with this special offer – we’re making it FREE! Nish Pages: 88-93 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now Birdhouse Christmas ornaments have become very popular the last few years, and they are excellent gifts for family and friends. Both of them are simple birdhouse plans, but one is modern and modular while the other is built on a woodworking theme with some easy shaping.

It’s also a modular project, meaning that you can build several boxes in a short time, then put them together however you like – lending the appearance of a modern, “condo” community!
Our version, built by Editor Christopher Schwarz, was built using exclusively hand tools (except for one 6′ rip on the band saw). Chris Schwarz is a master of the hand plane, and here he shows us that he is also a master of the birdhouse!

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