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12 Jul. 2012

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Sod is stripped from the Building Floor Area, Set Aside, Batter Boards are set to square the Building with a String Line. Once the Building is Straight & Braced we install the Manufacturer Required Truss Web and Lateral Bracing. I'd not want the poles in the middle as just sawing has on his building - they really get in the way over the years. If you use three 2x6 nailed together for posts, 8 feet on centers, you can get trusses that set on 8 feet centers and then 2x4s on edge nailed to them. I furnish plans for trusses for those that want to build with them and I like the extra room enough I build my own. The roof consists of 2x4's on edge, 2' on center spacing, nailed to the trusses, and then covered with sheet metal. Dennis Hull said he paid $12,000 to a contractor who never finished building his pole barn.
Four people have told the same story of how they gave a man money up front and never heard from him again.

Dennis Hull wanted to build a pole barn that was part workshop and part area to have his large family enjoy fellowship. Hull agreed to pay $6,000 down, another $6,000 after the poles and concrete were set and the final $3,500 when the job was complete in seven days.
Hull said he paid the first $6,000 in April and after a couple weeks, the poles were set and concrete poured.
We use a lot of 2x4 Diagonal Bracing as we go to be sure the Building stays Plumb and Square.
The Trusses will sit on the Header along side the Stubbies and be Nailed to the Stubbies with 5" Gal.
The we Push the Building Straight to the String and run 2.4 Braces to hold it in place until the Roof Decking is installed. Then we Measure, Chalk a Line and Cut the Trusses Tails to the proper length for our Sidewall Overhangs and install our 2x6 Sidewall Rough Fascia.
I'm not crazy about about the post in the middle either.my thinking is trusses would be as cheap as stick building the roof and would allow me to get rid of the middle posts.

I have never heard of just setting the trusses on the homemade 2x6 post's before I may have to do some thinking on that one. But I find that a 30X48 foot barn that has three post in the center isn't totally horrible.
When I get ready to build I have to weigh out the fact of my own lumber or buy a steel building.
I do not want the trusses( if i go that route) any more then 8' apart and don't feel real comfortable with that distance at this time.
I wish to build with the most cost effective, flexible , structurally sound building I can.

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