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26 Jan. 1995

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Feedback  Just to say thanks very much, both sheds have now been delivered on time, and exceeded expectations. Diamond Garden ShedsAll the Diamond Garden Sheds are made from redwood deal (not cheap whitewood) on 2x2 vertical framing. Diamond Potting ShedsThe Diamond Timber Garden Solar Potting Shed is different to other garden potting sheds, with glass on the front wall and two end walls, This means no wasted space inside which you get with the traditional type of potting shed with the glass tipped back. Platinum Workshops15 Year WarrantyFREE Assembly in Cheshire Displayed for Viewing Cladding is Redwood timber(not cheap whitewood) Assembled Free in Cheshire Fully Pressure treated Fittings are Rust Resistant. If you in the Cheshire area and interested in buying a shed for your home - whether you want somewhere to store your leisure equipment or gardening supplies - you will find a large range of wooden garden sheds, solar potting sheds and heavy duty workshops on offer at 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. Helpful Guidance When Buying Summer Houses or Sun Room  How To Decide What to Treat Your Garden Sheds WithAfter you have decided on your new garden shed, summer house, workshop or log cabin you need to consider how you are going to look after it. As it is so easy to buy wooden garden sheds on the web, and this is part of the attraction, with just a few clicks whilst sitting at home in Cheshire you can be committed to having a new wooden shed delivered to your home. After being in the wooden sheds business since 1979 I've learned that the main reason for this is that these sheds are made down to a price i.e.
Be aware of the risks in buying a wooden garden shed or heavy duty workshop from a manufacturer who does not give you an opportunity to view beforehand. Helpful Guidance When Buying Summer Houses or Sun Room  What Everybody Ought to Know About Garden Buildings FloorsAs garden sheds and summerhouses floors are very important to the life of your new building you need to be very careful in your choice of garden sheds manufacturers.
Web visitors to this site are able to spend time viewing and perusing from the extensive range of wooden sheds, solar potting sheds and heavy duty workshops available throughout the Cheshire area. With our display site you can view our range of buildings although at the moment we do not sell any wooden sheds or heavy duty workshops called the Cheshire but maybe in the future. As Cheshire generally is only 45 minites from Liverpool city centre, basically the same as Manchester is away from us, we find it very easy to make regular shed deliveries to Cheshire. This is what we are about, offering you the best overall value for money pound for pound on quality garden sheds. The heavy duty sheds we Supply in Cheshire are made from 12mm Thick Cladding on 75mm x 50mm (3" x 2")  framework, nearly double that of your basic shed suppliers so you will be getting a proper traditionally built shed or workshop. As part of our comprehensive service we can provide you with a selection of bases suitable for your new shed, summerhouse or log cabin. It is vital that any garden structure has a good solid level area for it to be sited on, otherwise you will encounter problems in the long term. The GrandChoice & StoreChoice metal shed ranges are good domestic, great value for money, buildings with long guarantees.

No worries about rotting, practically impossible to break into and as you can dismantle this concrete shed - workshop you can take this with you when you move - so it an investment for the future.
Our extensive range of garden sheds on offer are available for delivery and FREE assembly all over the Cheshire area.
These garden sheds and buildings are an investment and will enable you to enjoy your garden more than ever and with a little bit of regular care will last for many years. Even though our shed display site is a little way from Cheshire, this still shows the commitment that 1st Choice has in its products, even if you can't get to the site. Surely it's wise to do your research before committing your hard earned cash on a new wooden shed or building.
Besides the type of materials used, many of which are NOT suitable for outdoor use, you need to consider various other things to ensure your new garden shed will stand the test of time.An important question to ask is - how thick is the floor.
The opportunity to buy some of this supreme Kentish land with its rugged beauty and isolation don't come up very often so now is the time to bag these garden sheds, along with 13 acres of prime land.
City centre sheds can offer by far the very best overall deal on new timber garden sheds in Cheshire.
Some people do realise the profit margins in a small shed are now down to ?15 to ?20 per shed.
The floor and roof are also made from proper timber T&G boards, NOT, inferior sheet materials. All suitable for any leisure or outdoor space, from potting sheds ideally suited for small backyards, to heavy duty workshops that can be used by professionals. There are various types of garden shed treatments and you will find that most sheds will be treated with a water based coat of treatment. Most internet retailers don't offer any option to view the shed before delivery and, also, don't make any attempt to set up any display areas. At 1st Choice we have great confidence in our quality wooden sheds and set up, back on 2003, a display site for our great range of products. You may be able to save some money by buying a 'cheap' shed but surely you are better off buying a garden shed which gives the best value and this means one which will last more than a few years.
Since the beginning we have followed the ethos that quality should always come first, even if that makes our wooden sheds and heavy duty workshops a little more expensive that some of the 'cheap' sheds available on the internet. Luckily, we haven't had to live in it during that time but once the shed arrived - so promptly and easily - we considered moving in there! This will ensure your garden shed and out buildings can be protected against everything the weather can throw at it.Treating a garden shed can be a messy affair, certainly if I am doing it, so the advice is to wear old clothes which can be thrown away if too badly stained.

Besides the large range of wooden shed and workshops there is an option for Cheshire residents to select greenhouses, summer houses, log cabins, garages and even wood-built home offices that can be set up in a garden from 1st Choice. This can be seen as being a primer and it is recommended that you re-treat your new shed or garden building within a few days after being delivered. Don't follow the examples of some of your neighbours in Cheshire, do your research, compare the actual specifications and, if possible, take a drive to our show site, near Guildford, from Cheshire. This is why you will see very bad customer reviews on a lot of these budget shed sales web sites.
Diamond are quality sheds - made since 1982 and are available to VIEW at our display site, near Guildford, Surrey.
The TriMetals UK metal sheds range with 25 years guarantee.Also available are the Capital Steel Industrial Buildings which can be made in any size up 20m wide, up to 6m high and ANY length. The second coat can be seen as an undercoat to your shed and when you put your next coat on the shed will be the top coat and this will give long lasting protection.
You can even down load the relevant wooden sheds and heavy duty workshop leaflets and price lists from this page.
Within this complex is a range of white & blue bungalows and garden sheds, also included is a unique light and airy artist's barn which feature high ceilings. They simply want to do as much turnover as possible and have no after sale service whatsoever, knowing that most people will simply not pay to return a bulky item like a shed or summerhouse.
This is a very good way of keeping your shed or summerhouse dry provided the beading is pushed up tight against the glass. Another Twitter user also angry tweeted 'Roald Dahl's shed needs to be renovated - Sophie could earn that on one modelling job. Another option is with a mastic or sealant around the outside edge of the glass and the shed wall or even with sealant behind the glass.When I had my garden shed company, which I started in 1979, we use to use the dry fixing method but this was supplemented with a window ledge with a recess cut for the glass to sit into. The beadings were fixed from inside the shed or summerhouse and pressed tight against the glass.

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