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03 Sep. 1996

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Ventilation: Proper ventilation is a very important factor when looking at birdhouse plans. Safety: You should also ensure that your birdhouse is safe and that your birds are not troubled by the predators. Aesthetics: The birdhouse should be painted with bright colors so that it appears warm and friendly to the birds and more and more birds come into it. Materials: Make sure that the materials used for construction of birdhouse are of high quality. This free woodworking plan will help you make a wooden nesting box suitable for a woodpecker family, similar to the bird house shown at right. You can follow the basic plan outlined here, but attract different species of woodpeckers, or flickers, by adjusting the measurements of the bird house floor, the size of the entrance hole, and the size of the nesting cavity.
P.A Taverner 16 room Purple Martin houseThese free purple martin bird house plans provided graciously by Purple Martin Landlord John Balga of Ontario, Canada.

Analyze the kind of bird house that will be suitable for your house and purchase a bird house plan accordingly.
Although the schematic plan was originally published in 1916, in the book, Bird Houses Boys Can Build, by Albert F. So that martin house compartments are 6" x 12".For plans to build this Purple Martin bird house click the button below. They are very similar to the T-14 purple martin house but are more ornate and have many more rooms.These free purple martin bird house plans provided graciously by Purple Martin Landlord John Balga of Ontario, Canada.
However, for every birdhouse design, some factors are very basic and they should definitely be considered. If the ventilation is poor, the birds may feel stuffy and the birdhouse could get very hot. If you construct the bird house carefully by following all the instructions given in the birdhouse plans, you will have a wonderful bird house that will be friendly to the birds and a thing of beauty in your house.

These plans were designed with guidance from the Purple Martin Conservation Association and prove that quality martin housing IS available for FREE. It is also better to place your bird house close to some plants or trees so as to attract more birds.
FREE purple martin house plans that fulfill ALL the needs of the modern purple martin landlord are available.
Not all plans are equal but we pride ourselves in making the plans available to you in one convenient place.

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