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Supportive family and friends are the most valuable resource during law school and training. Hopefully I can blog some more this upcoming week with some updates as to the new running clothes I’ve bought (my old stuff is huge on me), the importance of a strong support system while in law school and in training, and the days leading up to the Baltimore Half. We were really lucky this week because Baltimore decided to host the Grand Prix, which translates to no school on Thursday afternoon or Friday, plus we have Monday off because of the holiday!
I also took the time to look over my class schedule, work schedule and student organization schedule to figure out my running and reading schedule.
I’ve updated my training schedule to reflect the two races I signed up for and my intense class schedule. As the semester progresses, more work will creep up on the weekends and in the mornings and nights.
I plan on updating the blog this week with tips on how to get scheduled runs in (hopefully this motivates me to get them all in) and cute training outfits.
Wednesday- No runMy aunt, uncle and cousins were in town, so rather than doing a run I went to Dinner and spent time with them.
Friday- In DisneyI went to Orlando with the boyfriend and spent the afternoon walking around Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Over the next 6 months I will be documenting my training, the obstacles and personal reflections about preparing and completing the Goofy Challenge.
For the strength part of the workout, try to move from one exercise to the next without resting. I woke up craving eggs this morning, which was a little strange since I almost always want something sweet and nut buttery for breakfast, but a craving is a craving, so I just went with it.
As soon as I’m graduated though,(may 2013!!1 whoop whoop) its going to be workout first, then breakfast. Is the 5 minute section suppose to last 5 minutes or do you do the circuit until 5 minutes is up ?
What I loved about this workout is that it kept me mentally engaged the whole time and did not allow me to become bored. I found this workout to be challenging, so if you are not comfortable with the paces please change them to fit your current fitness level. If you only have a short window to spare for a workout, try this challenging 20-minute treadmill routine.
My buddy, Ryan, set up two new widgets on the far right column of my blog where you can find random posts and posts from a year ago. I had a lunchtime dentist appointment (no cavities!!), so I ate a small lunch before leaving for it.
At the gym, I warmed up with a mile run on the treadmill and then stretched for five minutes. Speaking of not wanting to exercise, Ryan made this great visual reminder for himself (and possibly for you too) to get his sweat on every day. I ended up turning to my PBF Workouts Pinterest page for some inspiration and found exactly what I was looking for: A quick 30-minute elliptical workout that I paired with a shortened version of a 20-minute stairmaster interval workout. This afternoon, I wanted to share a compilation of 10 workouts all in one place with the hope that the next time you’re feeling uninspired at the gym, one of them might jump out at you and help you feel a little more motivated. I tried to include a variety of workouts – cardio, strength, core work, boot camp-style workouts and more. Sometimes I write down a plan before going to the gym, so I don’t get stuck standing there!
Julie I needed someone to take the thinking out of my arm workout yesterday at the gym and quickly searched pbfingers on pinterest as I know you love a good arm workout!
It seems that when I go to workout without a plan, it ends up being either a terrible workout or absolutely fantastic. This post reminded me…thank you for your tutorial on how to make workout graphics with picmonkey!!
I always love to do your Upper Body Superset Workout when I have the opportunity to use my husband’s work gym.
I’m pretty sure I’ve killed a few trees from printing out the workouts you post! I am planning to do a post all about how my workouts have changed now that I’m pregnant — stay tuned!! I’m Julie and I am a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Speaking of Quinoa, have you seen the Pinterest board about the imaginary well dressed toddler daughter? This Flourless Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is made with NO flour, butter, or oil, but so soft, tender, and flavourful that you'd never be able to tell! Obviously, you can do one or both of these treadmill workouts depending on your goals and how much time you have available to you.
This looks like a pretty good way to cover 8 miles, it would definitely keep my mind interested! I had an unexpected long treaddie this morning, due to the fact that I got realllllllly absorbed in my audiobook and got very distracted.
I love your treadmill workouts, it’s always a nice change to try a different one otherwise I get bored:) Thanks! Your CrossFit-inspired runs seem to really be paying off – you’ve gotten so speedy! I’m a kinda new follower to your blog, so forgive me if what I am going to ask is already been addressed.
I think intervals are a great way to train for a race since you typically speed up and slow down naturally on race day itself. Everything should be good to go when Ben and I head to the airport on Monday though, and we are crossing out fingers for no last minute happenings. At any rate, I will be working a furious pace this weekend to make sure I get everything wrapped up before we go – literally, I still have a ton of gift wrapping to do!
In addition to Naked’s coconut water, I am obsessed with their no-sugar added 100% Juice Smoothies.
Naked wants to make sure you get a chance to try their Coconut Waters and 100% Juice Smoothies, so they are sending one winner a Naked Coconut Water Swag Box, full of coconut water and other goodies, plus a bunch of coupons for the 100% Juice Smoothies to get them fresh at the store! Enter to win the Naked Coconut Water and 100% Juice Smoothie Coupons by clicking on the “+1? button then clicking “Enter” by 11:59pm central time on Saturday, December 22. Don’t know if you are planning on taking wrapped gifts with you, but if you are, don’t!
I’m mid-way through the semester (which means I’m closer to moving down to Naples) and the Half- Marathon is only two days away!

Rather than complain about my schedule, every Sunday night I prepare my weekly schedule with classes, yoga classes, work, studying and running. Usually there is some type of easement into the craziness of the semester, but not this time.
I packed three months worth of my belongings, left Florida, flew back to Maryland, spent the weekend with my parents, and I just got back to Baltimore to move back into my place and settle back in. It has the best selection of organic food I’ve seen outside of a trader joes or Whole Foods.
I had some pain in my shins and lower abs area, and I rather rest than stress out my body more than I should. Rather than focusing on getting workouts in, I’ve been focusing on spending time with family, friends and my boyfirend (and rightfully so). The real reason for missing this run was because right after work I went to the salon and did my hair.
Its a great way to hold myself accountable for training and to own up to my procrastination.
I actually did this 45-minute workout at the gym on Friday afternoon, but I loved it so much, I just had to share it on CNC. I used the elliptical and the treadmill, but you could substitute a stairclimber, arc trainer, or bike for the first 15 minutes. Mal finished off the whole eggs this morning, so I made an egg white omelet with liquid egg whites, leftover chopped asparagus, and Parmigiano Reggiano inside and on top. Beyond switching up the speed every two minutes, you'll also be changing the incline, which challenges the body to work even harder.
I had a piece of toast with a thick layer of almond butter, a sliced nectarine, leftover roasted veggies, and a dark chocolate Adora disk that I later dipped into peanut butter. After I finish this post, I’m going to whip up a banana smoothie made with almond milk and vanilla protein powder. I really wasn’t in the mood to do any sort of physical activity, but I threw on my workout gear and drove my lazy butt to the gym anyway. It cracked me up and motivated me to get my butt in gear, so I thought you guys would appreciate it too! I workout just as much for the mental boost, getting away from my work, and getting my alone time as I do for fitness! Since I just taught a total body barbell strength class on Friday, I didn’t want to focus on weights and since running on the treadmill isn’t really in the cards for me right now due to pregnancy-related discomfort, I felt rather uninspired.
All workouts are also hyperlinked so you can visit the original blog post where the workout was featured for more detailed directions if that is of interest as well.
I’ve been known to break them out on an occasion or two at the gym when I need to change it up with a oldie but a goodie!
I love doing wall planks when I’m bored at the gym – it keeps it fun and interesting and I am hoping to work my way up to a handstand! It was from awhile back, and I only recently found it, but it was SO helpful and has been a game changer for my workout posts. I LOVE the stairmaster so I will definitely be incorporating that workout into one of my sessions this week! I have such a hard time sticking to a program at the gym, and I think if I just GET myself to the gym, I can decide what I want to do then. When the alarm went off at 4:30, all I could think was how good it would feel to sleep in another couple hours. I did 3 sets (15 reps each) on the seated leg press,  hip adducter, hip abducter, and then some lunges. With all this heat, the idea of standing over a stove just doesn’t sound appealing at all. Time for my morning coffee fix before a full day of interviewing potential student employees.
My run on the weekend included some hills outside and they were tough but I always feel good once I reach the top. My run took much less time than I expected, so I decided to tack on a second treadmill workout. I’m doing couch to 5K and tried it on the treadmill and felt like I spent the whole time hitting the up and down buttons.
The majority of area schools are still closed today, and a bunch of people are still without power though, so the first blizzard of 2012 (and I guess, last?!) is still kind of kicking our butt. Great this little ab routine you can do absolutely anywhere in, like, 2 minutes – AND adapt for other parts of your body. I always hear these buzzwords on home shows, and thought it was awesome to see them all laid out and explained. In case you’re doing any holiday entertaining this weekend, I thought this was a super helpful guide. These babies remind me of the melt-in-your-mouth Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies I had a Panera earlier this week, with a sweet peppermint kiss on top!
I’m going to give that an workout a try over my holiday break, looks like a good workout!!
If they find wrapped packages in your luggage they will unwrap them and then you will have wasted all of your time and wrapping paper. I used to teach the lessons on a weekly basis, but now I work primarily in drafting the lessons.
My dad has signed me up (and paid) for 5ks and he wakes up at the crack of dawn to take me to the race and watch me. Between classes (16 credits), running, work and student organizations, I’ll be pretty occupied this semester.
I also managed to complete ALL my reading for the week and two assignments I had to complete (yes, in Law School you get homework and reading BEFORE classes start). As the mileage increases from week to week I know I’m going to look back and wish I had a week like this.
Seeing my parents and spending time with them and Miss Gigi (the best Pomeranian in the universe) is one of the only things that keeps me sane while in school. This was not a good training week Rather than sitting and dwelling, just going to push through this upcoming week and improve. He runs at a much faster pace than I do, and I was able to keep up right until the end where my short little legs gave up. I completed the first 3 miles in 30 minutes (not hateful) and I broke up the last mile into 4 segments. Running is my form of therapy, plus it’s cheaper than a therapist and has more benefits than seeing a therapist.

Furthermore, if you are interested in providing a guest post about training for similar races please e-mail me. Even after this short cardio session, you'll feel light, energized, and ready to power through the rest of your day.
I also really like this new feature and spent a good hour looking through old posts last night. And another quick tip for those reading from your phone: Take a screen shot of any workouts that you think you might want to try so you have them saved to your phone for easy reference! One of my favorite circuits to do is your No Nonsense circuit workout from a few years back.
Peanut Butter Fingers follows my life and my interests in food, fitness, family, travel and (mostly) healthy living.
I live in a pretty flat area so I don’t get a lot of hill training even when I run outside. Three cheese ravioli cooked in garlic cream sauce with shrimp, scallops, spinach and shiitake mushrooms. Ninety seconds seemed like too much rest, so I cut it down to 45-ish seconds between intervals. I haven’t done too many any long runs to prepare for my half marathon next month, so I figured better late than never and set out do an additional 5.20 miles to make an even 8 miles for the day.
I have been doing similar training for my half and I am finding that the intervals are really helping out on my speed and overall endurance, even though I’m running less. It’s amazing how much of a role speedwork plays in making you an overall faster runner! So if you are resting for .05 miles, isn’t that practically the time it takes to reduce the speed, then speed up? I’m also doing cross fit twice a week but I dont want to be dragging by the finish line! I am slightly addicted to the treadmill (because I live in Oregon which makes for a rainy few months of no outside running) but I always get bored.
Not that I could ever justify the expense, but isn’t this gold and pink necklace oh-so pretty to stare at? If you aren’t taking them with you, then good luck wrapping- that’s my task for the weekend! Must try those coffee cake muffins over Christmas, as well as the alphabet abs to go with them!!
And I have flooring like you posted sitting in my spare room (grrr) waiting for my husband to install!
I really love working with youths in the Baltimore City Detention Center and at-risk youth.
Taking 16 credits (two of those classes require 25+ page papers) was not a great idea, but I love to be busy and productive. I’ve been doing this for almost three weeks and I have noticed a significant difference. So if you’re interested in good, healthy, and inexpensive food= GO TO WEGMAN’s! I plan on simply starting over fresh and making this upcoming week my week 3 and reformating my training plan.
I hope I can run with him at least two more times before I head back up to Baltimore to keep building up my endurance.
I’m going to try this technique on my longer runs on Saturdays and Sundays and possibly during my mid week training. I walked for a minute then ran for 2 minutes and did 25 sit-ups on an exercise ball and did 15 bicep curls for each arm with 8 lb weights. I was bummed that the workout room at the hotel only had cardio machines, but I saw your tweet and was saved!
I randomly found it a few years ago and it’s been my go to boredom buster ever since! I made a small salad with homemade wheat croutons, then made some quinoa and some broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken.
I am such a sucker for Thai chicken salads, and am LOVING the dressing concoction drizzled over the top of this one! Plus their thick and creamy consistency can’t be beat. Can you tell I really like these?
As some of you may already know, law school classes don’t have mid-terms or traditional assignments due throughout the semester. My recovery time is much faster (to the point that I’m no longer sore after long runs) and my endurance has improved. I was not in the mood for a treadmill workout, so I decided to push this workout to Friday and my Friday run to Sunday.
Then Coco, my furry alarm clock, seemed to know exactly what was going on and she started meowing and scratching at the door. I’m excited to have them spend the night in Baltimore and go out on Friday night to dinner. I really love yoga and with the amount of stress I’ve built up, the yoga has helped manage the stress. Had to sub a bike for the treadmill (some mofo walked off with the safety key) but it worked just fine. Since I knew she’d wake up Riley if I didn’t get up, I finally got that extra shove out of bed! I’m wondering if for an interval you kept the speed the same but raised or lowered the incline for certain distances or something.
Next Tuesday I’ll be done with one of my classes, Advanced Legal Research, once I submit my final research paper.
As for law school, my parents pick me up almost every weekend to go and spend time in Frederick.
The topic I chose was the treatment of LGBT individuals in the Criminal Justice System and in prison. My friends in law school are great because they’re all less OCD than I am, so they keep me sane.

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