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While the MSRP on this is listed at $1,499, most dealers charge significantly less for this piece of equipment. I am very pleased with this treadmill and happy I decided to spend a little more than initially planned.
The treadmill continues to be popular fitness equipment for people interested in working out at home. The Smooth 5.25 Folding Treadmill is the bottom grade treadmill that Smooth Fitness offers.
The other preset workout programs cater to workouts for weight loss, heart rate training, and speed and interval training. 9000 Red Gym Commercial Treadmill , Manufacturers from Xuzhou Zhongjian Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. Combining an innovative sleek new design while still managing to keep the classic Cybex functionality that got this brand its recognition, the Cybex 530T treadmill is sure to please your members.
Our professionally refurbished treadmills set the industry standard which competitors can only try to emulate. We are the only remanufacturing facility in the world of fitness with our own in-house silica sandblasting and powder coating facility. Our electronics engineering department is responsible for dismantling, diagnosing and rebuilding all treadmill and elevation motors.
It’s not too severe, relatively low impact and it does elevate the heart rate if you move at a fair speed.
I really wish more treadmills did this because then I wouldn’t have left them behind during moves to new houses. In just about every case you can find it for $999 brand new, sometimes even less and always cheaper if you’re willing to buy used. It’s allowed me to get better exercise than I thought possible without going for obscenely long walks and it doesn’t really take a lot of energy to operate. There is also a Quick Start workout program that enables you to enjoy a basic preset workout. The treadmill is perfect for users who want a treadmill that offers walkers and runners a variety of workouts without having to spend a lot of money.

The drive design on this treadmill covers the belt edges to prevent dirt build-up potential snags of laces or other items getting caught in the belt and to help protect against belt fraying.
The process is conducted exclusively in-house, allowing for complete control over quality, the finest by far and bar none. All of our treadmill frames and metal parts are run through this process and can therefore once again be considered a truly refurbished treadmill.
To provide an exceptional product, this must be rebuilt (or replaced) to ensure perfect functionality and acceptable electronic draw, as well as reliability. Some people would rather use a treadmill than gear up and go for a walk or jog and for them, those big, bulky machines traditionally take up a lot of space. Folding makes the Lifespan TR Treadmill easier to move and carry and besides that, it’s pretty light compared to many comparable machines. The warranty on parts is only good for three years so you’re not really getting a lot for the extra money you pay to buy new. The change in my electric bill has been negligible but the change in my waistline is one I am happy to see every day. Depending on your strength, the deck may be too heavy to life on your own on a regular basis.
However, if you're interested in a treadmill that enables you to perform a good walking or running workout and your budget is tight, this treadmill is sufficient. For all of the preset workout programs you can make changes to the incline and speeds while you are in the midst of the workout. You can find their fitness equipment at retail locations, but a majority of their business is conducted on the Internet. With equipment like the Lifespan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill they can get the same or even better quality exercise on a machine that neatly folds flat for storage in a closet or under a bed. Once it is folded up it can be stored standing in a closet, or tilted aside and slid under a bed, table or other surface.
In fact, this allowed me to get a steeper grade for my walking than I could have got anywhere in my neighborhood. The shipping is still a problem unless you find a retailer who is willing to do it for free.

However hard or fast you want to go, this machine can do it for you and then neatly fold up and disappear when you’re done with it, like good workout equipment should. There is also the potential for the clamp to give away and cause the deck to fall down with tremendous force.
As with most treadmills, it is equipped with a safety lanyard and our Safety Sentry automatic shut-off switch. It is very easy to take out and put away and this process only takes about as much time as getting into my sweats. It saves me a lot of time since I don’t have to walk all the way to the hills and it saves money too since I would actually probably just drive there. Be careful of how much they charge for the treadmill in that case, as it could be a bait and switch. Nowadays, treadmills include wheels and some type of mechanism that enables you to fold them up and store. The Smooth Fitness 5.25 Folding Treadmill offers a more delicate approach to storing a treadmill. You ca set the treadmill to operate at a speed as low as 0.5 or as fast as 10 miles per hour.
The treadmill boasts a large intuitive display that simplifies programming and operation like the Quick Start mode lets users enter the Manual Program with a single touch, while a live keyboard permits program changes without restarting. The equipment is made with a soft drop mechanism that allows you to easily position the deck in any one of 15 positions, according to the space where you want to store the equipment. For example, if you are interested in training for a 5K, you can set the Smooth 5.25 treadmill to the P5 program and allow the equipment to automatically adjust its incline and speed to mimic what it typical for a 5K. If at any time during the pre-programmed workout you feel you need more or less incline or speed, you can easily adjust those settings during the workout. It is also equipped with Stableflex Suspension system which absorbs impact where needed for optimal comfort and running efficiency.

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