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Our Popular PackagesFemale Fat LossDefinitive Physique's Female fat loss package is like no other female orientated training in the fitness industry. Fat LossWe use customised training programmes alongside individualised diet and supplementation plans to make you lean and defined. Total Body TransformationStarting with an intensive fat loss phase then leading into a muscle gain phase and finishing with a modified competition diet. Hard Gainer PackageThe hard gainer programme has been created specifically for those who experience difficulty in gaining strength and adding size.
Before and after pictures are common place in the fitness industry and especially on the internet.
Omair“Two years ago I made a decision to get serious about training and try to change the composition of my physique. The Ann Chery 2027 Chaleco Latex High Compression Waist Training Vest is the secret to getting the Perfect Hourglass Figure, AND flattening back fat and rolls.  It cultivates your body heat when worn to promote sweating and rid your body of toxins, essentially turning your body into a fat-melting machine.
When choosing the size of your soon to be waist cincher, it is best to go based on your waist size.
A picture speaks louder than words and what better way for a trainer to show their ability than clear evidence of their skills displayed in their client’s physiques. I would strongly recommend the team to anybody serious about getting into shape whatever their goals maybe.

For the fashionista who seeks out unique and different items, she will find designers and manufacturers who specialize in cutting-edge fashions.
Worse, if you're their client, they’ll turn your training into a vicious cycle of injuries and lousy results with nothing to show for it except wasted money and time. However, a lot of personal training companies rely on pictures that are out dated, photo shopped or pictures done by trainers that are no longer with them!
Then I came across Definitive Physique.It was apparent that Definitive Physique were able to produce results for their clients in a relatively short space of time. Despite his extremely unsociable working hours Vadim has done incredibly well in a short time period. Apparel and shoe styles are rarely repeated, resulting in an exciting mix of up to the minute fashions arriving daily. They’ll create a personalized program fitted to your body, history, and goals that will give you consistent results and handle the inevitable crises of life.
But if your trainer tells you to keep pushing through, he or she doesn’t care much for your health or safety. Features 2 levels of closure to size down as you lose weight, and seamlessly hides under Fitted Clothing so you have no worries! I would not have been believed the results from the before and after pictures had I not personally known him.

I decided to set up a consultation and from the outset Mike Hoad and Mike Porter were extremely professional in their manner and really tried to understand what it was that I wanted to achieve.I undertook a 6 week programme to shed get my body fat down to sub 10% and the programme was carefully constructed by Definitive Physique and then continuously monitored to ensure everything was on track. He has gone from deadlifting 60kg to 130kg, benching 50kg to 80kg , 4 rep chin ups to 12 reps and sauatting 40kg to 100kg. The training sessions were definitely some of the most physically and mentally challenging activities I had partaken in.
I lost fat from those stubborn pockets that I had long given up hope of losing and fat that had been sitting there for over 10 years from in-disciplined eating.
The conditioning from the workouts results in my heart rate dropping to an amazing 56 bpm which was particularly impressive because besides my 3 hours a week training with Mike Hoad I was doing no other form of exercise.Most importantly the 6 weeks with Definitive Physique taught me the philosophies to train towards goals in the gym that will be carry me for a number of years.
My initial thoughts on the price being too high were entirely wiped out and in hindsight I would have paid even more for what I achieved and learnt.

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