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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Planet Fitness. If you need an idea of where to start, here are a few of my health and fitness resolutions for 2015. Unlike other health clubs I’ve been a member of in the past, I always have a positive experience at Planet Fitness.
Black card members receive all of the features listed above, but this membership plan also features a few additional perks! Over the past few months, I’ve loved using my Black Card membership at Planet Fitness.
In the past, I’ve imagined grandiose health and fitness plans that seem great in the moment but end up being ridiculously overpriced. Planet Fitness is launching a national 10-day membership sale at participating locations nationwide to celebrate the beginning of the New Year! My health resolution this year: exercise more, drink more water, and be patient with the process. Great membership perks, but I am glad I have a great gym in my condo building – so easy to not give up my resolution to go every day! The Planet Fitness 30 Minute Express Circuit can be a good workout, but just like any other exercise activity, you only get out of it what you put into it. There are 10 machines in the circuit: seated row, leg press, leg curl, ab curl, biceps curl, leg extension, chest press, shoulder press, lat pull down, and triceps extension. Some of these may work for you and others won’t so apply the ones that you like and don’t worry about the rest. Record the weight you are lifting for every machine along with how many reps you are doing for each session and take it with you to the gym. Instead of the suggested number of reps for each machine, power through 2 sets of 10 reps during the green light cycle. Once you are finished with your weight machine (and you’ve wiped it down), jump up and do some cardio for the rest of the green light cycle if you have time. August 6, 2014 I was looking for some reviews and ideas for the circuit and your post was right on the money, informative and easy to understand. Be sure to hashtag #gymglow when you post your colorful workout pictures so you can also be featured on my instagram! This skirt is definitely one of my favorites!  After searching and searching I finally found the perfect striped pencil skirt that was appropriate for work.

These will seriously kick your butt when doing leg lifts and donkey kicks!  The extra 10lbs on my legs make a huge difference. Maybe you even made a set of New Years resolutions aiming to eat healthier, work out more, or lose weight. I’m aiming to increase my energy, strength, and stamina while decreasing my overall stress level. I recommend sitting down and thinking about fitness equipment and amenities you’ll need from your fitness club before purchasing a long-term commitment. The facilities are always clean, the staff is always polite and non-intrusive, and the equipment is never over-crowded. I’m constantly traveling for work and to visit family and friends, and this plan allows me to work out no matter where I am. Once I start to realize that I’ve spent $200 on juice and workout classes in the first month, my health and fitness goals quickly disappear.
The machines are the weight-stack variety so you have to pick the amount you want to use on every exercise.
I’ve been doing the 30 minute circuit for two weeks and these pointers are going to help enhance my results. This site is to document my weight loss, goals and different exercise routines so I can keep track of my weight training & hopefully inspire other people!
This is going to be a super short and sweet post.  I have been waking up at 5am this week to hit the gym and I am so done!
I decided to get a head start on my health goals in late 2014 by starting a membership at Planet Fitness. When I was looking for the perfect health club to join, Planet Fitness quickly rose to the top of my list. Members can join Planet of Triumphs with their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and through the community they have the opportunity to share their personal stories and get support and a virtual high-five from fellow members.
There are lights like a traffic signal that are green or red to indicate when you need to be completing activity. Ensure you are consistently choosing the same weight and make sure to increase your weight every 3-4 weeks if possible. Creating goals that can actually be accomplished and crossed off your list before the end of the year will encourage you to continue your health and fitness journey! The friendly and non-intimidating environment aka the Judgment Free Zone, high-quality equipment, and incredible membership prices just couldn’t be beat. All of the other members are normal people just like you and me who are trying to be a little bit healthier.

I also love bringing a friend to work out with me, so the guest pass privilege couldn’t be a better fit. I started pinning affordable healthy meal ideas on Pinterest and researched the best local produce vendors to lower my food costs, and I found a health club membership that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You’ll be surprised at how far a little positivity and support can take you in your health and fitness journey! The stepping stations can be a challenge but you absolutely have to keep moving for the whole minute.
Using the same weight all the time, not being consistent and never increasing your weight load will ensure you never improve.
I get worried about money and don’t sign up for a gym membership or get busy and let my eating habits slip. I love that their goal is to make everyone feel comfortable when they step into their health clubs. These two options allow me to workout despite having a crazy schedule, and I won’t lie…the massage chairs definitely give me a little extra boost of motivation! By creating a reasonable budget for my health expenses, I’m taking away another excuse that may have prevented me from accomplishing my goals. The friendly staff, non-competitive atmosphere, and top-notch facilities consistently impress me and keep me motivated to keep going on my health and fitness journey. I like to toss in high knees, kicks, side steps or other challenging moves to up the benefit. I started my health and fitness New Year’s resolutions in late 2014, and I’ve created a four-step plan to keep me motivated to accomplish my goals throughout the year! If you start at station 15, for example, you would need to work from 15 to 20 and then go to station 1 and work through to 14 to complete an entire circuit.
There is a great wall chart of suggested alternate moves at the stepping stations near the start of the circuit.

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