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There’s no place like home to reshape your life style and get in tip top condition for a new you.
Elliptical cross trainers are renowned for providing an upper and lower workout that is gentle on the joints and are a popular choice by many.
There are many benefits to strength building which should not be confused with body building.
Nautilus® Sport Series Home Equipment is solely focussed on providing a quality gym experience for the home and includes the NT range. If you’re buying weights or weight training equipment for the first time it is best to start with a quality fitness bench rather than a cheap one. Nautilus believes people deserve to get the best out of their fitness equipment that’s why their machines are rigorously tested and made to a very high standard. Anyone stuck for space will like the idea of this folding bench with an easy to pull-pin adjustment so you can move from one exercise to the next. The Nautilus NT1110 Adjustable Abdominal Bench main aim is to get your stomach muscles tightened up and strengthening your middle. Specially designed for rigorous lifting routines is the Nautilus NT 1400 Olympic Combo bench.

The Nautilus NT906 Standard Weight Tree is a neat and functional accessory for weight training at home. After over 35 years in the business Nautilus is the most recognised brand in heath clubs and around the world. This site uses cookies to deliver its services, personalise content and analyse our traffic.
Using the quality equipment like the Nautilus NT range can improve fitness levels, reduce health risks and build self-esteem. However the Nautilus NT collection of alternative home gym equipment opens up other options too including weight training. Women as well as men can improve muscle tone using various dumbells and barbells otherwise known as free weights. Premium benches will stand up to demanding workouts and give you greater stability and comfort. The Nautlius NT range is highly functional and beautifully designed with heavy duty materials. The Nautilus NT1430 has adjustable barbell rests, leg unit, and flat, incline adjusting backrest.

It has quick adjustment from leg extension to leg curl and has the right amount of resistance in the initial workout phase which can be increased by placing free weights on the weight pin.
This clever idea has a solid build with adjustable weight pegs to accommodate different sized plates and is ideal for organising your weights. Their tradition of excellence gives rise to innovative products that combine cutting edge technology and superb craftsmanship that’s made to last a lifetime. Best of all is the feel good factor achieved with a regular exercise routine in the comfort of your own home. This is an ideal space saving bench for a total body workout that simply folds and rolls away for storage. This is another space saving design that is well made with quality upholstery and comes with transport wheels.

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