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We are currently looking for freelance personal trainers to come and join our exciting new PT teams at Anytime Fitness in Orpington. Anytime Fitness currently has over 3,000 gyms in 14 countries and opened its flagship UK gym in Hemel Hempstead in August 2011.
The gyms will have over 1500 active members  when at capacity, Life Fitness equipment ranging from CV to resistance and free weights to functional training fills the gym, which also benefits from a dedicated studio for group training and PT. Applicants must be Level 3 REPs or above, good time keepers, self-motivated, be prepared to work hard for results and available to start at the start immediately. We do not believe in recruiting a large number of PTs, WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and you shall be given all the support you require to make yourself a real success. We look forward to receiving your applications to this fantastic new gym and working with you. Sheridan has over 15 years experience of designing and delivering training, and is both a qualified coach, and NLP business practitioner too!  Most of her experience has been gained working with managers and front-line staff in retail, house-building, manufacturing and financial services. I worked an employed training consultant and client service manager for 8 years, and before that I was in financial services, doing a mix of sales support, internal communication and training. It was something that I always felt I would do at some point, I just didn’t know when that point would come. Price yourself significantly higher (or lower) than others doing a similar thing, unless there is a very good reason for doing so. I think it will be tough for people to break into unless they have good contacts already, but those with a good network and who continue to innovate should be able to survive (and even thrive in) current economic situation. Janet is passionate about personal effectiveness and growth and enjoys working with individuals and teams. If you are applying to a training company for Associate Work the first thing that you will be asked for is a copy of your CV or Trainer Profile. So they will really appreciate it if instead of having to wade through your Profile to get to what they are looking for they can see at a glance what you have to offer. People don’t have time or the inclination to read through lengthy documents especially when there are many in the pile! In addition to training for business I also train in the voluntary sector as a volunteer, some of this training is management skills related and this is the area I would like to develope for work, so should I include that as well?
Areas, then another list with another heading, for example Industry Sectors or Key Clients.

They must also be good communicators and flexible with working hours to get the most out of this fantastic opportunity. I do a mixture of direct client work through my own business, and associate work for other consultancies. The birth of my first child left me less mobile, so I naturally began to focus on design rather than delivery, as I had a particular talent for it anyway. Although I’d been a consultant and client service manager for 8 years, I was unable to use the contacts from my previous employment, so I really was starting from scratch.
I started making a small amount of money after just a month, which was earlier than I anticipated. I would also have ignored the advice of the well-meaning man at Business Link, who encouraged me to develop quite a sophisticated and aggressive marketing strategy.
When you are part of a company, you have colleagues to discuss ideas with, and to give you suggestions.
In your opinion, what’s the 1 thing that all new freelance trainers should definitely do to give themselves the biggest chance of success?
It seems to me that most opportunities are found and given to people on a word-of-mouth basis, so the old adage of ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ has some truth in it. Purchases have a good idea of ‘the going rate’, and anything outside of these parameters is likely to raise questions.
So I have made some notes under each of yourheadings, but in term sof layout, do you actulaly do 1, 2 and 3 together?
Both experienced and newly qualified PTs' applications will be welcomed as all necessary support will be provided. When I was expecting my second child, the company I worked for needed to reduce costs, so I took voluntary redundancy, as I didn’t want to keep compromising myself, or the business. I decided to give myself 6 months, and if I wasn’t at least covering my costs by then, I’d look for a ‘proper’ job.
There were lots of surprises: The first was how few potential clients and consultancies actually invested in design, which is what I was offering.
You also have the opportunity to see other trainers in action, which you don’t often get as a freelancer. I have a very accurate knowledge of what I can and cannot do, and I’m always honest about that with clients.

Other important things to do are to be able to position your offering really clearly, and have an open mind about opportunities that come your way. She has written and had published articles in Executive PA magazine and in Training Journal. Ours is a personal business, and all my work has come through relationships, not formal marketing. If you deliver material that someone else has written, you get ideas from the designer, as well as being able to try out new ideas of your own. You may get the chance to do work that isn’t your preferred type of project, but you never know what it will lead on to. I was used to it taking months but now I was securing work on the basis of a couple of phone calls and an email. As I’m a designer it’s up to me to provide creative and interesting ways of delivering training. I come across a number of people who think that I spend half my day watching Richard and Judy.
I am happy to share ideas, give advice and even give away some materials, without knowing where it will lead or expecting anything in return.
Luckily, I do associate work for a very supportive consultancy that provides some opportunities for development.
I also make full use of networks like Trainerbase and Trainingzone to ask for help from others. I also often design for other freelance trainers who give me suggestions about what they want to see included in the final material, so I get a few good ideas for them too.
I secured my biggest contract that year following a one-off meeting with another freelancer, who recommended me to a friend and colleague of hers, based in France.

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