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Celebrity fitness coach Sam Page is celebrating his 10th year of business in the City of Angels, and was ranked “One of the 5 Best Personal Trainers in Los Angeles"  His chain of Sam Page Fitness gyms quickly expanded to three locations: Hollywood, Glendale and downtown Los Angeles. Rated one of the Top 5 Personal Trainers in Los Angeles, Sam Page has a loyal Celebrity clientele and thriving Private Fitness Training studio. Unless otherwise stated, images used in this blog’s posts are found from different sources online, assumed to be public domain, and are displayed under the fair use principle.
Ryan VanDyke has been a top-tier personal trainer and lifestyle coach for the past 10 years. Born and raised in Illinois, Ryan's ambition and passion lured him from his hometown of Decatur, to the sun-kissed shores of Southern California where he immediately began working as a fashion and fitness model. Ryan's journey inspired him to become a Certified Personal Trainer, where he began sharing his knowledge and experience with celebrity clientele and Hollywood’s elite. Ryan's goal is to inspire people to create a transformation focusing not only on molding a great physique, but catalyzing internal growth. Diet nutrition is very important in every exercise program, so we go over diet nutrition, depending on how much nutrition knowledge you have, and how you’ve been eating so far. Personal Trainer Los Angeles, Personal Training, Online Fitness offering fitness training fitness program in LA California for weight loss, diet nutrition, muscle toning, strength training, health and fitness program.

January 29, 2015 You may know Brazilian heartthrob Rodiney Santiago as a reality television and online personality, model, actor, and performer. Rodiney Santiago Bio Born in the small city of Timoteo Brazil , Rodiney and his two brothers grew up loving the outdoors thanks to the natural beauty of his home country.
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The first thing we do in our personal training process is we do an information consultation where we learn about you, your fitness history, exercise experience, injuries, medical history, etc. So personal training is very personalized, customized per physical body, per an individual's preferences, per each fitness goal. But we know that some of you are back to the grindstone, turning green with jealousy as your friends' instagrams prove that everyone's boss is nicer than yours. Then we go over the personal training program, relative to your fitness level, individual body, and fitness goals.

Many times, in our personal training process, we often start with whole body workouts mainly comprised of multi-joint or compound muscle exercises. I see what you like to eat, your eating preferences, and then start substituting more effective food for your fitness goals.
I got more from working out with him for an hour than working out for 3 or 4 hours by myself.
This jump starts your physical body, to get your body started, your metabolism higher, increase your fitness level, etc., These multi-joint compound exercises quickly informs me of those criteria and also very quickly informs me of any muscle balances and imbalances, which we correct along the personal training as I focus your workout exercises on your exercise goals. This is done over a short period of time so your body and tasted buds acclimate to the more effective fuel, which is extremely effective since this is more of a lifestyle change that you will want to be eating this way for the rest of your life. I adjust the exercises in your workout as your body adapts and gets closer to your fitness goals. Your body, taste buds, and most importantly you, will not notice much of a difference in the diet, and you will have much more energy, feel lighter, think sharper because you are consuming a much higher quality fuel or energy source.

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