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As a personal trainer I take you behind-the-scenes to explain why personal training is expensive to save you $1,000’s. Every year gyms profit by selling pre-packaged knowledge in the form of high-cost personal training sessions. In my 16+ years as a personal trainer, I noted 3 reasons less than 2% of gym members hire personal trainers. Many high-end health club personal trainers have NO base salary and work on 100% commission. This is NOT a fault of the trainer; this is a fault of the for-profit fitness industry structure. You the consumer end up paying 300% inflated prices to cover management bonuses and commission tips!
This is called conflict of interest: Your personal trainer has to sell as many products and services to maximize his or her paycheck.
This is where the personal training package sales pressure comes into play… Everything is based off how well personal trainers can sell. It appears gym management has their own interest in mind when they encourage personal trainers sell you 30+ expensive personal training sessions….

Gyms intentionally hide the total personal training “package” price which normally amounts to $2,000-$3,500! Some of these techniques may be necessary for the habitually unmotivated and special populations. Start with getting yourself in a push up position with arms straight down towards the ground and your body in a straight line. Return to your intitial position,do the same on the other side and alternate for 10 repetitions. As a personal trainer I'm able to practice and teach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. You pay twice: Once for access to workout equipment (monthly membership fees) and A SECOND TIME to learn how to use it (hourly personal training sessions).
This pay structure creates a gym culture of high-pressure personal training sales and lackluster customer service. You need a workout program and easy to follow workout photos which I proudly offer for free! However, the 98% of people who do not have money to hire a personal trainer need something different.

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Personal training can be expensive because corporate greed and culture are reflected in high prices. Now that you know why personal training is so expensive you understand you can use your gym without a personal trainer! My goal is to make workouts challenging, interesting and fun, making it easier for you to adopt and maintain a habit of finess that will benefit you now and for life.

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