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Over the years I have had a fair amount of exercise equipment that unfortunately within a short period of time would gather dust. Help other Aussie Fitness Equipment users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased. This includes the York SB300 Indoor training cycle, York Perform 215 recumbent bike, and York Excel 310 Exercise Cycle. The main differences between this bike and the York Perform 210 are in the design of the seat, size of the flywheel, and thickness of the base stabilizers. While the thicker base stabilizers will improve stability, the seat features a hinge point which allows its angle to automatically adjust to your style of cycling. With 32 levels of magnetic resistance, adjustable using the jogwheel on the display console, this equals the number provided by the York Perform 210, but the York Excel 310 actually provides one less workout program. Having a flywheel that is nearly twice the size of the Perform 210 (13.5kg compared to 7kg) combines with the magnetic resistance system to make the cycling motion much smoother and more reminiscent of cycling using a road bike.
It is this difference in cycling smoothness that makes the York Excel 310 the more expensive bike, and really comes down to personal preference as to which style you prefer.
If you were to read through the reviews of different items of fitness equipment, a common cause for lower ratings is due to the complexity or even lack of assembly instructions. Although you may only need to setup the York Excel 310 exercise bike once, it can be useful to know the quality of the instructions and overall information in the user manual. Fortunately, together with Tunturi, York provides some of the clearest diagrams and parts lists of any fitness equipment company. To reduce the time between un-boxing and your first workout, the flywheel housing and base unit arrives pre-assembled, with 3 pages of instructions all that’s required to complete the setup. While most of the functions available are still the same, this particular bike is without the BMI and body fat test that you find on the Perform 210. Workout information displayed on the screen includes time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. The York Excel 310 Exercise Bike provides a range of features that you won't find on the York Perform or York Active exercise bikes, including the large 13.5kg flywheel and adjustable base stabilizers. The York Excel 310 Exercise Bike provides several major benefits over exercises bikes in the 'Active' and 'Perform' ranges, including the larger flywheel for a smoother cycle, and more comfortable seat design. Whether these are important enough differences for you to choose this over the York Perform 210 really comes down to personal preference, and what sort of budget you have. The 32 levels of magnetic resistance provide challenging and effective workouts for a variety of user fitness levels, while the adjustment options for the seat and handlebars make this bike suitable for the majority of heights and body types. York Fitness have a strong presence in the home exercise bike market, and with a fair few offerings available around this price point, they generally offer the quality and features to remain competitive among the stiff competition of other big brands such as DKN and Kettler. Thanks to a clear and easy to follow instruction manual and the fact that the main body containing the flywheel is supplied in the box as one piece, the assembly process is straightforward and not too time consuming. Once assembled, the Perform 215 looks stylish and contemporary with a glossy white finish mixed with black components that should blend in unobtrusively into the interior of any homes whatever the colour scheme. Once aboard, this bike proves that a product spec sheet doesn’t always tell the whole story! In addition to feeling smooth, the Perform 215 offers an impressive 32 levels of magnetic resistance (electronically controlled by a shuttle control dial on the console).
The display is clearly laid out on a large, back-lit multi-colour LCD display with a number of dedicated segments at the bottom providing a continuous display of training information such as the usual feedback of exercise time, distance, pulse rate, watts and calorie consumption. For starters, this machine has user profiles that allow the console to save the personal data for up to 4 users. There are also 4 Heart Rate Controlled programs on offer too whereby the users pulse readings are monitored to automatically adjust the resistance levels of the bike and keep them within a pre-determined heart rate range (There are pre-sets at 55%, 75% and 90% and a Target program for the user to enter their own pre-set value) What’s even better (and a huge bonus especially at this price point) is the Perform 215’s compatibility with an optional chest belt receiver (a very worthwhile investment  if you don’t possess one already!) Unlike when using the pulse grip sensors on the handlebars (which are notoriously inaccurate), a compatible chest strap ensures highly accurate heart rate readings, plus being wireless, it allows the user the freedom to hold whatever part of the multi-grip handlebars they prefer without being restricted to the small area housing the inbuilt hand sensors.

For any readers who may be growing a bit weary of the scientific jargon surrounding some of these features, let us reassure you that the Perform 215 is really easy to work with and there are plenty of more familiar pre-set programs to enjoy too! Both the saddle and the handlebars are contoured with enough padding to keep users comfy too! Overall, the biggest selling points of the Perform 215 have to be the user friendly console as well as the capabilities contained within it!
Reassuringly, The Perform 215 upright bike benefits from a 2 years parts & labour warranty from York should anything go wrong.
The Perform 215 upright from York Fitness is an impressive piece of kit, and represents the first upright bike we've seen with a step-through design at under ?280! Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification.
York Diamond c301 Exercise BikeA class-A rated ergometer is electronically calibrated so you can accurately measure the amount of effort you are using.
Bremshey Cardio Pacer F Exercise Bike has Console Displays: Time, distance, speed, RPM, ergometer, energy consumption & training power which give feedback of the relevant information you need in your workout.
The Sportop B880 Upright exercise Bike is a bike that even the most demanding of users will not tire of.
The Sportop CB7500 Commercial Soft Spin Bike is specially designed with a soft pedal feel for ultimate in comfort in both classes or individual use. The York Heritage C101 upright exercise bike is a great entry-level cycle thats perfect for getting started on the road to fitness. The Life Fitness C9i exercise bike is the top of the range upright Lifecycle with interactive console & Lifepulse heart rate sensors fitted to deluxe racing handlebars with accessory tray.
This ergometer is electronically calibrated so you can accurately measure the amount of effort you are using. The York Fitness Heritage c102 Exercise Bike is perfect for those who want a bit more feedback on their workout. The York Heritage c101 Exercise Bike is a truly excellent entry level cycle that is ideal for starting out on the road to fitness.
A compact, sturdy, quality heart rate controlled exercise bike packed with great motivational features to make sure you get the results you want, the York Fitness c202 Anniversary is designed by users for users. The Reebok I-Bike Exercise Bike is a great looking, top value for money bike created to give you a superb cardio workout every time.
The York Fitness c201 Anniversary Exercise Bike - a great & low impact workout for all ages, sizes & abilities. This is very solid and versatile piece of equipment if building strength and muscle mass safely is your goal.
The York Active 120 exercise bike offers silky smooth pedalling action thanks to its 7kg flywheel. The YBR-220's best feature is that it is self generating, meaning there is no need to plug the bike in to mains power. The 2-colour LCD console (5.75”) displays the feedback on time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, pulse and watts, and offers the choice between 18 motivating programmes (12 pre-set, 4 HRC, 1 user defined, 1 manual) which help to achieve all the set fitness goals. Unlike the other 2 upright bikes in the Perform range, the 215 model has a low, cut away frame design to allow for users with restricted mobility to be able to comfortably step over the frame. York has advertised the flywheel as being only 7 kg in weight, yet we were pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the pedal action (We can only assume that they have used high quality, heavy duty components in order to create a higher rotating mass than the level indicated by the flywheel weight).
On the surface, Watts and calorie feedback is fairly standard fare, but as we soon discovered, compared to other machines at a similar price point, the 215’s capabilities are rather outstanding once you delve a little deeper into the program options.
The machine’s computer can take these individual factors into account to give more accurate calorie consumption, body fat and BMI calculations.

There are 12 pre-set ones, which are clearly displayed in a handy course menu across the top of the screen, so choosing from the selection is quick and simple. The Perform 215 has plenty of adjustment in the seat stem to suit users of different heights, plus the saddle can be slid back or forth before locking in place. In addition, there are the basic but welcome features of adjustable straps on the pedals and a drinks bottle holder on the frame. This is an ergometer at under  a few hundred pounds that boasts features like wireless chest strap compatibility, watts control as well as 4 HRC programs.
The fact that it also has user profiles for more realistic calorie consumption figures, as well as heart rate control make this bike a bit of a steal at its current offer price! If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place.
The York Diamond c301 Exercise Bike is constructed of high quality components & exceptional attention to detail.
It enables you to direct your workout to specific areas i.e burning fat or improving aerobic fitness. Adjustable seat & handlebars, 6 function computer display, computer reads speed, distance, time & pulse etc. Computer console displays: time, speed, distance, calories & scan, has adjustable handlebars & saddle height, wide pedals with straps.
You wont get bored with all these programs & there’s enough resistance for even the strongest user.
Ergonomically shaped hand pulse sensors & a target heart rate alarm come as standard on the c102.
Additionally, 16 levels of computer controlled magnetic resistance ensure versatile workouts depending on the user’s fitness level. Heart rate measurement with the York Excel 310 is easily achieved using the handlebar integrated pulse sensors.
Being as fat burning and weight loss are often a chief motivator for people wishing to embark on an exercise program, it’s great to see that York have invested some thought into this area. Each of the programs can be used for a user-defined length of time, as well as difficulty level, so there’s no danger of the sessions getting stagnant.
These adjustments in conjunction with tilting handlebars, means that the user can tweak the cycle to ensure they can maintain a comfortable riding position and the correct posture at all times. The bike’s 5.75’’ LCD console offers 18 motivating programmes (12 pre-set, 4 HRC, 1 user and 1 manual) to further enhance training options. The bike is supplied with an adjustable seat and handlebars to enable finding the position that fits individual needs. Plus if you fancy a complete change, there is also the provision to create your very own custom program too. For the user’s comfort, the machine is equipped with padded height adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars.
Standard self-levelling pedals with pedal straps further enhance comfort and safety making the machine suitable for a wide range of users.
The programs includes calories count, distance in km or Miles, speed, target time and the heart rate.

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