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If you want to invest in an elliptical machine, then you need to make sure that you put your money in a good brand.
Most Epic A30E Elliptical reviews from actual owners who have actually tried and tested the machine have given polar opposite ratings for this elliptical.
It is a very heavy piece of equipment, which on the plus side equates it to be robust and steady. These machines are fairly new however, and it remains to be seen how they will stack up in the long run. All 3 Epic ellipticals are made with commercial grade steel and are completely stunning looking. Out of the 3 elliptical machines on review, the A32E is our preferred choice due to it hitting the right amount of features, it’s build quality, and the warranty upgrade. The resistance is super smooth thanks to the magnetic technology and the 20 degree incline and -10 degree decline will give you an exceptionally challenging full body workout. There is an impressive range of features with the A30e, but if you have an extra $300, it is worth upgrading to the A32e, simply for the warranty alone.
Personally we’d go for the A32E, unless we had bags of money (then it would be the A35E). You must have scoured around the internet looking for ellipticals and come across a variety of names, one of which would be Epic. With over 200 engineers under its wing, the manufacturer employees professionals in the design and craft of all their products.
Ranging from the over the moon customers who give it 5 stars to others who gave it only one. Epic ellipical machines also have incredible design, they are durable and come packed with features.

A lot of customers reported that this machine squeaks a lot and when addressing Epic about the problems they had to wait a few weeks for technicians and parts to be shipped. It comes with the above mentioned features and with a few add-ons for a more personalized workout routine. The console can play video and the warranty is a very fantastic 5 years on parts and 2 on labor.
This machine won a lot of Best Buy winners for 2013 across numerous treadmill review sites. If money is no option you might be enamored by the HD workouts and the larger 10″ screen plus the extra workout apps. They make around $1 billion in sales each year because they have produced stable and reliable elliptical machines. This is surprising given the size of the parent company, Icon Fitness, but they have been known when compared to smaller manufacturers at least, to have a lagging customer service. This particular model is meant for the more serious health buffs who want to amp their workout on the elliptical. It comes with more features than most treadmills for sale at $1000, but it gives a better warranty than most.
You also have a featured named Active Adjust which allows you to adjust the handlebars, pedals, and console according to your height and reach. And if you’re concerned about safety, the SafeZone feature has the ability to shut the machine off should anything come into close contact with the moving parts.

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