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I found that when I used to get on an elliptical, I would get bored quickly and rarely pushed myself like I could.
I have to agree with other girls – the ellipticals in our gym do not have the changing of incline.
What can we do that is about the same intensity as this if we don’t have an elliptical that we are able to use? What can we do instead of elliptical workout especially today if we dont have one at home or not go to the gym? Yeah, ellipticals at my gym do not have incline, I guess we just have to follow the resistance indication?
I know you’re really interested in healthy food and finding those really healthy recipes that taste sinful.
I ended up turning to my PBF Workouts Pinterest page for some inspiration and found exactly what I was looking for: A quick 30-minute elliptical workout that I paired with a shortened version of a 20-minute stairmaster interval workout. This afternoon, I wanted to share a compilation of 10 workouts all in one place with the hope that the next time you’re feeling uninspired at the gym, one of them might jump out at you and help you feel a little more motivated.
I tried to include a variety of workouts – cardio, strength, core work, boot camp-style workouts and more. Sometimes I write down a plan before going to the gym, so I don’t get stuck standing there! Julie I needed someone to take the thinking out of my arm workout yesterday at the gym and quickly searched pbfingers on pinterest as I know you love a good arm workout! It seems that when I go to workout without a plan, it ends up being either a terrible workout or absolutely fantastic. This post reminded me…thank you for your tutorial on how to make workout graphics with picmonkey!! I always love to do your Upper Body Superset Workout when I have the opportunity to use my husband’s work gym.
I’m pretty sure I’ve killed a few trees from printing out the workouts you post!
I am planning to do a post all about how my workouts have changed now that I’m pregnant — stay tuned!! I’m Julie and I am a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I honestly ate who-knows-what yesterday, but I decided to start today with a smoothie to make me feel on track again. I normally can’t stand drinking orange juice because I find it too acidic, but this was great. Yesterday was a cardio day for me, and during this week of following the Fitness Magazine Lose 10 Pounds workout, I need to squeeze in 150-180 minutes of cardio.
I whipped this interval workout out and then did a 15 minute incline power walk on the treadmill to clock 45 cardio minutes.
This is my place to chronicle my every day life, healthy recipes, fitness, motherhood, blog tips, & more. This blog features sponsored posts & affiliate links from time to time, some of which are paid. October 24, 2012 by Julie 91 Comments Since I completed 20-minute interval running workout on Monday and ran five miles with Sadie yesterday, I wanted a little breather from running this morning and hopped on the elliptical when I arrived at the gym.
The Best Body Boot Camp program I am following called for a 25-minute interval workout and I opted to do my intervals on the elliptical. A couple of notes about this workout: I used an elliptical with moveable arms and definitely utilized my arms to help me through the higher resistance levels! When I typically think of interval workouts, running and walking workouts come to mind, but I shouldn’t rule out the elliptical.
The flavors that found their way onto my breakfast plate this morning do not exactly mesh well together, but I was craving salsa and cinnamon raisin toast, so I went with it.
I ate them separately and after consuming every last bite of my salsa scrambled eggs, the sweet, crispy toast was a great conclusion to my morning meal.
I bought a loaf last week on a whim and bought another loaf this week and can’t seem to get enough.
My answer is obviously cinnamon raisin toast, but I also cannot seem to resist yogurt-covered pretzels at the moment. The peanut butter in the middle is actually a little disappointing and not creamy, but that combined with the pretzel is just too addicting.

We had cinnamon raisin bread pretty regularly growing up, and I haven’t had it in forever!
I am totally loving yogurt covered almonds – they are available in the bulk section at our grocery store and I am always grabbing a handful out of the pantry these days! August 7, 2012 by Julie 68 Comments What should’ve been a two hour drive back to Ocala from St. You’d think that after a good night’s sleep, I’d be ready for a kick-butt workout this morning, but my solid sleep seemed to have the opposite effect and I wandered into the gym in a daze. The Best Body Boot Camp plan called for a 50-minute interval workout and I initially thought I’d complete the workout on the treadmill, but in my hazy state, I figured I’d take it easy and do lighter intervals on the elliptical.
What started out as a plan to “take it easy” quickly morphed into a rather challenging elliptical workout. Since I know ellipticals vary a lot, if you’re interested in doing a similar workout, for the resistance 11 on the above workout, simply pick a resistance level that you can comfortably maintain and have a breathy conversation. To make the pancakes, I followed the recipe for my gluten-free and Paleo-friendly almond butter pancakes, but simply substituted cashew butter for the almond butter.
I wish I had fresh berries on hand because I have a feeling they would add a lot to these pancakes.
Time to work on a new freelance assignment for a few hours before heading out on my first solo Meals On Wheels route. Great workout…I love reading your blog because you always have such great ideas for foods and exercise. Good luck on the solo route- will you be saying that man you mentioned about last week (who lost his wife)? I keep seeing all these recipes for protein pancakes and I keep meaning to try them, but I never seem to have the time in the mornings. 45 min long and all of the incline and resistance changes will keep your mind and body alert! I’m really scared to do things like this incase it muscles them up and makes them look bigger. I decided to try it today after I finished Day 6 of the Beginner’s Calendar so that I could start adding in some cardio.
Well I’m adding this RSS to my email and can look out for a lot more of your respective fascinating content. Could it be only me or does it give the impression like some of these comments look like coming from brain dead individuals? Would you list of every one of all your communal sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile? I can’t usually go on the treadmill because it aggravates my knees, but this will be great! Since I just taught a total body barbell strength class on Friday, I didn’t want to focus on weights and since running on the treadmill isn’t really in the cards for me right now due to pregnancy-related discomfort, I felt rather uninspired. All workouts are also hyperlinked so you can visit the original blog post where the workout was featured for more detailed directions if that is of interest as well. I’ve been known to break them out on an occasion or two at the gym when I need to change it up with a oldie but a goodie!
I love doing wall planks when I’m bored at the gym – it keeps it fun and interesting and I am hoping to work my way up to a handstand! It was from awhile back, and I only recently found it, but it was SO helpful and has been a game changer for my workout posts. I LOVE the stairmaster so I will definitely be incorporating that workout into one of my sessions this week! I have such a hard time sticking to a program at the gym, and I think if I just GET myself to the gym, I can decide what I want to do then. Any time I start feeling sluggish or like I haven’t been eating right, smoothies are my go-to fix me up. I normally search for elliptical or treadmill workouts on Pinterest, but nothing was peaking my interest, so I created my own. I can only adjust the resistance and speed (it’s more of a crosstrainer than an elliptical, if you will). Prior to last week, I think at least a year passed since the last time I had cinnamon raisin toast, but my love for the swirled bread returned with a vengeance! I forgot just how tasty those lil’ guys are and adore the sweet and salty flavor combination.

I have been putting them in my cart at trader joes and then end up taking them out because i tend to get snack happy with those things! I’m back to buying it now but I stopped for so long and I don’t know why because it is awesome! Pete last night ended up being a 3+ hour drive thanks to some serious storms and lots of traffic. I recently saw a recipe where you cook pancakes in a muffin tin and I can’t wait to try it out! Im looking more to gain muscle then loose any weight, so do you believe elliptical will work best??
When I’ve gone to the gym previously I always had the resistance up much higher but no incline, and would go so that my heart rate was up around 190, so I thought the resistance looked low. You can find all of Cassey’s information on the right hand side of the site between the news letter sign up and the work out calender.
And another quick tip for those reading from your phone: Take a screen shot of any workouts that you think you might want to try so you have them saved to your phone for easy reference! One of my favorite circuits to do is your No Nonsense circuit workout from a few years back. Peanut Butter Fingers follows my life and my interests in food, fitness, family, travel and (mostly) healthy living.
Today I ended up making a recipe on the back of my Designer Whey protein powder canister because I happened to have all the ingredients. I just really get in the zone when I can check out and just do the same movement over and over again.
If you do this workout on an elliptical that has a crossramp setting, I would adjust it to a 5-8 depending on the machine.
Also, the elliptical I used didn’t allow me to adjust the incline at all, so the incline I used for the above workout was simply the default incline level of the Precor elliptical with arms at my gym.
The food I neglected most recently was string cheese…used to eat it all the time but I guess I overdid it, and stopped buying it. Recently I started paying more attention to serving sizes and noticed Goldfish allow 51 pieces! Now that it is getting cold though I am looking for more warm breakfasts so I am sure they will get back in the rotation soon!
It was an intense drive to say the least, but it was worth it and I slept like a log last night.
Increase the resistance two to three notches for the intervals where you see 13 and 14 noted in the above workout so you’re challenged. However, I get bored out of my MIND after more than 30 minutes on it so I may have to tailor it to fit into that time frame. Using the handles turns the cardio workout into a full body workout, engages more muscle groups and,in turn, increases your calorie burn. I randomly found it a few years ago and it’s been my go to boredom buster ever since!
My husband had the day off, and I only worked a short shift, so it felt like I had half the day off? The craving revived itself and I’ve been having it for a snack almost everyday again! And, as long as you keep a good posture and resist the urge to lean on the handles, your core feels the burn as it continually works to balance your body. Hitting that 20 resistance at 15 incline for five minutes ended up being way harder than I expected for out of shape me. We are a POSITIVE online community, whom are there for each other for support and inspiration on our goal to better health. This kept me in a good fat burning zone for heart rate and I could really feel my muscles working.
The elliptical provides a non-impact workout while still enabling you to get a kick butt cardio session.

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