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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The LOXON elliptical trainer by FINNLO combines function with comfort and is the perfect partner for cardio training at home. The Loxon elliptical cross trainer from FINNLO is your perfect training partner for intensive workouts that build endurance and are easy on your joints.
The simultaneous movement in the arms also incorporates the entire upper body into your workout. The Loxon elliptical cross trainer is controlled via the premium computer with blue backlight LCD monitor.
Pulse measurement can be taken via an optional chest strap or via the integrated hand pulse sensors.
You'll be impressed with the perfect training ergonomy of the FINNLO Loxon elliptical cross trainer after just the first workout session. So that the elliptical cross trainer can be used by everyone in the family, it is equipped with treads that adjust 3 ways. Start your endurance training with a brief warm-up to acclimate your body to the upcoming challenge. The FINNLO Loxon elliptical cross trainer offers you comfortable and varied cardio training at home. Precision ball bearings and a 20-kg flywheel mass guarantee optimal operation and ultimate training comfort. The final assembly would have been okay, had the supplied tools not given up after just a few screws had been put into place.
I purchased the equipment in Mannheim - great service, competent advice, everything was just great.
Working out on the machine is a lot of fun and is comparable with quite a few of the machines at the gym.
What I miss a little is the option to change the wattage (the exercise levels are nice but hard to get used to if one used wattage before). I am fully satisfied, use the machine about 1 hour a day, my daughter also uses it for about 30 minutes. The handling was excellent, we have been using the crosstrainer successfully since December. The resistance settings on the Crosstech XTR are computer-controlled and provide you with 16 different strain levels. A noiseless belted groove provides the drive, and the belt is regulated by a permanent magnet brake system.
A lack of time is one of the most frequent problems standing in the way of regular workouts.
The cross-trainer is driven by a noiseless grooved belt that is regulated by a permanent magnet system.
The clearly arranged touch panel was primarily designed with user-friendliness and uncomplicated use in mind. In order to set different stimulations, the cross-trainer comes with 12 strain profiles and 4 heart rate-controlled programs. We recommend checking the development of your performance - in particular if you are a beginner - so that you can properly manage the strain of your workout. The computer uses your heart rate after the workout to determine your body's regenerative capabilities.
You can do effective full-body workouts in the comfort of your own home with the HAMMER Crosstech XTR cross-trainer. Our product advisor will call you back if you want and gives you information about alternative products. Do you want to get fit, lose weight, improve your endurance or even increase your running performance? The ELLYPSIS SX1 from FINNLO is the perfect fitness solution, if you plan a suitably sportive start into fitness in general and want to incorporate more exercise into everyday life. CONCLUSION: The elliptical trainer ELLYPSIS SX1 from FINNLO is perfect for a joint-friendly endurance training at home.
The ELLYPSIS SX1 from FINNLO is the best fitness solution by far when you're planning a practical start to exercise and want to integrate more movement in your everyday routine. The training computer with premium blue backlight display is the heart of the ELLYSIS SX1 elliptical trainer. Maximum and minimum pulse rates can be set individually, ensuring that you stay within your ideal pulse range.
In order to reach an optimal fitness level, you should vary your exercises as much as possible. The FINNLO ELLYPSIS SX1 elliptical trainer is ideal for joint-friendly endurance training at home. The elliptical trainer eliminates the energetic shock on your feet, yet still trains your entire running musculature. I got my elliptical trainer in December 2013, and I would like to share my experience with it thus far. Very fast and friendly driver from the shipping company, helped to carry it all the way into the flat. It doesn't matter how long it takes to set up, what's important is that you do everything correctly.
Either send the machine back in a fully assembled state (packaging material and return free of charge). Or repair it yourself, the guarantee remains valid and all of the spare parts needed are provided at no cost. I chose the option of repairing it myself, I removed the parts and asked a garage to replace the bearings and then I re-assembled it. A big thank you to the telephone consultant, otherwise I would probably not have purchased the right trainer for myself. The Schwinn AD6 is relatively easy to assemble and although the instructions say that it’s a two-man job, it can be done with one person.
The AD6 is very solidly built, and so long as it is well maintained, it should stand the tests of time.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. This elliptical provides a unique and innovative design that allows for the motions of elliptical cycling and rowing, for a great upper and lower body cardiovascular workout, which you’ll monitor via the on-board LCD display (time, distance, speed, and calories). Do you have questions about the products or would you like to order by telephone?Our fitness trainers and product advisors look forward to your call or email! The heart of the elliptical trainer is the computer with a high-quality blue backlight display that provides precision and a wide variety of workout options. The round motion protects cartilage, tendons and bones, because the feet remain in constant contact with the tread surface.

It activates the shoulders, arms and chest, which are defined through the endurance exercises. The intensity control is RPM-dependent and can be set via the modern LCD display with blue backlight. The reversal point can be easily reached for optimal comfort, allowing you to concentrate fully on your workout.
The dynamic movements on the elliptical cross trainer promote your cardiovascular system, burn fat reserves, and build a slim, toned body.
12 intensity profiles with peak and valley variations, as well as 4 pulse-controlled programmes with individual resistance settings on 32 levels provide for long-lasting training fun. The elliptical cross trainer is driven by a sturdy grooved belt, which is regulated by a permanent magnet brake system.
In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you. The technician had even contacted us before the delivery to schedule a date for the assembly. The optimal beginner Crosstech XTR cross-trainer makes it possible for you to run through effective full-body workouts without having to go to the fitness studio. This modern technology is an excellent feature that ensures optimal operation for precise resistance settings. The Crosstech XTR from HAMMER might be the perfect home exercise machine for you if you too only have a limited amount of time available to you for sport. This stability is guaranteed by the special high-level regulation that compensates for even the tiniest unevenness in the floor. The one or the other program from this professional selection will be ideal for your workout, depending on what your goals are. Based on this calculation the computer determines your individual fitness grade from 1 - 6.
12 different performance profiles and 4 heart rate programs ensure constant fun and optimal variation.
With dimensions when set up of just 120 x 53 x 157cm (L x W x H), you can easily fit the Crosstech XTR in smaller apartments.
You can enter your email address and we will inform you as soon as the product is back in stock. All in One: Put pep in your step with cardiovascular training that's easy on your joints and perfect for toning your body. Then the ELLIPSIS SX1 elliptical trainer from FINNLO is the perfect workout machine for you. It clearly displays important exercise information like time, distance, speed, calories burned and pulse.
The training computer on the ELLYPSIS SX1 elliptical trainer automatically adjusts the resistance as soon as your pulse exceeds or falls below the set pulse range during your cardio training. For example, you can see exactly how long you exercised, how many calories your burned, and what your average pulse was. It's precisely for this reason that the ELLYPSIS SX1 from FINNLO offers a varied selection of training programmes. As a jogger, after spending the last few months always running with pain due to degeneration, I decided to buy such a trainer.
One of the best things about this bike is that the resistance levels adjust automatically, so the harder you push, the harder it pushes back. After reading reviews, it seems the average assembly time is anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour for most. The computer lets you select up to 32 intensity levels, 12 preprogramed resistance profiles or 4 heart rate-controlled programs. The 4 pulse-controlled programmes with a maximum and minimum heart rate on the FINNLO Loxon elliptical cross trainer guarantee that you remain in the right pulse range during the entirety of your workout.
Based on your resting heart rate progression, the training computer calculates your fitness mark, displayed like a school mark between 1 and 6. A high-tech ball-joint bearing, joints with double ball bearings, and a precise permanent magnet brake system guarantee even motion and distinguish the FINNLO Loxon.
The sturdy frame construction of the Loxon elliptical cross trainer allows for users up to 150 kg. Subsequently increase the resistance, but be sure that you can do exercise session of 30-40 minutes. The dynamic yet gently movements improve endurance, burn excess fat reserves and strengthen your muscles, from your calves to your shoulders.
A workout on the cross-trainer is very effective: in just one workout you will work up to 70% of your entire body musculature. The HAMMER Crosstech XTR is stable even during the most intense workouts with strong lateral movements. The quality ball bearing and a centrifugal force of 16kg round out the fittings and guarantee a harmonious motion with soft, elliptical movements.
HAMMER installed two useful features in the Crosstech XTR for these performance diagnostics: the recovery heart rate measurement and the fitness grade. This keeps you informed of your progress at all times so that you can always follow the development of your performance. It is important that you use a lower resistance at the beginning (warm-up) and end (cool-down) of your workout. You can analyse your heart rate and set your individual upper heart rate limit via integrated hand heart rate sensors. ELLYPSIS SX1 can do all this and much more – the elliptical trainer became one of the most popular fitness items, not without reason.
By the holistic movements on the FINNLO ELLYPSIS SX1 several muscles of the upper and lower body are activated at the same time which burns much more calories in comparison to other fitness items. A professional stride of 46 cm and a particularly flat step movement ensure a joint-friendly and especially effective fitness training. ELLIPSIS SX1 can do everything and then some – it's no wonder that the elliptical trainer has become one of the most popular exercise items. The holistic movement on the FINNLO ELLYPSIS SX1 simultaneously activates multiple muscles in the upper and lower body, enabling you to burn more calories in comparison to other exercise equipment. The training intensity can be adjusted manually to 32 levels, and 12 peak and valley profiles as well as 4 pulse-controlled programmes are also available. When starting, beginners should focus more on the frequency of exercise (number of exercise sessions) more than the extent of exercise (length of exercise sessions) and training intensity. A professional stride length of 46 cm and especially flat movement ensures joint-friendly and very effective fitness training.
However, once one has taken the time to familiarise oneself with the manual and understood the terms, it is easy to cope. So if you feel like taking it easy, you just hold back, if you want to crank up the intensity then you just pedal harder.

The only exceptions are when you really begin to challenge yourself and maintain a high level of intensity. I also don’t like how difficult the console is to read, it seems pretty badly designed. I love the fact that the resistance changes automatically depending on your level of intensity, so it keeps you challenged indefinitely. A quick-start button lets you start your cardio training immediately.On the LOXON elliptical trainer, heart rate is conveniently measured via the handlebar sensors or the optionally available chest strap.
Depending on the intensity setting, the focus is on either endurance or strength components. As soon as you exceed or dip below the pulse range, the intelligent system in your elliptical cross trainer automatically adjusts the resistance. I really enjoyed the first hours of exercise on it and getting used to the computer is also easy.
Practical transport rollers are integrated into the cross-trainer, allowing you to easily move the machine around the room.
The result is a high number of calories burned, which is why the cross-trainer is the most popular cardio machine for losing weight and reducing fat reserves.
All control functions run via the high-quality workout computer and the modern LCD display. Your heart rate is measured via two hand heart rate sensors integrated into the handlebars.
The practical recovery heart rate measurement and fitness grade show you your progress after each workout and motivate you to move on to new best performances.
The intensity is adjustable in 32 steps by the high quality Computer with Blue Backlight display. At the same time, the elliptical motion removes stress from the feet, knees, hips and spine. Your pulse can be measured conveniently via the hand sensors or through the optional chest strap, which can be purchased separately.
The results you get from the elliptical trainer are not only visualised with continuous cardio training, they are also objectively measurable. If boosting your metabolism is the goal, exercise with lower heart rates at around 70% of your maximum heart rate.
The intensity can be set to 32 different levels with the premium computer, and a total of 16 fitness and pulse-controlled programmes provide varied cardio sessions that keep motivating you with new training goals. The tools supplied with the delivery should best be given to the nearest scrap dealer, and one should buy proper tools instead. It saves you having to manually adjust the resistance settings like you would on a regular exercise bike.
Personally I find the seat comfortable, but for prolonged periods of time 45 mins+, I could imagine it becoming uncomfortable. The arms move with every stride for an extra upper body workout, like a cross trainer, and is also capable of reverse rotation in either seated or standing positions, allowing you to activate different muscle groups.
Maximum and minimum heart rates can be individually selected and ensure that you remain within the optimal heart rate range for your workout.For comfort, the precision ball bearing ensures smooth running, so that you can concentrate simply on your workout when using the LOXON elliptical trainer. Maximum cardio comfort, health-oriented elliptical cross training and total safety – that what the Loxon elliptical cross trainer from FINNLO stands for. Finally, lower the intensity back to the starting level and run slowly for another 5-10 minutes.
With dimensions when set up of 120 x 53 x 157cm (L x W x H), the Crosstech XTR can also be used easily in smaller apartments. But you can also work out with high intensity, which builds up muscle and tightens the tissue of your thighs, buttocks and arms.
See the results for yourself: take the first step toward a thinker and well-trained boy with the Crosstech XTR from HAMMER. This makes a workout on the cross-trainer good for all age groups as well as for all body and shoe sizes. The drive (groove belt) and brake (permanent magnet) systems complement one another nicely. The flywheel of the elliptical trainer is located at the front part of the fitness item and thus guarantees expansive and at the same time particularly flat step moves with a professional stride of 46 cm. All the positive side effects while training on the FINNLO ELLYPSIS SX1 are also very interesting: Beside your endurance you quite incidentally also train a perfect firm bottom and defined slender legs.
In total 16 fitness- and pulse-programs ensure varied fitness units and a perfect cardiovascular training including new training stimuli. The flywheel is located at the front of the elliptical trainer, guaranteeing substantial, yet flat step movements with a studio stride length of 46 cm.
The FINNLO ELLYPSIS SX1 is ideal for fitness beginners, but it is also equipped to meet the training needs of advanced and motivated runners. When training at higher pulse rates, you will burn more calories, but less or even no fat, burning primarily only carbohydrates. As soon as your pulse exceeds this threshold, fat burning decreases sharply, with the fuel coming primarily from carbohydrates. Three workouts per week is optimal to achieve better performance and to reduce your body fat. Manufacturing, running smoothness and training comfort are in accordance with the high FINNLO standards. In particular, this relieves pressure on the knees and hips, closely simulating natural running movements.
Increasing running distances often quickly leads to strain on the joints and ligaments, even for regular runners. In order to increase your general fitness, however, then you should also set new training goals in addition to basic training at lower heart rates.
20 kg flywheel mass and high quality precision ball bearings ensure a comfortable concentric run.
Combining training on the streets and the elliptical trainer allows for more extensive training with less risk of injury. This may mean exercising with increased resistance or shorter and more intense sessions with higher pulse rates. Varied exercise ensures that you burn fat, tone and strengthen your muscles, and bring your fitness to the next level.

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