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One of the benefits of making your own stuff is the ability to adapt when new sizes come around. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that with all these new axle standards for forks, other products are affected as well. We’ve seen close to complete items from Box Components for some time now, but never so close to completion as we did in Taipei. Check out what looks to be close to production drivetrain and brakes, plus a whole bunch of pretty finalized looking items like cassettes, cranks, chainrings, and carbon wheels! We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Entdecken Sie mit dem neuen iQniter Cardio Training, powered by Suunto eine neue Stufe in der Motivation. Einfacher geht’s kaum: Egal ob Sie iQniter auf einem PC, Laptop oder Server installiert haben, speichern Sie einfach alle Ihre Teilnehmer in der Cloud ab. Und damit Ihr Training noch motivierender wird, verbessern Funktionen wie automatische E-Mail Trainingsauswertung und Internet Movescount Anbindung die Qualitat der Kurse enorm und enthullen versteckte sportliche Leistungen in Ihnen.
Das Softwaresystem iQnter Cardio Training stellt eine neue, innovative Losung dar, die dem Sportler wie dem Trainer oder Kursleiter jederzeit einen Uberblick uber alle wichtigen Daten vom Puls uber die Herzfrequenz bis zum aktuellen Stand der verbrauchten Kilokalorien ubersichtlich darstellt.
MyRide virtual cycling software offers scenic locations and a highly immersive cycling experience for personal and group training. MyRide is an indoor training software that offers a variety of cycling routes and workout options for personal training and group classes with personal or virtual instructors. The MyRide Studio Coach app, which can be used in both personal and group training, offers immersive video with an onscreen coach motivating cyclists to get fitter, stronger and faster.
The MyRide Tour Coach app, also designed for both personal and group training, delivers video footage from different locations around the world and voice-over coaching to keep members pedalling.
The MyRide World View app is used only for personal training and allows cyclists to just ride free, without coaching or any other distractions from the virtual scenery in front of them. MyRide cycling apps allow instructors to choose, play and control route videos and enhance their live training sessions. MyRide was developed by Team ICG (Indoor Cycling Group), a company specialising in the design, manufacturing and programming of indoor cycling equipment. Exergame Fitness and its partners will present a range of cutting edge fitness technologies at the upcoming 2016 IHRSA Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.
Multisensory Fitness has announced the release of the latest and most advanced SMARTfit solutions to date. German high-tech fitness company eGym will present its range of fitness solutions for gyms at three major upcoming international trade shows. Nexersys is one of the interactive fitness equipment manufacturers that will showcase their popular workout machines at the 2016 IHRSA Trade Show.
IHRSA 2016 will welcome fitness and health industry leaders and unveil the latest innovations and technologies at the 35th Annual Convention & Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, from March 21 to 24, 2016. Pavigym has announced the launch of the latest edition of PRAMA, the company's versatile training system for gyms and fitness clubs. Praxtour, the Dutch maker of indoor cycling equipment, presented its range of virtual exercise bikes at the 2013 Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham. X-Biking has a number of advantages over traditional indoor cycling, which makes Trixter’s X-Bike a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. The Abs Company has released a video introducing the new AbSolo, a fitness machine designed to add some fun and diversity to your abs workout.
SkyTechSport will present the Ski and Snowboard Simulator at the Los Angeles Ski Show & Snowboard Expo, which runs from December 5 to 8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The FITLIGHT Trainer is an excellent tool for developing basketball skills and can be used in other sports too, as it provides athletes and coaches with an advanced training system to develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength.
Pavigym invites you to the Master Trainers Convention in Oslo, Norway, on February 5, 2014. During the Sydney launch event, as various cyclists took to the Pinarello’s on Cycle-ops trainers at the Rapha store to compete for prize money for the fastest lap, it was curious to see the energy and sweat of these cyclists compared with their relaxed and smooth avatars on screen. Zwift introduces more entertainment and competition compared with Trainer Road software and cycling data such as watts, cadence, heart rate as well as in-game data such as kph, distance and time are complemented by the onscreen 3D graphics display.
Christopher Jones Christopher Jones is a recreational cyclist and runs a professional design business, Signale.
In a nutshell, TrainerRoad is an online cycling training software that works by pulling all of the data from the peripherals on your bike and body to adjust the workout to improve results.
What sets TrainerRoad apart is that it syncs with your Bluetooth and ANT+ speed, cadence, power and heart rate sensors and uses their data to graph your effort overtop the prescribed training plan. The pics above show the options for pairing both ANT+ and Bluetooth devices as well as selecting your standard trainer.
The Suunto Movestick Mini required no plugins or additional setup on my Macbook Pro – just plug and play.

The catch is that most ANT+ speed and cadence sensors have a very small range, so plan on putting your computer right next to your trainer. That adjustability is good when you’re feeling up or down on a given day, but ultimately you want to have your FTP pretty much in line with reality if you want to get faster. Besides Sufferfest, they have power profiles for Graeme Street’s Cyclo-Core, 3LC, Endurance Films, Spinervals, Ride Fit, Real Rides and Epic Rides. For stock workouts, they are continually developing new workout plans for everything from road races to Ironman triathlons. The company was started by software engineer Nate Pearson who was taking classes from Timmerman in college. Power Smoothing – smooths the data output, helping keep your power readouts less spiky. They also have power curves in for magnetic trainers so you can get a baseline without have a power meter. Who’s going to take things to the next level and prescribe training plans based on race data and results? I’ve been using Trainerroad for about six months and I love it (as much as one can enjoy suffering on the trainer). TEAMcycles were the first company in the world to achieve Accredited Power Cycling Instructor status. Wattbike Power Cycling Software is the ground breaking free software that will transform individual training, group cycling and indoor racing. Once an individual’s data is entered into the software the Wattbike Power Cycling Software stores all their sessions, and applies their own training zones to each subsequent training session. Every member of  the Wattbike Power Cycling class can see their individual performance data on their own personal Wattbike Performance Monitor and on a large display screen. One lucky winner will be sent to climb the iconic mountains of the French Alps and watch the thrilling racing action of the Tour’s final week, plus get a year subscription to Zwift to get in shape for it. With the amount of fat bikes finally reaching a point that Wheels Manufacturing saw returns on a fat bike bottom bracket, their PF86 got the stretch.
We’ve already seen new tires with the brown treatment from Maxxis, WTB, and Onza but the same could be seen over at Vee Tire Co. Box’s Toby Henderson said since he started developing the drivetrain, the new clutch systems and upping the volume to 11 (speeds) by the big 2 has made it brutal trying to keep up to stay relevant. Das elegante iQniter Cardio Training, powered by Suunto hat nicht nur wegen seines schicken Designs fur jeden Geschmack etwas zu bieten.
The software includes several apps designed for use at gyms, health clubs and fitness studios. The app offers three program formats: drills (15-minute HIIT), fast-class (30-minute HIIT), and class (50-minute rides).
The scenery moves with the pedalling speed, allowing riders to experience the terrain as they see it. Operators can use the apps to schedule cycling classes online or play them on demand to attract new customers. Based in Germany, Team ICG operates across three continents: Europe, Asia and North America.
The company will also introduce the virtual Sochi downhill course and host The Great Ski Dazzle Slalom Race at this year's event. Zwift is a multi-player cycling game, as you train on your indoor trainer, you can virtually compete against other cyclists worldwide.
You can zone-out to music, watch and follow training videos or watch movies or your favourite television series. Zwift launched in October last year and this month have announced the Open-Beta, invites are no longer required and anyone can now download and use it (currently) for free. As the riders sprinted toward the finish, their virtual avatars seemed oblivious to the real world exertion as they gracefully rode over the digital finish line.
It also has the magical ability of making indoor trainer sessions less miserable thanks to the real-time feedback displayed on screen, helping you stay on target and actually get the desired work from your workout. And there are a ton of plans and individual workouts available, with more being added quite frequently…or you can create your own.
With Windows 8, Bluetooth support is increasing, but if you need a BT4.0 dongle, they recommend specific USB dongles on their website. Selecting your trainer enables Virtual Power, which uses profiles for most popular trainers combined with your speed sensor to know approximately how much power you’re putting out. If you don’t already know your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), that would be a good place to start since TrainerRoad uses your FTP as a baseline for output recommendations within each workout. The pic at the very top of the post shows the normal flow, and your goal is to keep the yellow line as close as possible to the blue outline. I used Sufferfest, and there are power profiles matched exactly to each of their videos, so you know what you’re supposed to do and when.

You need to buy the videos, but then you can just drag the video into the workout window and it syncs them automatically.
But at $20 per class on a student budget, Pearson started thinking he could build something himself.
They also can integrate with the Computrainer via USB, assuming you can daisy chain the necessary wires together to get a USB output. It allows users to display their accurate performance data on a screen whilst viewing the revolutionary pedalling technique analysis functions of the Wattbike. It features the ability to display all the important training parameters for each individual in the class and even display which training zone they are in. This website requires the use of Javascript, for the best possible viewing experience we highly recommend that you enable Javascript via your browser's options. Starting with the big ones, Pedro’s should have their new headset press by the time June rolls around.
Essentially in many cases it seems to be a fancy word for a wireless way for your devices to work with each other. Mit doppelten Informationen sorgt iQniter Cardio Training fur noch mehr Motivation und Abwechslung wahrend den Kursen. Dank der innovativen Technik konnen Sie diese Daten jederzeit wieder bei Verlust wiederherstellen.
Abhangig von der Disposition des Teilnehmers oder dem Trainingsziel lassen sich Grenzwerte einstellen, sodass bis zu 72 Teilnehmer auf einer gro?formatigen Leinwand stets sicherstellen konnen, dass sie sich im optimalen Leistungsbereich befinden.
The programs include athletic-based strength, endurance and speed training with motivating music to keep participants energised and maximise their results. The route videos are five minutes long and offer different terrains, climbs, descents and combinations.
Personal training apps play video on a console screen, while group apps use an external screen to show the video to many users at the same time.
In Australia, Zwift ran a Melbourne event at Bike Gallery and a Sydney event  at the Rapha shop to launch the concept to Australian cyclists and they attracted well known personalities from all sectors of cycling such as Matt Keenan who moderated the Sydney event (before dashing off to commentate on the Giro d’Italia).
Zwift is an innovative idea with potential, while they are not claiming to replace outdoor cycling, co-founder Eric Min is hooked and says that he demands perfect conditions before he will venture outdoors on his bike. Once my computer was close enough, it picked the Sigma ANT+ speed and cadence sensors (which are separate units for Sigma’s computer) after a few seconds of searching. You can sort by name, intensity and duration, and some of them get pretty long and pretty hard.
The top pic also shows the mini report you get after each interval session, showing how accurately you followed the interval, your power output during the interval and more.
Shown above, the TrainerRoad dashboard docks to the bottom of the screen and puts the video up top, so you have all the same information. I did have the video fail to show up one time, but simply restarting my computer fixed the issue and haven’t had any problems since. For anyone spending more than a day a week on the trainer, I’d recommend it if only to minimize the boredom, but also because the training plans seem very well thought out and the hard numbers quantify your improvements as race season approaches. It launched publicly almost three years ago, and now they have seven full time employees and four part timers. My only request: Allow the creation of a workout based on a user uploadable gpx file so that we can re-ride our outside rides on the trainer. The key parameters of Power (Watts) or Speed, Heart Rate (bpm) and Cadence (rpm) – and much more – allowing each member of the class to be exercising at the correct intensity to maximize fitness improvements.
Available now, the bottom brackets run $74 for the ABEC-3 or $99 for the Angular Contact bearings. But having connected devices like lights allows for interesting potential that Garmin looks to be exploiting.
Zwift also lends itself to a vast array of development within the game (such as training goals and in-game advertising) as well as externally, such as bundling Zwift subscription with a cycle trainer purchase and creating Zwift based cyclist events. When pairing by Bluetooth, it found my Wahoo KICKR trainer in a couple seconds from about 10 feet away. Notice that the green lines remained where they were since they’re marking actual output. Setting this up is beyond easy…just drag the video file onto the workout window and select the option to expand to fill the screen. Until bicycles all have their own built in lighting systems, we’re on our own to hang lights on our rides.
Though that also means there is a lot more to make sure you have turned on before you head out to ride.

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