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Adrian does an excellent job of turning his readers on to the benefits of high-intensity interval training in their quest for weight loss. Fluid trainers are also the most costly of the three styles, with a good fluid trainer selling for around $300.00. While mag trainers can't resist at levels up to 3000 watts, as can a fluid trainer, they are more than adequate for just about any rider doing intervals. Mag trainers develop their resistance by moving an aluminum flywheel through a magnetic field, which creates drag. There's even a new style, called the CycleOps Magneto, that alters the resistance level automatically by letting centrifugal force change the position of the magnets as the flywheel spins faster.
Bottom-line: mag trainers will do perfectly well for most riders, and they cost about a hundred dollars less than fluid trainers. Wind trainers may or may not be adequate as tools for following Adrian's interval-training advice. I suppose the best thing to do would be to get yourself down to a bike store and give the different styles a spin. Running (especially sprinting) is a series of short, explosive contractions, while cycling is much like swimming, in that the contractions are smoother.
Because of this, people who wouldn't dream of sprinting (for what it's worth…most Americans haven't sprinted for so long that they'd probably fall flat on their faces if they tried) will have no problem 'turning the pedals' as fast as they can on a stationary bike without tearing up their legs. If you've been around Adrian for any length of time, I'm sure you've read his articles about what happens to your body after a high intensity workout.
When I was training hard for marathons, my wife would tell me that she could feel the bed moving with each of my heart beats. What that means to you is that your body will be burning calories long after the huffing and puffing is over. The Road Machine ($379) comes with slotted standard skewer cradles and standard skewer and a promo code for a free month of TrainerRoad.
Keeping the bike stable in such a good platform are the knobs, which thread on tight thanks to big, comfy knobs. The bag is nice, too, and fits the wheel block, tire and other bits neatly for travel or storage. I have the previous version of the Road Machine and my only complaint about it was the resistance unit tensioning knob, looks like they’ve made it much more comfortable.
I got the InRide pod and it’s been working for structured power based indoor stuff quite well this winter. FWIW, the inRide pod is available separately if you already have a heart rate strap (chances are you do if you own a trainer, not so sure about the power meter though). I purchased a KK Road Machine in the fall for winter training, and it has been outstanding! A week in review: Taipei Show goodies, NAHBS tonnage and new stuff from Troy Lee, EVOC & more!
TPE16: Praxis goes carbon, shows gravel ready micro-compact rings, chainguide and MUCH more!
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. The brake can be connected via USB cable or Bluetooth LE 4.0 with your computer, or controlled via an app installed on the smartphone or tablet. Professional rider Andre Greipel uses the SRM IndoorTrainer for his off season training when the weather get bad! The step-less adjustment of the seat position with length and height adjustable posts allows the SRM IndoortTrainer to fit people between 165 and 200 cm tall. The large 30kg FlyMass gives the IndoorTrainer a realistic outdoor-ride feel, similar to riding on a flat road. Using a virtual training software is the ultimate indoor cycling experience and perfect companion to the SRM IndoorTrainer!
The unique frame design of the Elite Wireless gives a more natural feel and with less stress to your bike frame. Fans and magnet resisting turbos tend to amplify that jerky pedalling stroke so Elite have opted for fluid power, cooled by fins. The Travel Block allows you to get the front wheel up and keep the bike level which saves guess work and stays put unlike a phone book or a pile of magazines.

All the data is transmitted from the resistance unit to the console via a radio transmitter installed in the resistance unit and a receiver installed in the digital console. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. I am doing the interval workout on a stationary bike but I am not sure what is the best resistance level ?? I have a treadmill and elliptical at home and had veen steady using them with little weightloss.
That creates a bedrock level of stiffness that kept it motionless whether I was trying to hit a 130 cadence or standing and draining every last drop of ATP from my legs sprinting for the virtual city limits. Besides being quieter, the benefit of a fluid trainer is that the resistance scales up as you pedal harder. Not only does it grip pretty well on the roller, but it’ll save your more expensive tires. The Riser Ring has four different wheel height settings and is far more elegant than the phone book we’d been using.
It’s held up to quite a bit of foot traffic (and sweat) in our office, which would make it worth the price. The one downside is that when folded up and laid flat, the resistance unit could make contact with the frame and scratch it. The price is on high end of competing fluid trainers, but it comes with a larger stock flywheel than most, seemed a bit quieter than others I’ve tested and a good brand history to back it up. Kinetic makes a $170 Bluetooth-equipped InRide Watt Meter that combines a roller speed sensor and heart rate monitor to determine your power output, then display it all on your iOS device. The power feature is pretty bang on (I’ve compared it against a strain gauged power meter) and the speed sensor is accurate as well. Had I not had one I likely would have ponied up for the Wahoo Kickr instead of getting the power pod. Additionally, a handlebar remote is included to manually increase or decrease resistance in 10 watt increments or change magnetic brake position.Make This Your Best Season Ever! Having the large fly mass allows for Sprint-training up to 1400 watts!Those who want to start the season with great fitness cannot afford to take a break during the winter. When the flywheel is turning fast, the feeling simulates cycling with a big gear on a flat road. By using the included marking scales each rider can quickly and easily find their seat position. Designed to challenge as well as track your performance, the virtual training software provides thousands of virtual routes to download and ride while training indoors! Compare your efforts against previous efforts, as well as other athletes who have ridden the same virtual route. It’s designed to use the weight of the rider to provide the friction to keep the roller in touch with the tyre.
There is a progressive feel to the resistance, you also get more resistance at lower RPMs for a more climbing style simulation. I found your page and started using your quick 10m workouts and am thrilled with the outcome!
Their line was overhauled in 2013 to improve compatibility with larger (mountain bike) tires, improve fit and finish of the knobs, and pack them completely assembled so you can jump right on as soon as you open the box. The bag zips shut and has a front exterior pocket panel to hold all the little stuff separately and makes for very convenient transport even if the trainer itself is pretty heavy. A narrower base can make it so the trainer rocks a bit under extreme efforts, particularly for taller riders whose centers of gravity are higher, but not this one. Set that one first, then slide the driveside knob inward until it makes full but loose contact. Depending on the design, the rate of resistance progression can vary, and this one seemed just right. They also sent their heavier Pro flywheel that attaches to the existing model to add about 12lbs, putting the total rotating mass at 18lb (8.16kg). But if your torture chamber sees less wear and tear, a much cheaper yoga mat would probably suffice. And, because the resistance unit and flywheel are heavy and don’t sit centered in the frame when folded, it tends to want to fall over.

But after cranking down on the knob so that the roller is firmly against the tire, I no longer have that problem.
I would still be using it except I’ve made it a point to commute by bike every day, and that gets me 34 miles round trip each day.
The models have improved slightly with the new flywheel that can take the add-on bigger weight, slight change to the frame, and the new and improved knobs. But work and time constraints added to northern European weather means we have to train inside for most of the winter, a fact that the manufacturers have noticed as sales of indoor trainers are soaring.
The lack of noise allows you to hear the music on your headphones and reduced vibration may mean you can use it on a first floor flat without driving the neighbours nuts as it is claimed to reduce noise by 50%. Add your HRM and cadence computer to the handle bars and your bike starts looks like Cape Canaveral on launch day.
In my opinion the Elite Wireless does more than it really needs to and the only drawback is the price, but if it’s raining outside and you need to ride you can easily justify the price.
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I do the 10 treadmill work out rest 5m then hit the 10sec super fast then rest on elliptical and i have lost 10lbs in 3week!
They make the Traxle thru axle adapter ($49), which we did not test but should work with any standard trainer and most bikes thanks to three different thread pitch options. Its ramp seemed to mimic real world riding closely (they say it’s matched perfectly) and would get hard enough to simulate cranking up a hill when using a big gear combo. At least, not until TrainerRoad figure out the spin down calibration issues with the inRide.
But it’s pretty mush the same super reliable, killer workout, Road Machine that has made these legendary.
In cooperation with the Italian company Gobat a magnetic brake has been developed which carries on the realistic riding experience of the previous flywheel, but can also be controlled electronically.
Normal spinning bikes only have one gear, which means that the rotation speed of the flywheel depends directly on the cadence. Because we use a standard 31,8 mm stem you also can mount a MTB handlebar. The IndoorTrainer uses a Standard BSA 68 mm bottom bracket shell, which means you can mount any BSA 68 mm bottom bracket.Enhance your Indoor Riding Experience!
You may even get away with it at the start of an early morning time trial or road race without attracting the attention of angry residents.
The main advantage is that there are no extra wires or boxes on the floor and setting it all up takes no time at all, which features you decide to use can be switched between screens, how you use it is up to you. That little lever lock system makes it much quicker and easier to get the bike into place compared to systems that have to thread all the way in and out. The unit is completely sealed, coupled to the roller magnetically, so it shouldn’t ever leak.
The result was an IndoorTrainer which is made for cyclists who are searching for a professional and long-lasting training tool.
They also say that you can use it with knobblies, so it will be an option for warming up for a cross race.
Simulated real-time rides (better than the i-magic system) with bar mounted control screens and active braking (which make you feel like you are descendind and climbing) are the next steps and they are very advanced, and very expensive – but how long do you want to spend on one before your friends start to talk about your sanity? Click Here to lose weight (burn fat) and build muscle at the same time but… Start here If you're extremely overweight. When combined with an almost 30 kg flywheel, the result is a much more realistic cycling experience.The very strong magnetic brake together with the wide range of the NuVinci®N360™ hub allows an enormous brake power. That means that with a cadence of 40 rpm and a 53 chainring a maximum brake power of about 400 Watt is possible. By mounting bigger chainrings and reducing the distance from the magnetic wing and the flywheel you can raise the brake power in at all cadence levels. By using the 40 steps of the shifter for the magnetic brake, every resistance is fast and exactly reproducible.

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