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Here's a pic I pulled off the internet showing how our bike rack looks (nobody ever uses it, so I have no experience to go off of).
Those racks were never designed for the wheel to go all the way through, they are designed to allow bikes to be parked on both sides, and simply holding them up by the wheel. I have heard, and my experience backs it up, that bikes are more stable on this style rack if parked with the rear tire in the rack.
People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. It secures the rear wheel in the frame , a chain loops around the front wheel, and the rack, and has a pin that goes in the ring Lock.. Consider popping a wheelie over the rack so you can get a lock around the rack and frame .. It secures the rear wheel in the frame , a chain loops around the front wheel and has a pin that goes in the ring Lock..

If no one uses the rack you can also put your bike parallel​ with regard to the rack. But I agree that the location of the bike parking should be no less convenient than the car parking for the same facility.
The racks made by Peak (of CA,USA) are really great because they hold the bike upright and also allow the frame to be locked to the rack. One more thing I’d add to location is, *if possible* put the racks where they are covered. My company has a dedicated two level bike rack and bike room, in the middle of the office surrounded by office co-workers. Ideally, it should be much better, as it should be easier to get closer to the building with a bike than a car. Aside from the usual marketing schemes, the idea is to get every fat ass on the street to become healthy and also of course, use it as an alternative source to save the environment from the harsh carbon footprints.

The main idea was formulated by Jeff Seltzer, a bike retailer and advocate, and Joseph Bellomo, principal of Palo Alto–based Bellomo Architects. The Bike Arc is a simple curved unit that combines the space-saving quality of hanging systems with a much easier to maneuver roll-in-place design. The units can stand alone as the circular umbrella arc, incorporated into bus shelters or fully covered in the double-loaded tube design.

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