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The exclusive and premium quality full gloves from Pro Biker Wear are a must-have for ardent bike-riders. PRO BIKER WEAR, The dedicated professionals of Biker wear in Leather and textile.Founded in the early 80s realizing that the valued customer, YOU, were not getting the best value for money and hence, the end-consumer was buying even the average quality Biker wear at HIGH prices. Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. My dad used to have this pair of gorgeous italian leather driving gloves (which the dog though were so gorgeous that she decided to eat them) when I was younger that were incredibly supple and soft. I seriously thought that I’d get thirty minutes into my rides and find myself wishing for the gel padded comfort of some other gloves.
Honestly, I still find myself surprised when I don’t miss the padding in other gloves while wearing the Zero. Born and raised in the great state of Virginia, Brandon is a former opera singer (true story) who’s had the outdoors flowing through his veins since day 1. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.

Since I began riding as an adult, it was always my take that padded gloves were there to absorb vibration and made for a better all-around ride and in many cases, this is true.
In a nutshell this means that the gloves aren’t so much made to be a covering for the hand as they are to become a second skin or sorts. Brandon now lives in Colorado with his wife Danielle and their daughter, Sydney (AKA, Baby Gearist). Also, the pocket-friendly pricing is a unique selling point, differentiating the product from its competitors.
The competitive price and quality production features are kept in mind the latest Biker trends all over the world.. This is combined with three-panel construction which prevents bunching that could lead to some uncomfortable spots. First, the leather is so soft that it truly feels like it’s providing gentle cushioning on the whole palm.
This material developed specifically for sport applications and combines the ability to resist moisture from both sweat and precipitation with the ability to dry out without losing its soft and supple feel. Further, the leather does maintain most of its suppleness even after having been well sweat on (and I am a HEAVY sweater). The goal of making them fit like a second skin makes these fit (get ready) like a glove…should.

Second, since the gloves fit so closely, where was no movement to aggravate my hands or to bunch up.
The backside or upper of the gloves is made from 4-way stretch mesh which is meant to breathe and flex with the hand. On longer rides, this meant less thinking about the glove and that’s one less thing, so well done!
As for sweat and rain, the microfiber nose and sweat wiper does a good job and seemed to function reasonably well even when wet.
For the fit, function and let’s not forget that luxurious leather, the Zero comes in at only $35. Being that they fit so well does make them not exactly a one move and they’re off glove. For getting the gloves on an off there are tear-off finger pockets for grip on the middle and ring fingers and just below the palm toward the wrist a welded pull tab.

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