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An Airdyne bike is one of the best cardio machines available.Hate them or love them, cardio machines are a phenomenal way to perform a tough indoor workout. No matter what cardio machine you are using, staying in an uncomfortable zone makes the workout much much more efficient. I suggest starting with a work ratio of 1 minute of intense exercise coupled with a rest period of two minutes. Pick two relatively strenuous exercises to alternate between for at least two rounds of eight. Don’t concern yourself with needing to do 30 minutes either… five minutes here and there goes a LONG way!
Circuit training is an awesome way to mix your cardio AND resistance training for maximum workout efficiency! This is the official health and fitness blog of Anytime Fitness—the world's largest co-ed fitness franchise.
The elliptical machine and exercise bikes definitely have their benefits, especially since they sport non-impact exercises.
When you are working out on exercise machines you should not be able to carry on a conversation or read books and magazines for that matter.
All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. Traditionally, it consists of eight sets of an exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest before repeating the process. Aside from being a blast with great people and awesome music, Zumba sneaks in an hour of cardio, all while working every joint, tendon, and ligament in your body that you would never do anywhere else. A journey that started when he was very young and battling depression, eating disorders, and bullies. Cardio exercise is not fun for most people, especially avid weight trainers.If you have not visited the best cardio exercise page, you probably should check it out. Treadmills, whether you are walking or running, force you to stick to a particular speed or incline. Whether you’re running a 20-minute mile or 5-minute mile, as long as your heart rate is up, then you’re RUNNING!
His life’s mission is to always have an arm outstretched to those who are looking for a helping hand.
Knowledge is power, and it could save you hundreds of hours of sweating in the gym.The Main Purpose of Any Cardio Machine is to Raise Your Heart RateWith the best cardio exercises, you are moving the large muscles in your body which require a lot of oxygen.
Oxygen is circulated throughout the body in your blood.When you get your blood pumping, your heart rate rises to pump the blood to your working muscles. If you are out of shape and look to get back into it, your extremities may fatigue before your heart does. If you have the knowledge about which cardio machines are best for your goals, you can maximize your cardiovascular exercise. How Do You Find Which Cardio Machine is Best for You?The Best Cardio Machines for Your Best Friend May Not Be the Best for YouYou already know that the most important aspect of successful cardiovascular exercise is to raise your heart rate. Even though you can raise your heart rate on any cardio machine, there is a cardio machine which is best for you.The Best Cardio Machine for You Depends on a Few FactorsWhether You Enjoy it or Not It may seem amateurish to have such an obvious solution but it is very important to enjoy the exercise.
If you perform the same motion over and over again, it will lead to muscle imbalances, which lead to static and dynamic posture problems.

If you sit all day at work in front of a desk, the stationary bike is not the best choice for a cardio machine.
If you have extremely bad knee problems the stair master is most likely going to do more harm than good.Whether the Cardio Machine is Consistent with Your Goals If you look to burn fat and improve and maintain your cardiovascular fitness, all of the best cardio machines will help you. If your goals are performance related, you should predominantly use cardio machines which most closely relate to your given activity. For example, if you are a marathon runner, the majority of your cardio exercise should be running.
Some cardio machines are more difficult than others simply because they force you to remain active instead of be lazy.Why are There So Many Different Types of Cardio Machines?Cardio Machines Were First Developed for Training Purposes, Not Fat Burning DevicesCardio machines used to be predominantly used for training.
Rowing machines were used by people who wanted to train their rowing ability without the inconvenience of getting to the river.Due to changing lifestyle and dietary factors, people started to become overweight at an alarming rate and the fitness revolution happened in the 1980s. Every quality treadmill has the ability to change the speed and incline (level of hill) to about 10-15% incline. If you choose to walk rather than run on the treadmill, the key is to set the treadmill at a significant incline. If the pedals are too close you will most likely burn out your leg muscles more than increase your heart rate.Browse Top Rated Recumbent BikesElliptical TrainersElliptical machines are famous for non-impact exercise. Non-impact exercise means there are minimal compressive forces on your bones and joints.There are two main varieties of elliptical machines. The motion of a Stairmaster is similar to climbing up steps, but your body weight is actually pushing the steps down. Any time a cardio exercise has a vertical component it will be more difficult than horizontal-only activities.Stairmasters have been known to be hard on the knees. If you need to support your body weight with the Stairmaster, you should lower the intensity level.To get the most effective workout on a Stairmaster, use an interval program. It is just like you are climbing up your local stadium steps, except they are never-ending.Stepmills are not for the beginner. When you increase the difficulty level, the escalator goes faster.Also note that the steps are pretty narrow. You should hold them for safety reasons, but they are not meant to support your body weight. This takes away from the intended effects of the exercise.You can also step up sideways both ways on Stepmills. This is a great way to help functionally strengthen your legs’ stabilization mechanism, the inner and outer thighs. Since you can perform different types of motions, and you have control over how long you perform them, use the timers on the machines programs to avoid performing too much of a single motion.
Browse Top Rated Motion Trainer EquipmentVersa ClimbersThe Versa climber is one of the best cardio machines you have never heard of.
If you do have a Versa climber in your local gym, you’ll notice that it tends to be one of the least popular cardio machines.
You also use your upper and lower body equally, which increases heart rate quickly.To increase the difficulty of the versa climber, you can add more resistance.
This is likely because the treadclimber is an awkward combination of a Stairmaster and treadmill.This cardio machine has independent treadmills which raise and lower every time your foot strikes. Holding on and leaning much of your body weight with the handles defeats the purpose of increasing the intensity of the machine.

If you find yourself holding on the handles for dear life, lower the incline or speed, or choose a different cardio machine.Browse Top Rated Incline TreadmillsStationary BikesThere are about a million different models of stationary bikes. Every gym in the world has at least a few stationary bikes.The way to increase the intensity of a stationary bike is to increase the resistance of the pedals.
Most stationary bikes have many different programs.Some programs increase the resistance at preset intervals and some depend on your heart rate as the cue to increase resistance. The programs which use your heart rate increase the resistance to keep you at your target heart rate. If you work a job or live a lifestyle where you sit for many hours during the day, you should probably not use the stationary bike. Choose a standing machine instead.Your hip flexors are most likely tight, which would cause posture problems if you overdo workouts on the stationary bike.
The best cardio machines can hurt you as well as help you.Browse Top Rated Stationary BikesFan BikesThe Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike was the first patented fan exercise bike to provide a full total body workout.
Set the resistance level high enough to where you cannot perform the exercise comfortably without using your arms. Now you will get the most out of the Airdyne bike, as you are using your arms as well as your legs.Browse Top Rated Fan BikesRowing MachinesThe rowing machine is the most underrated cardio machine in the gym. When people improperly use them they are usually pull very hard with their arms and have bad form.The difference between rowing machines and all other cardio machines is you are in complete control of the intensity of your session. Very few people choose to use the hand bike as a form of cardio.Looking for the Best Value Cardio Machine and the Best Possible Workout?
Top 5 Cardio MachinesIf you do not have or want a gym membership, a cardio machine at your home is a great idea. A refurbished gym-quality cardio machine is better than picking up a piece of junk from a garage sale or getting a cheap machine at your local sporting goods store, which will probably break in a month. The best cardio machines, designed for commercial gym use, will last up to 10 times longer.The Best Cardio Machines for Fat BurningIt has been said multiple times, but any cardio machine can be used for fat burning.
It means the effects of the best cardio machines depend on how you use them.The best cardio machines such as Stepmill and Versa climber are not easy to cheat on. Even at a very basic level, they are still challenging and can help you raise your heart rate.
Combining these factors makes the Stepmill and Versa climber the best cardio machines for fat burning. How to Get the Most out of your Cardio Exercise If you do not know the basics of cardiovascular exercise, you should check out this page. You will find information that will help you chose one of the best cardio machines.Challenging Interval and Cross Training Cardio Workouts Find fun, exciting, and intense ways to get a great cardio workout with or without the best cardio machines.
There are also tips which you can use to get the best workout on a single cardio machine or a combination of multiple machines. Remember, complete workout routines with resistance training and a healthy diet will help you burn fat most efficiently. You can learn about more pieces of equipment to go along with the best cardio machines to get the most out of your training.Gym Equipment Overview Become familiar with the different styles of gym equipment.

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