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Buy Weider Pro 5500 Multi Home Gym, Small Home Fitness Equipment that includes Chest Press, Lat Bar, Preacher Curls and Leg Developer. The lat bar uses a multigrip bar (centre and dropped ends) so you can do both forward and reverse lateral pulldowns.
On the leg developer you can do both leg extensions and leg curls whilst the separate and large detachable pad at the front is for preacher curls. The weight stack has a metal enclosure to prevent injury to hands and fingers, especially important in a home environment where children are present.
In my opinion, there really is no better investment than to arm yourself with whatever equipment you need in order to make physical fitness an integral part of your life.
The Best Fitness Sportsman Home Gym (BFMG20) presented Body Solid is compact and affordable discount weight lifting equipment that is ideal for maximizing limited space. As we are always into trying new things and using various techniques for training it is not a big surprise that on best home gym equipment review page you find a tool called TRX. On the top of the list we have another Bowflex product which is more affordable for everyone but still provides a great variety of features. The padded pressing arms follow the natural arc of a free weight bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly. This Best Fitness edition comes with a 150lb weight stack and the designers put emphasis on ergonomically compatible features.

This is a brand new wave that is getting more and more popular do its simpleness and flexibility. Once you get in this so called muscle cage you can come up with hundreds of exercises, starting with pull downs, pull-ups, press, squat training and many more. The ones above are more as alternatives but this Bowflex is the real thingĀ  and so called proper home gym. Here are 15 of our favorite pieces, and while they aren’t all super-inexpensive, you can buy each piece independently, slowly building the home gym of your dreams without breaking the bank. It is the goal of the special arc design to follow the natural flow of a bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly providing an optimal full range chest and triceps workout.
We’ve tried out bunch of different individual training tools (that are very different) and can assure you that great results can be reached even without going to gym.
Everything you need in order to have TRX available at your home is quite big room with high walls so you can fix the TRX rope high enough and start your work out. The only showstopper here is the size of this tool – it measures 53x44x64 in inches and weights 135lbs.
We strongly believe that this home gym is a best choice if you compare the rate between price and functionality.
Start small by picking up one strength tool, one balance tool, one cardio tool and one tool to help with flexibility.

Anyone who has used weight lifting equipment will appreciate the padded pressing arms that keep your arms well cushioned so you can finish off the heavy sets in comfort. You can pump up your muscles and improve your body easily and also avoid all the distractions, wrong music and waiting in the queues. To mention some of exercises available on this fitness machine we should start with lat pull-down (seating available both sides), triceps pull-down, arms curls (standing), leg extensions and of course couple exercises for your abs. Not all the gyms has such a great tool so if you have some spare place in your basement then you can make your home gym really special. Talking about exercises we could write a separate blog because there are hundreds of TRX exercises and they are all good because you are working with your own weight and there is minimal risk to get any injury.
The low pulley station alone has a minimum of 10 exercise options see the list below under workout options. By the way, in order to start easy, this training kit provides you a video with all basics and examples how to start properly – just put it on your phone or computer, spend some time watching TRX tutorials and get going! Just be careful while putting weights down due to hard resistance that is possible on some exercises.

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