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One of the biggest reasons that people cite for not exercising regularly is finding the time to fit it into their busy lifestyle.
Its lightweight and compact design also make it easy to grab and bring into the office for a quick workout during office hours. For those who believe a name says everything, the Best Fitness E1 manufactured by Body Solid is one of the best elliptical  for the home. Body Solid has a strong track record of offering top quality equipment.
While you do need more room here for this stand up design, the upper and lower body workout that is provided ensure that you will put your whole body to work. The Twister Stepper from Sunny Health is very convenient in its size and allows for more imagination that other home equipment.
The device comes with a built-in resistance and the pedal design allow for a twisting action while pedaling that incorporate more body parts than regular pedaling. Another item that is highly rated and offers a complete body workout is the EX-59 Elliptical Trainer. However, on off days when you want to let your upper body rest, there are two stationary arm bars that will still track all of your vitals while keeping the upper body controlled.
When you take the price of a gym membership plus the travel time and factor that over the course of one calendar year, home machines are much more economic.
While many people think that they need a large space or an entire room for a home gym, you can find the best elliptical machine for home use without taking up much space. When choosing which elliptical machine is ideal for you, it is recommended to review various models. An hour long session at the gym is enough to keep the bad cholesterols at bay, tone muscles and release enough endorphins to keep us motivated throughout the day.
Exercising regularly gives us more energy, keeps us healthy, gives balance to our lives, and even makes us happier people. This model is very compact and can be stored in a small corner, under the bed, or in a closet. The design of the foot pedals minimize impact and pounding on the joints offering protection for the knees, hip, and other joints.
With 17 unique resistance levels, the digital panel offers multiple workout options and tracks your progress. The exercise bands are perhaps the most convenient part making this the best elliptical machine for home use in the eyes of various reviewers.
The LED display will help with 10 programming options tracking all important exercise data. Along with the already mentioned advantages of being able to exercise from home, these machines come packed with numerous other benefits. You can also do a number of different exercises per machine so there is no need to buy numerous items. It’s reasonably priced and being SixStar Certified guarantees the machine’s biomechanics is almost perfect.
However, the fact remains finding time to work out, even for a few minutes every day, is almost impossible considering the heavy workload at office and responsibilities at home.Considering all this, wouldn’t it be great if we could bring the gym home instead of having to commute everyday to burn off excess fat.

The comfortable and natural stride that the machine has will follow your body’s natural movements. The handles will bring your arms and upper body into play, offering the full workout that many people desire.
For home use it is not always necessary to have a brand new machine so you the option to save by purchasing a used equipment.
Combining the six elements (check the picture bellow), it delivers a smooth and natural motion as well as a comfortable experience.Ergonomic, well-built and durable, this elliptical offer you a possibility to track your daily, weekly or monthly progress by using Horizon’s unique Goal Center Performance Tracker.
You also have more flexibility in that you are not limited by gym hours and have the ability to easily exercise any day of the week. Here are a few of the options to choose from that you can easily find on Amazon. The Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer provides non impact training that is designed to build your cardiovascular fitness and develop muscles of your legs, back, upper arm without putting too much stress on your joints, back and spine.All of us know that running, jogging is a great activity for our cardiovascular health, but how many of us know that running and jogging activity could lead to serious back and joint problems if the shoes are inadequate or the running surface is too hard.
The distance between the pedals is minimal so stress in joints, legs, hips and low back is reduced, and the risk of injury is almost nonexistent.The ComfortFIT footpads are big enough and feature a textured surface. The impact of running on hard tarmac for a prolonged period of time could damage the cartilage of your knees and joints damaging them permanently.
Everything is designed to mimic natural movements and to provide a smooth and natural feel during workouts.
If your answer is no it is time you took a relook of your fitness regimen.What is Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer?The Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer is a low impact cross trainer that exercises your lower and upper body without putting too much stress on your joints.
Its flywheel and the electromagnetic brake system guarantee quiet and smooth starts and stops.It features a cooling fan and a water bottle holder to make workouts more comfortable and less tiring. It may be a little tough getting accustomed to its movement first, but once you get in the groove, you can get a more comprehensive workout compared to what you get on a treadmill. The elliptical trainer combines the movement of the arm and legs to help you reach your targeted heart rate quicker and more efficiently.Who Can Use It?The Horizon EX-59 can be used by anyone without any restriction as to age or level of fitness.
As for the console, it will allow you to easily adjust resistance and track the distance, speed, time, heart rate, burned calories and watts.Another great feature of the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer is its Goal Center Performance Tracker.
Even if you think it’s not a big deal, studies have shown that keeping track of your fitness progress can help you to achieve your fitness goals much faster. People recuperating from an injury can use it because it is comparatively low impact compared to exercising on a treadmill or walking on a hard tarmac made of cement.Doctors recommend exercising on an elliptical trainer to athletes coming out of a serious knee injury or simply rehabilitating after an illness or surgery.
At the end, that’s the main reason why fitness apps and workout logs have become so popular.Versatility of useThe StraightUP body posture reduces stress on joints, making workouts more comfortable and less tiring for the user and guaranteeing faster results. The fluid like motion of an elliptical trainer protects your joints and knees from impact, quickening the healing process and strengthening the muscles of your back, legs and arms. You can manually adjust the machine’s incline to 5 different inclines that will ensure diverse intensities for workouts. This Horizon Fitness Elliptical is designed in a manner that does not damage your spine and joints.The maximum user weight is limited to 275lbs. And thanks to its design and varying incline levels, you can target both the upper and lower body muscles with this elliptical.As for the available programs, you can choose from 10 different options. You can select a program for interval workouts (speed intervals, endurance intervals or peak intervals), weight loss workouts (cardio burn, muscle toner or strength builder program) or performance workouts (peak descent, nature trail and mountain climb program).

Of course, you can manually adjust the resistance level during any program.Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer offers 20 levels of resistance, which means that you can choose more or less challenging workouts, depending on your fitness level. You can bring additional help or move it in parts, whichever suits you better.Do not open the box on its sides.
And workouts’ intensity can be changed at any time by simply pressing a button.Pros of the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical TrainerThough it weighs only 182 pounds, it supports up to 300 pounds of user’s weight. Make sure that there is light clothing to prevent scratches to the surface.Assembly is easy if you follow the instructions carefully. Moreover, if you want, you can buy a 1-year or 2-year extended warranty.Cons of the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical TrainerOne of the concerns can be that Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer must be plugged into power to work. Improperly tightened screws can make the elliptical shaky when used causing damages to the body and frame.Pros and ConsThis elliptical machine from Horizon Fitness is an excellent machine.
Since it has transport wheels that enable you to move it around without much troubles, the fact that you have to place it next to the power outlet limits its mobility. It’s important to mention that elliptical will go in energy saver mode after 15 minutes of inactivity, which is a good feature.Another concern can be the fact that you have to adjust the incline manually. It’s not a hard task to perform, but it would be better to have an option to adjust the incline by using the buttons on the console. However, most people don’t change incline often, but only the level of resistance.ConclusionIt’s really not hard to recommend the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer. It has some nice features, and it looks like it’s designed to enhance the user’s comfort during cardio workouts. So, if you’re looking for a convenient, appealing and durable elliptical machine, you definitely have to consider this one.Check on Amazon for more info! You have to plug the machine every time you want to turn on the machine which is a real pain.Is It Safe?The Horizon Fitness EX-59 is safe as a house.
It has been especially designed to reduce stress on the knees, joints, lower back and spine.
It is safe for all age groups and fitness levels and comes highly recommended for rehabilitating patients with back injuries and knee injuries.
It allows you to exercise longer because without any actual impact on the ground there is no feeling of tiredness. You can get more out of your exercise regimen by using the elliptical trainer everyday compared to running on a tarmac or jogging on treadmill.Is This a Good Buy?The Horizon EX-59 Elliptical comes from a line of Horizon Fitness products that are known for their sophistication and efficiency. This Horizon Fitness Elliptical is designed in way that puts the least amount of pressure on your back, spine and joints.Attention to small details like maintaining the right body posture, ideal pedal placement and height of the pedal ensure user comfort and safety.
The machine is extremely affordable but does not compromise on safety and reliability.The machine beeps while starting and shutting off which is mildly irritating.

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