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There are many national appreciation weeks for various professions, but this one is special to me for more than one reason. I know Zookeepers arrive to work hours before the zoo even opens and even though we don't always see them, they are working hard behind the scenes. For me, the most special thing about Zookeepers is the time they take to talk to the people visiting the zoos. Mega-popular chat app LINE is getting three new games, after NHN Japan launched five new titles just a few weeks ago.
Some of these games might not be available in every country at this point, but they are all available in Japanese and English already.

Two Denver Zoo staff members saved the life of an unresponsive newborn Malayan tapir calf by freeing him from the mother’s amniotic sac and by performing mouth to snout resuscitation. I can just picture LeBron following this referee for the next few days, trying to argue every little thing to referee David Guthrie. Following behind Guthrie's midsize sedan on the highway, LeBron leans forward and yells out his window "WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE THAT EXIT, DAVID?
The obvious is that Dylan and I visit the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park on what some may call a regular basis - we actually consider them our second homes.
Most people don't know what a Zookeeper really does and I think our friend Zookeeper Rick said it best in a recent Facebook post.

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We look forward to seeing them almost as much as seeing the animals (many of which we also know by name).

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