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To edit your kits find the kits section in the config.yml if you need help finding it, look at the spoiler below. You must add the Amount otherwise people will get either 64 stack of say diamond swords, or the kit will count as improperly defined. Custom Written BooksI think that the custom written books are a good item to put in a starter kit! Colored Leather ArmorFor colored Leather Armor you might need to use another link to help you.
Make sure that you put the amount after the itemid:damage so that the kit counts as properly defined! Adding PotionsAdding potions to kits can sometimes be complicated because of the many ways you can add potions.
There are 3 ways I know that you can add potions to kits, read each way to see if that's what you need.
Examples of the item ids of PotionsThis example potion is the Potion of Regeneration with a duration of 45sec. You can stack up the effects as much as you want, but remember that if you add contradictory effects to one potion there could be some client side issues. I have no idea how to make these a splash potion, if you know how to do that please leave a message and I'll add it as soon as possible. Also, by default all of these custom potions will look like enchanted water bottles, named "Water Bottle," if you want your players to know what each potion does consider adding a name and lore to your potions! I hadn't realized that on a previous edit the tutorial on custom names and lores had disappeared, but I fixed it! Also, I'm sorry if this doesn't help that much, I don't use CrackShot nor do I ever plan too. Thanks dude!, you helped me alot, i just need to add Skip_Name_Check node on every gun so the item there holding will turn into a gun. Cool, You could also turn off the skip name check and utilize the name:Item_Name feature with your kits. If there are any typos, or anything else you think I should add here please comment them in the comments!

As I said, if you wish add a trendy typeface in your project, you’ll find exactly what you look for. Amsterdam Graffiti is a free hip hop grafitti font with unique upper case and lower case typeface.
This free grafitti hip hop font is something which every graphic designer look for when they type free hip hop font in gogle. Use this free Graffiti font to create colorful graffiti fonts to make your typeface more attractive. Graffonti is another attractive grafitti font with a 3d drop effect and uniquely designed letters.
Designrazor is a webdesign blog that provides the best free Html5 templates, Css3 codes, jQuery plugins, Wordpress themes & plugins, Icons, Vectors and all other resources for web developers. I, take medication for itching the effects make me sleep and I'm so tired and depressed.what can I do to help much self? If you believe that any content appearing on this site infringes on your copyright, please let us know. If you believe that any content appearing on this site infringes on your copyright, please let me know right away. Then notice that in the minecraft color charts under the foreground column there are mini columns called R, G, and B.
Data ValuesBy using method 1 you are essentially finding the data value of the default Minecraft potions. Essentials Custom PotionsThis method allows the server admin to create custom potions with custom strength's and durations. Adding the same effect with different power levels won't cause as much as an issue, because the game will chose the stronger of the two powers, and will take the new duration of it. The potions can be the default Minecraft potions, Secret Unused potions, or custom potions for you to give your players in their kits!
From previous research essentials only gives the item as if you were to use the give command.
The part 2 to adding potions in kits was more for if you wanted to use custom potions such as the unused potions that are in the game, but not obtainable legitimatly.

Be sure to read over that section on the link I gave you, then check back above to learn how to give items enchants. For if you want to be able to use secret unused potions in your kits, or if you are willing to look up the data values of potions. Useful if you are making kits for a PvP server and want to give effects like hunger, wither, or fatigue. But if you wanted some extra potions that can't be obtained in the game then it's best to use the data values.
To put a water bottle in the kit you'll put 373:0 the 0 represents the Water Bottle's Data Value. In addition to the potions by default only being called water bottle this will make a for some really fun potion fights. The example I gave was a drinkable potion with id 47, the wiki might have that same unused potion in the splash potion page, but to keep from switching pages too much, I included that you can add 16384 to make it a splash potion instead.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. You can google item ids of minecraft items or you can use the command essentials gives you.
There are plugins that can help with this though and they are pretty lightweight, A I'm unsure of the name because I do not use a plugin like this. It will give you a number starting with 373:, the rest depends on what potion you have chosen and whether or not it is a splash potion or regular potion. You can find an ocean of free hip hop graffiti fonts in a single search, but the fonts here are the best from all available graffiti fonts.
I would help you find it, but I'm currently on vacation and it's hard to even reply to things while I'm on my phone.

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